Monday, January 03, 2011

Hoka One One trail workhouse is now also my long haul road runner

Ran 2:05 on the roads yesterday in my Hoka One One Mafate "maximalist"  running shoes yesterday. Myfurthest road run yet in the "clown shoes" which I discussed in  previous posts. This shoe not only took Karl Meltzer down the Pony Express Trail in 40 days at 50 miles a day but it got me around the Tour du Mont Blanc trek this summer, pack and all, in fine form.

The Mafate has 2" of cushy foam and an aggressive rocker sole which encourages a short, efficient turnover. Decent 9:08 pace on a damp but pleasant trek with my NH training buddy Mike Schwartz  through Rye, New Castle, Portsmouth, with even a quick side trip to Kittery ME to make this an interstate run!

Legs stayed fresh throughout and this morning no soreness in  hamstrings or my feet, my usual sore spots. There is definitely something to a maximalist approach for long and recovery runs. Given the smoothish sole not a great snow and ice running shoe without studs or Yak Traks.

Anyone else have Hoka One One experience?


Anonymous said...

I am really thinking of trying these. I am an ultrarunner in michigan and I always seem to be suffering from some sort of lagging overuse injury. I just bought a pair of new balance mt101 because I was thinking the minimalist approach would fix my problems but I am leaning towards returning them for a pair of hokas. my only concern is that i have read review regarding the lack of grip on wet surfaces etc. your thoughts?

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Sam Winebaum said...

I think more minimal shoes have a place in the shoe rotation for me : Saucony KInvaras, Adidas Rockets, and Ascis Hyperspeed. I wear these about 50% of my miles for the rest Hokas. I think lower drop 4mm or less is really the key to reducing overuse injuries and more natural running and the Hokas are at 4mm so while maximalist more natural. The rocker sole really does keep you on the midfoot and forward with a feeling of quicker turnover. I am going to test this with a stride sensor.
I use Hokas for all long slow runs and recovery run on the road, where I am doing most of my running this winter. No leg soreness today after a 17 miler. Not a shoe to run a fast 5 or 10K race in. The lugs on a new pair of Hoka are good on the wet especially as the shoe is so wide, lots of grip surface. If you run them on the road you will see that the Mafates lugs wear quite quickly. The new Bondi has a more road oriented more durable outsole and I think it will work fine on all trails expect mud and wet leaves and roots. Both Karl Meltzer and Dave Mackey are running in Hokas because of the reduction in tiredness they see. Of course they are absolutely fantastic on downhills, plow through anything, small rocks aren't even there anymore. Not every shoe works for everyone but for me as an older runner (50's) they are a key item in my quiver. If I can get the Bonid in time I will definitely run Boston in them.