Thursday, January 12, 2017

Outdoor Retailer:Salomon Sunnto Fall 2017 Previews- Spartan Sport Wrist HR, Sense Ride, Sense Set Vests, Hybrid Fast Wing Jacket, Elevate 3 in 1 Combi

Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR GPS Watch
Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR GPS Watch

We had the chance to try on the just announced Spartan Sport Wrist HR at the Salomon/Suunto booth . Featuring Suunto's intuitive new interface first seen in the Spartan Ultra which combines glove compatible buttons for in workout operation and a color touch screen for rapid access to the multitude of screens when used as a daily watch of during workouts. Wrist HR is Suunto's first... wrist based GPS/HR watch. 
Suunto partnered with Valancell, well known for its highly accurate optical heart rate sensing. Suunto's testing indicates its accuracy will be within 5% of chest strap heart rate units.
Similar to the Spartan Ultra but without barometric altimeter so less mountain focused than the Ultra the Sport is targeted at multi-sport athletes. It will have a real time recovery monitoring screen and of course access to the excellent Movescount app.  We hope Suunto will add sleep monitoring and 24/7 heart rate monitoring trends as the platform evolves 
We look forward to testing it soon.
Available this spring. $649.
Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR GPS Watch

Salomon Sense Ride
The trail Sense Ride was featured by Salomon as the key shoe for fall 2017. And for good reason we think. At 9.7 oz/275 g men's 9; 8.1 oz/230 g women's 8, well priced at $120 it is loaded with features and should become a stalwart trail runner for all sorts of terrain. Available Fall 2017.
  • A decoupled rock plate for more flexibility 
  • Premium WET Traction Contagrip outsole, outstanding on wet rock. (see our article here)
  • a more relaxed fit than typical of Salomon trail runners
  • Salomon's effective new Vibe tibial vibration reduction tech is on board. In the Ride the full length of the shoe as an insert in the Energy Cell+ EVA sitting below the sock liner. We recently tested  and loved in the Ride's road cousin the Sonic (see Sonic review and explanation of Vibe here)

Salomon Sense Ride
Salomon Sense Ride
Snowcross 2 CSWP
12.8 oz/362 g. $200. Available Fall 2017.
The  Snowcross 2 takes the legendary Speedcross, water proofs it with ClimaSalomon membrane and adds a high top.  We thought it was a more flexible and runnable winter alternative to the high mountain XA-Alpine (review here) with the added bonus of the waterproofing.
Salomon SnowCross 2 CSWP
It has an aggressive outsole for snow and mud.
Salomon SnowCross 2 CSWP Outsole

Hybrid Fast Wing Jacket and Sense Set 2 Vest
The Hybrid Fast Wing is a very light jacket which can be rolled down and stored in its soft elastic waist band which doubles as a pocket.
The Sense Set gets 37.5 breathable and temperature regulating (captures and releases  moisture vapor) fabrics along with a new closure systems.

Hybrid Fast Wing Jacket and Sense Set 2 Vest

Salomon Sense Set 2 Vest Closure

Elevate 3 in 1 Rain Combi
This women's only system is sure to also be show up on some dudes as well given its practicality.
The cape is a very thin water proof material with a great hood. Combine any way you please: cape only, cape and vest, vest only.

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