Friday, May 08, 2020

Hoka One One Clifton Edge Initial Review and Shoe Details: Radically Broad and Light. Fun to Run!

Article by Sam Winebaum

Hoka One One Clifton Edge ($160)

The Clifton Edge has a new broad midsole geometry reminding in less extreme form of the radical trailTenNine (RTR Review). It has an aggressive Early Stage Meta-Rocker, some welcome flex (for a Hoka) and a rear outrigger for stability, cushion and propulsion off the heel. 

The Edge is strikingly broad on the ground compared to "normal" shoes, and even other Hoka models. yet is very light. The men's size US8.5 sample weighs 241g / 8.5 oz so a US9 should weigh about 8.68 oz / 246 g as per the spec. The Clifton 6 in US 8.5 weighed 0.1 oz more on a narrower underfoot platform. The video review below compares the Edge's underfoot width to various other shoes.

Edge has the same 29mm heel / 24mm forefoot stack in the men’s as the regular Clifton with the women’s at 26mm / 21mm so1mm less front and back stack compared to the regular Clifton. Both are 5mm drop.

The Midsole (gray) is a new light weight high resiliency foam.

The Outsole (orange and pink), which also acts as part of the midsole, is a thick layer of rubberized EVA foam with a moderate heel bevel making up a wide inherently stable platform.  

Men’s and women’s colorways are exactly the same for the launch version. The women's version is shown below, all other pictures are the men's.

The Upper is an embossed TPU fiber.  The foot hold is super secure, especially at the rear of the shoe with plenty of toe box room and was true to size for both our men’s and women’s pairs.  The top of the tongue and rear have big reflective elements.

The Ride is inherently very stable due to the on the ground width and is especially stable on downhills due to the outrigger. It is very fluid and easy to transition especially at moderate paces due to the rocker and some flex, has plenty of softer yet resilient cushion and has a unique combination of spring (from the main midsole) and bounce (from the rubberized foam outsole). Fun to run!

In Conclusion I would say, and my wife Dominique who is also testing agrees, that the Clifton Edge is if you will a more "accessible" Clifton. While it has the same stack of cushion it is considerably broader on the ground, more stable particularly towards the rear, softer and bouncier/springier than recent Cliftons with a midsole feel more reminiscent of the Clifton 1 and Huaka than recent editions. Finally, it has a easier to activate rocker and toe off plus front flexibility and tops it it off with a flawless for us so far secure upper.

$160. Available July. Full Reviews of the Edge and Clifton 7 soon!

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Olivier said...

Hi, thanks for this early review ! One thing you didn’t mention - or maybe I missed it - is the insoles : I have to wear orthotics and the Rincon was clearly a miss for me, due to relative narrowness associated with this super-thin glued insole. Is the Edge back to a more traditional replaceable insole ??? Thanks !!!

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bob said...

how was the size compared to other shoes, especially the clifton 1?