Saturday, August 12, 2006

OR Summer Mkt- Dive Tested, Element Proof, Durable Ziploc type Bags

There are 967 exhibitors at OR and alot to see and be distracted by. I keep a weather eye for those small companies with neat products I could actually use. Somehow my eye caught Alosak and OP Sak from Watchful Eye Designs of Park City, UT.

When I run while traveling I often take my wallet, gel and cellphone. I grab plastic grocery bags or whatever I have and wrap the items. Same for gel packets, snacks, etc.. and then stuff in my pockets.

The Alosak and its higher performance cousin OP Sak are totally element (air/water/sand) proof , very durable yet thin ziploc type bags. The closure and material were tested by the US Navy Dive groups and certified by SSI to 60 meters. They can be reused many, many times. The OP can even be used as a bear bag as it is totally odor proof. Both can be used for biohazard storage, if you know what I mean, with the OP long term rated.

Used by Ian Adamson the top rated adventure racer and his teams since 1999 to store everything they take.

Obvious useful for travel (no leaky shampoo), food storage, electronics/photo gear, medicine, kayaking/boating/diving, backpacking, skiing, and trail runs. You can even hear your cell phone through the sealed bag. I tried it this and it works.


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