Thursday, January 06, 2011

Nike+GPS Running Watch Announced at Computer Electronics Show.

Wired News and others have news about a new Nike+GPS Watch announced at the Consumer Electronics Show today. Combing  GPS pace tracking with the Nike+ Stride sensor and in some models HRM. Here is Nike's intro video. Cool looking with large light digits on black background which is a plus as I have found  most watches and my Blackberry with miCoach GPS running app are very hard to see in bright sunlight or on the move. Wall Street Journal reports that it will be available April 1st at prices between $199-$249. Pre Order March 1st.

The watch will not only have GPS pacing and mapping via Tom Tom but it will also be able to function with the Nike+ stride sensor. From the video it looks like some models, maybe the $249 priced unit, will include a heart rate monitor. So, one unit for indoor (sensor),  outdoor (pace), or heart rate based workouts with a smaller sensor than the adidas, Suunto, or Gramin footpods in what looks like a very compact watch.

Unfortunately, upload to PC via fold out USB. No over the air synch.This said I am sure the USB will be more reliable than a wireless upload to PC.

According to Wired the screen is operated by tapping: backlight and lap times which if effective eliminates reaching for all those small buttons.

I hope the build quality is more solid than my original Nike+Sportsband. One crash on the Flying Dog Trail in Park City onto my wrists and the unit flew out of the sportsband away never to be found again!

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