Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Review: 2 Innovative Soft Flask Run Bottles: Ultraspire Formula 250 & Raidlight EazyFlask

Increasingly bike style bottles and hydration bladders are given way to "soft flasks". Easy to stuff in pockets and even shorts, collapsible, and light they also offer the advantage of carrying multiple potions on  given run: water, electrolytes, gels, or even semi sold food.
I have increasingly gone to flasks and away from hard bottles or bladders for shorter adventures. More convenient, easier to clean, easier to grasp and store on the run when empty. I just stuff them, full or empty in one of the 4 bounce free pockets of the incredible WAA Ultra Carrier Shirt from Rocky Mountain Ultra (review soon).

I tried 2 innovative new soft flasks :
 Ultaspire Formula 250 (left) and Raidlight EazyFlask  350 (right).

Formula 250 from Ultraspire departs from the usual TPU construction of soft flasks as it is made of a soft silicone. There is no discernible taste to water in the flask, unusual. Ultraspire has been in the run hydration business since the beginning, their founder literally invented the first run vest. Completely seamless unlike conventional soft flasks, and with a tear drop shape, it is easy to use and clean. It features handy loops to dry or carry on your hydration pack. The Formula makes a great option for gels, thicker mixtures, semi solid foods, etc... It would be great for feeding apple sauce to small and not so small children as well!

The large flow valve has a secure snapping cap on top of a decently wide cap and rigid collar. It is super comfortable to hold with its soft thick material molding very well to the hand and stuffs  easily into pockets. Ultraspire gave us a very useful tip on how to drink water or electrolytes, non viscous stuff,  from the Formula as holding the body of the bottle when the cap is open sprays liquid. Just grasp the gray cap as you drink. Works well to reduce or eliminate the spray factor but if you use it with liquids you still need to pay attention. The 250 ml capacity is great for a decent amount of less viscous foods and potions.

Available now in one size 250 l. $12.95 Purchase from Ultraspire here

or from Running Warehouse here
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The Raidlight EazyFlask is from French company, Raidlight which is a long time pioneer in run hydration and packs. Little known in the US, Raidlight is now imported along with WAA Ultra, another innovative French brand by Rocky Mountain Ultra.

European love to sip their water from bottles with straws. I do to, especially if the flask is in a vest. Tip the head down and drink, no hands. The EazyFlask is Raidlight's first soft flask and is available in 150 ml $, 350ml, and 600ml sizes. Rocky Moutain Ultra sent us the 350 ml version.

The short straw is insulated with a thin neoprene sleeve. We particularly liked the valve flow mechanism. Instead of being on the valve subject dirty hands and clumsiness it is on the stem. Twist the stem and you can go from a strong flow to barely a trickle when sucked hard. It is not a complete shut off valve but close.  A second valve is included with the 350ml  and 600 ml sizes for those who prefer no straw and works a bit better with thicker liquids.The 150ml has the valve with no straw.The bottle, stem and valve are very easy to clean.
EazyFlask 150ml : $13.99
EazyFlask 350ml : $19.99
EazyFlask 600ml:  $24.99

EazyFlasks are available now from Rocky Mountain Ultra here.
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