Saturday, August 19, 2006

OR Summer Mkt-Ibex Merino Wool Apparel

I have an Ibex Speedplay jacket which has proved a very versatile jacket on the trail and in town. Nylon smooth face outside, merino wool inside make it a perfect fall and winter running and nordic ski jacket.

Ibex was one of the first if not the first company to introduce, or should I say re-introduce, wool as a performance fabric, without the scratchiness of old due to the use of fine merino I remember so well. Their pieces have beautiful styling and colors to go with the natural performance of wool and its a New England company.

I visited with John Fernsell, President at OR. The big news for Ibex is the industry's first seamless merino wool body fit garments in 17.5 micron wool for Spring 2007. Among the seamless pieces : sports bras, briefs, boxers, and runners shorts. Wool is a natural for first layers as the moisture transmission is fantastic and wool is naturally anti-microbial, thus better smelling over time, key for travel The 17.5 micron is also in Polos and tee shirts, great for traveling light.

While others are now offering wool performance apparel : Smartwool, Patagonia, Icebreaker, etc.. I like the Ibex style and quality. This said when it comes to the feet, I am always in Smartwool socks. They pioneered the performance wool sock. It is most often where you start where you remain strongest.

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