Saturday, January 22, 2011

Outdoor Retailer-Other Ingenious Finds in Brief

All kinds of ingenuity on display by small companies. A small sampling below.

Paper Shower

After a run or ride and no time for a shower or just to cool and clean off after a sweaty run before getting in the car. Most towelettes are moisten with an  alcohol based solution. Paper towel is saline based. Then what to do to dry off? Paper towel is actually 2 towelettes: the cleaning towel and a durable drying towel.
Pockettoolx Pirahana ($49)

A TSA friendly multi tool. Features  five Metric box wrenches, Phillips  & flat screwdriver, box ripper, ski paint scraper, 1/8 " & 3/8" pry tips, bottle opener,  and six SAE open wrenches all on a single piece of stainless steel 

OtterBox Utility Series Latch for iPad ($49.95)

iPad case for data collection in the field or on the go. Hand strap, shoulder strap, leg strap. Accessory kit bag which holds the straps serves as totally non slip stand in landscape or portrait mode.

Over the car visor or strapped to your leg while driving for GPS directions.  Includes a protective temporary dust and moisture cover.  In use by EMT's in Boulder, CO.

Can be combined with the Otter Box Defender Series iPad Case for serious dust and shock protection. I saw someone "wearing" their iPad at the Niteize booth. Turns out it was the designer of the case and CEO of Niteize, Rick Case. Niteize designed the case for OtterBox. I bought one.

Niteize always has incredible innovations in the areas of lighting, fastening and tie down of gear, mobile device protection, write anywhere collapsible Inka pens and hardware including the S-Biner which I have dangling on all my packs. I always pick up something at their booth.

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