Friday, January 10, 2020

Atreyu Running: A 5.57 oz / 158 g Marvel of Simplicity and Performance. Initial Run Impressions Review, Shoe Details and Comparisons

Article by Sam Winebaum

Atreyu Running 

Sample Weight: 5.57 oz / 158 g men's US9
Stack Height: 25mm heel / 19 mm forefoot, 6mm drop
Pre- Sales start Feb 21. Available July 2020. 
Direct to athlete business model. Approx. $95 one time purchase, less under a subscription plan

The Atreyu is remarkably light for the amount of lively cushion provided. The midsole/outsole is a single slab of "outsole grade" EVA. The upper is a simple nylon/poly mesh with a secure and comfortable performance type fit. 

Comparative Shoes
New Balance Fresh Foam Beacon 2:  7.5 oz, 26/20 stack, 6mm drop
Skechers Performance Razor 3 Hyper:  6.4 oz, 23mm heel / 19 mm forefoot, 4mm drop
Reebok Floatride Fast: 6.6 oz,  25mm heel /17 mm forefoot, 8mm drop


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Kevin J. said...

Loved the video. It seems like such a simple bin EVA sole and a simple upper...Im quite intereste. However, I guess Id have to wait awhile before international shipping is sorted for them. Think the only shoe that beats this is the Reebok Run Fast Pro....however, thats £200+ so at $95...this is pretty awesome! Looking forward to it!

Sam Winebaum said...

Hi Kevin J,
The guys are just starting out and going fast and don't know about any future international as of yet. The Fast Pro I hesitated on including. For sure they are both the weight for substance champs and the Fast Pro is sensational but its forefoot is considerably thinner and overalll its a less cushioned shoe, a state of the art race flat vs a very light trainer racer here. I will go much further in the Atreyu than Fast Pro with 8km race so far my limit.
Sam, Editor

Vaad said...

"narrower profile from Razor 3" The Razor 3 is already narrow so this puts the Atreyu in a limited market definitely not for the masses. Maybe that's their objective statement? Great for them as a limited release/distribution supports this.
Really appreciating the Asian lasted (widened flared forefoot, medium to wide heel) Adidas Boston 8.
Looking forward to your reviews/comparison reviews of the Adidas RC2/Adios 5.

Alex said...

I ran a half marathon in the run fast pro and I am almost 50 and by no means able to normally run this distance in light racers.
I do not understand why I keep hearing that the run fast pro is a 5k shoe. It is actually too cushy for me to use it in 5k races.

Anonymous said...

Interesting concept, remains to be seen if production can meet expectations. I’d think the Hoka comparable would be the Rincon, not the Mach (and I love the Rincon, meh on that Mach).

jetencate said...

100% this. The Rincon is the shoe to beat in this space, to my mind (and on my feet). I'm putting enough miles on my first pair to already be looking at another pair after a month.

Sam Winebaum said...

Hi Vaad,
Sorry I meant a narrower on the ground front platform and lower front stack, noticeably more agile for me. Upper fit if memory serves of Razor I don't have with me close to the same but... tow things Atreyu does seem to run half quarter small and has a 5mm thick flat EVA sockliner which can be removed and substituted for a thinner one or orthotics,
Sam, Editor

Anonymous said...

Can you say -- Nike Lunaracer. That's what it reminds me of.

Sam Winebaum said...

HI Anonymous,
And while I never ran it others have said the same. It reminded me a bit in ride of the Lunar Tempo one I did run
Sam, Editor

hardcoredds said...

How's the sizing vs Rincon or Beacon?