Thursday, September 08, 2016

First Thoughts. What Apple Watch Series 2, Nike+Apple Watch, and iPhone 7 May Mean for Runners

I have been updating the new run tech gallery I wrote for Competitor all month. Yesterday I listened in to the "unveiling" of the Apple Watch Series 2 and iPhone 7.  The gallery is here with an update for the Apple announcements and also includes updates for new Garmin and TomTom GPS watches, Fitbit Charge 2 and more.

The addition of GPS, a 2X brighter screen and full swim rating helps the Apple Watch join the big boys of fitness.
It's key limitation still appears to be as before,  battery life as while there was no mention in the presentation I am reading elsewhere it is likely to remain unchanged, at least in every day wear about a day or so.
Also no mention of any changes to the wrist heart rate monitoring accuracy. I found Apple Watch 1 fine in day to day wear but not as accurate or reliable when running. Testing will tell on both of these key elements.

The iPhone 7 is now dust, splash and rain proof so far better protected as we run.  I may be able to do without my zip lock bag with this model.

Of great interest is the Apple Watch Nike+. Essentially the base $369 Apple Watch with Nike band and their Nike+Run Club app pre installed. I think the screen should be decently visible in bright light .but testing will tell

For some fun below screen shots of apps leveraging the GPS capabilities. The experience is clearly far richer and more dynamic than any other fitness watch. Many more run and fitness apps sure to come

View Ranger
This hiking app gives turn by turn directions, climb progress updates, off route alerts, and descriptions along the way(where available)

Pokemon GO
Easily play the popular game as you run or maybe more likely walk.


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