Saturday, August 09, 2014

Outdoor Retailer Summer 14: Skechers GOmeb Speed 3- I Ran in Meb's Boston Winning Shoe!

Well I ran a minute or so on a treadmill at the Skechers Performance  booth and found the GOmeb Speed 3 to be one serious snappy racer.  This is the exact shoe that Meb wore to win Boston and the only difference between his shoe and yours will be that they have a special last to exactly fit his foot.
Speed 3 is more shoe than a traditional racing flat with decent race cushioning. The stats are 6.9 oz, 14mm midfoot/18mm heel 4mm drop. This marvel can be for many. including me, a fabulous 5K-Half racer. For the fleet footed and light or flatter courses a sensational and  one would have to say, proven marathon shoe.
Skechers GoMeb Speed 3
Earlier this year after reviewing the GoRun Ride 3 and GoRun Ultra I was tickled pink to be invited to participate in Skechers future models wear testing and feedback program. In addition to Meb, Skechers recently signed Kara Goucher.
While the GoMeb Speed 3 is Meb's shoe I can say that Skechers listens to its middle of the pack testers most closely. I have been amazed by their rapid iteration of changes, their careful listening and responding, and their follow through. It was a thrill to see some of the shoes I tested, and others, almost ready for production for Spring 15 at their booth. Lots of exciting shoes coming from Skechers.

Back to the GOmeb Speed 3 and a comparison to the GOmeb Speed 2 now on the market. First as people will ask the GOmeb Speed 3 will be available sometime in January but... there will be a special NY Marathon available in November.

Seth Hasty, a grassroots coordinator for Skechers Performance and the founder of the Running Shoe Geeks Group on Facebook gave me the tour and compared the Speed 2 to Speed 3. Read on to discover the differences.

Skechers GOMeb Speed 2 (left) Gomeb Speed 3 (right) 

  • The GOmeb Speed 3, at right with white outsole, has a bit wider midsole in the forefoot than the 2. 
  • The blue GOimpulse sensors are rearranged. I like to see that the rear most sensors are moved back. I know I get back on my heels a more when tired and it looks like Meb likes a bit more of rear landing zone too!
  • The shank seem through the midfoot has a larger opening to the ground and is changed from Hytrel to Dupont Delrin
  • The heel has sharper taper.
  • The upper has new overlays. A very sharp look in my opinion.

Skechers GOMeb Speed 2 (top Gomeb Speed 3 (bottom) 
    Skechers GOMeb Speed 2 (left) Gomeb Speed 3 (right) 


David Henry said...

Looks like great updates. Thanks for sharing. I love the Speed 2 and the changes look well thought out. Any plans to post on Skechers other new offerings?

Unknown said...

Thanks for the preview, quite like my Speed 2s for 10k but noticed they were wearing out a bit fast, the sole seems different on these, more durable maybe?

The side view makes them look a bit like the GRR3 which I'm not too fond of (a bit "thick") but what matters is how they ride of course ;-)

Unknown said...
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