Thursday, August 07, 2014

Outdoor Retailer Summer 14: Salomon Sense X Series, Softground andSense 4, S-Lab Ultra Vest, Killian's Everest Shoe?

Salomon always has interesting stuff at the S-Lab high end of the line to drool over.

What immediately caught my eye was a "road" or City to Trail version of the Sense, the S-Lab X Series. With a bit softer heel midsole and some high wear hard rubber outsole on a low profile tread pattern this should be a fantastic shoe for smooth single track and dirt road/asphalt mix races. Update: 2/15 I have now run the X-Series. Review here.
Salomon S-Lab X Series
 Darn that orange is bright! so hard to take a good pic... Anyway the front of the upper is soft mesh and the rear is a very breathable ripstop mesh.
Salomon S-Lab X Series
The Sense 4 Ultra and Sense 4 SG Softground go to version 4. The changes are a slightly different outsole lug configuration and hard to believe the heel area, black in the Softground and White in the Sense Ultra are reflective.
Salomon S-Lab Sense 4 Ultra

Salomon S-Lab Sense 4 SG SoftGround

Salomon makes incredible race vests. The S-Lab Sense Ultra Set is designed to be potentially worn against the skin.  Think of it as clothing more than a vest. It looks like it is made of the same mesh and main body material as the super comfortable Salomon Sense Short I reviewed here.. and at $130 it is actually less expensive than the shorts.  Includes the bottles, has 2 zipper side pockets, 2 pouch pockets below the bottles, a zippered shoulder pocket, whistle, I believe a rescue blanket, and a drop in pocket on the back. Also available in white/gray.

Another Ultra vest from Salomon, S-Lab Advanced Skin 3 12 Set. Not the super soft fabric of the Sense Ultra Set, but still very comfortable. Has neat shoulder straps that lift the back as pack empties for, as I was told more air on the back (Killian's back) but me too!, and to consolidate the load. More capacity than the Sense Ultra as well and can hold a bladder.

Finally these bad boys, the S-Lab X Alp Carbon GTX, a mouthful that product name is a super light mountaineering boot with some forefoot flexibility for moving fast yet, due to patented Carbon Edging Chassis also outstanding lateral stiffness.

Who wants to bet that Killian Jornet, who has a had in designing these as well as most of the Sense and S-Lab products,  might wear something like these when he does his Everest speed attempt?


Nathan Jackson said...

Nice work at the OR show, Sam. Some exciting things. I'm looking forward to the adidas Terrex Boost, even though I'd like to see them come in a touch lighter. Just a question about the Salomon packs: It looked like one pictured yesterday had the load lifter straps on the shoulders. Was that just a larger volume pack that fits a bladder? Also, does that mean there's no real "main compartment" on the back of the black one pictured today? Thanks, Nate

Sam Winebaum said...

Nathan, you are correct the vest illustrated is not intended for bladders. There is another one for bladders with a neat shoulder strap arrangement to "lift" the back up as it empties or is not needed. Was told Killian likes air on his back. Me too! Will update post with a few pictures of that model and will get details as to name when I go back to OR.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the great info Sam! Do you know when the release date is for these new Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra Set packs? I was getting ready to buy a S-Lab Hydro 5 pack but these look awesome!

Sam Winebaum said...

Andrew- I believe they will be released for Spring 15 so likely Jan or Feb.

Unknown said...

Would you happen to have the drop on the new road shoe? Some of the past hybrid shoes have all had a big drop.

Sam Winebaum said...

Not sure on drop of X Series Sense. I believe it is 5-6mm as with other non Soft Ground Sense.

Unknown said...

I was wondering if there is any way one can get a pair of these amazing shoes prior to their release date? if so how would you go about it? thank you very much