Thursday, August 17, 2006

OR Summer Mkt- Nuun Electrolyle Drink Tablets

Nuun is another of those New England origin outdoor companies such as Nemo Equipment, Jet Boil, and others with a truly innovative new approach to an old problem. The problem is how to get an electrolyte solution into water without messy powders.

The Nuun's answer is an effervescent tab which you drop into 16 oz of water. 2 minutes later you have a carb free electrolyte drink. Very interestingly, unlike what often happens to powders no settling on the bottom, perfectly mixed.

I have tried a Nuun tablet the last 2 days in the Nathan Quick Draw bottle during my daily run and while I have to trust the science I find the trouble free mixing on the go and taste a wonderful solution to an old problem.

The picture shows the compact size of the tablet and packaging. Ideal for daily adventures and longer trips.

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