Sunday, January 08, 2017

NIke Running Aeroloft Flash Vest and Power Speed Tight Review. First Impressions Air Zoom Pegasus 33 Shield

Nike Running sent us the Air Zoom Pegasus 33 Shield for test and review(soon).
I have found this highly reflective version of the Pegasus with water repellant Nike Shield coating to be warm and comfortable, with surprisingly only damp socks even after snowshoeing without gaiters in fresh deep snow in the low 20's. And without any weight penalty vs. the standard Pegasus, it has been a fine road shoe with relatively aggressive waffle lugs for winter roads,

In the box from Nike were also some two special and welcome surprises, arriving just in time for winter cold weather running and nordic skiing in Park City.

Nike Aeroloft Flash Vest ($280)

This amazing, lightly insulated vest with 800 fill down, one of the highest grade air trapping down fills available, is also highly reflective, and form fitting. It is truly a high style,yet superbly functional marvel. Perfectly balancing insulation, breathability, and wind protection, I have run and nordic skied with it daily in conditions from just above freezing to high single digits, always just warm enough during high output activities never soaking through, although I have not run it in wet snow and rain conditions yet. The outer fabric is treated with a durable water repellant.
The design is ingenious concentrating the insulation above the high sweat lower back and mid-section areas of the body.  The bands of insulation are separated and have laser cut holes for further breathability. Below the insulating upper section is a soft, stretchy jersey type material which is highly breathable. I literally have finished every workout in colder conditions with the top insulating part of the vest dry and the lower sections barely damp.
As a result of its form fitting nature, wind resistance, and insulation I have been able to run or ski with no more than a base layer, windbreaker, and the vest down to 10 F.
The high design printed areas, front and back, are totally reflective for superb night time visibility.

NIke was not content with the usual dull gray reflective materials  making the print faintly multi-iridescent in daylight for a cool classy look.

The vest has 2 decent size zip pockets one of which becomes a stuff pocket for the vest. It packs down amazingly small making the Aeroloft a great warm piece to stick in a race vest for trail running into uncertain conditions.

The Aeroloft Flash Vest is available in men's and women's styles and is part of Nike's high visibility Flash collection.  Also available in non Flash versions with the Aeroloft Vest ($180) and Aeroloft Jacket ($250), still with decent reflectivity and also where the 800 fill down is substituted for somewhat less lofty down.

Nike Running Power Speed Tight ($150)
The Power Speed tight is a compression tight with screen printed bands of support over the quads, hamstrings, and calves. The fit is snug and supportive. I tend to shy away from full compression tights for running preferring a combination of calf sleeves and compression shorts, with no compression over the knees, 'cause I just don't have much knee lift anymore! 
The Power Speed is decently warm if a bit plasticky and cold when first starting out but then warming up nicely so I would say most suitable for temps in the 20's and above. 
I did find the Power Speed superb for nordic skate skiing where each stride is really a power move with balance and alignment, assisted by the Speed Tight, keys to efficiency and speed.

The products herein were provided at no charge. The opinions herein are entirely the author's.

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Ben said...

Hi -

Thanks for the overview of the vest. I love shoe and gear reviews so appreciate your insight.

Can you clarify one thing you said? "This amazing, lightly insulated vest with 800 fill down, the highest air trapping down available,..."

I may have misread that statement but what does that mean? Since there is 850 fill down, 900 fill down, synthetic down (which arguably "traps air better" depending on the use case), etc. I'm not sure how to understand your comments here. Thanks for the clarification.

Sam Winebaum said...

Thanks for your comment Ben. You are correct there are higher fill downs available. Guess I am not as up on down as I used to be and not expecting to see it in run apparel! Corrected.