Friday, August 08, 2014

Guest Post: Dominique Finds the Ideal Exercise Dress at Outdoor Retailer- The Nuu Muu

Thank you Sam for inviting me to post on your blog to talk about a little exercise dress – that comes in black too – which I discovered at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market as I tagged along with you.  
To the readers of Sam’s blog, this still has to do with running, although it won’t make you run faster, but revolutionary exercise dresses from Nuu-Muu are worth talking about.

Nuu-Muu: Poppy Ruu $80

A runner and nordic skier for some 33 years, seasonal biker, once a week tennis player, who does yoga but not enough, and likes to paddle board with her sister-in-law in Maine, I have found the perfect versatile workout dress for all my indoor and outdoor activities.  To the 55+ that I am, the Nuu-Muu exercise dress is indeed revolutionary.

It all started with a postcard mailed to our New Hampshire address, from Bellingham, Washington, where the company Nuu-Muu is located, inviting us to visit booth # PV2036 at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market from August 6th through the 9th.   Mailers still work!  After visiting the Nuu-Muu booth, and trying on the Ruu-Muu pocket, in size medium, my next step was to purchase one, which I did.  (I was offered a discounted promotional price.)  I got the Poppy Ruu above.

The Nuu-Muu line of clothing consists to two different types of exercise dresses: the Nuu -Muu and the Ruu-Muu (the latter has a pocket in the back).  Huggs sleeves are available to mix and match with the Nuu & Ruu dresses, along with the Nuu-Tee, a long sleeve Tee made especially to layer with the dresses.  
Nuu-Muu Sangria with sleeve Huggs

What is outstanding about the dresses are the fit, the “ultra-flattering” look, the colorful prints and patterns, and the feel of wearing such free-spirited exercise wear.  The price reflects the quality and sustainable approach of the product, and Made in USA. The price for the  dresses is $70-$80, $5 shipping. More to come when I get the dress!

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