Sunday, August 20, 2006

OR Summer Market-Light in the Storm - Guyot Designs and Brunton

I went off to OR just after a microburst storm in NH ripped down huge trees and power poles leaving us in the dark. We got out our trusty candle lantern and had a BBQ.

So somehow amid all the thousands of neat products I spotted two neat lanterns which would have put a warm and useful glow on the emergency.

Guyot Designs makes a Nalgene bottle lid, The Firefly, with LED lights glowing into the water below at the push of a button. Very useful for trail emergency, camping tent ambience, or my house. Guyot is a wonderfully inventive Maine company with a speciality in "retrofit" lids, splash guards, etc... for Nalgene type bottles.

Brunton is Wyoming company whose elegant, often stainless steel look, cook equipment, stoves, powerful headlamps, binoculars, transits and compasses ( their origin) really caught my eye. They had a spectacular LED powered update of my candle lantern, the Glorb which I would gladly include in my home emergency kit.

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