Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Salomon Sense Pro 4 Initial Run Review, Shoe Details, and Comparisons Video

Article by Sam Winebaum

Salomon Sense Pro/4 ($140)
Update: Read our full multi tester review HERE

On the run through snowy, late afternoon Round Valley Park City UT, I detail and give my first impressions of the Februray release, (see below). $140 Salomon Sense Pro/4. 

At 9.35 oz / 265 g in a size US men's size 9 with a 25/21, 4mm stack height and about 5mm lugs, It has the new Optivibe midsole platform shared with the Sonic 3 road series and the considerably heavier Sense Ride 3, its long distances sousing, Fast and agile yet stable, cushioned and protected it is a great new option from Salomon and a big improvement over the Sense Pro 3 so far. The upper is outstanding in its comfort and support. Full multi tester review soon with Jeff Valliere who reports it was outstanding on technical terrain above Boulder during his first runs
Watch the Video

Full multi tester review soon!
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Basti said...

Can't wait for your review and thoughts against the Hoka Torrent. I hope the Sense Pro 4 also has long distance manners on top of speed and agility.

azer89 said...

Superb video, I love Sense Rides 1s to death, but the forefoot cushioning is a bit lacking (only 17mm). I'm also interested in the shape of the rounded toebox of the Sense Pro 4s, does it have more room? It does remind me of Ultra Pros, I have medium width forefoot but my pinky toes are too long,
tapered toebox of speedgoats didn't work for me but I find the Ultra Pros' toebox is comfy.

Sam Winebaum said...

Thanks Azer89! Def more Somewhat cushioning (and protection) up front than Sense Pro 3 or Ride 1 and 2. Need to compare but my sense not quite as wide as Ultra Pro but rounded up front which may help your pinky toe. I have a bad big toe nail and no downward pressure over it here. Sam, Editor

Bobcat said...

Obviously winter is not the best time to test the cushioning as the EVA blend will firm up. Also I suspect these shoes need some mileage to soften like was the case with the Norvan LD which was also an EVA/ polyolefin blend. Excited for this shoe nonetheless.

The Stoat said...

Could this be the one? Finally a bit more cushion without the ubiquitous 8mm drop! Yay!

Dan said...

This is one nice looking shoe. I'm excited to hear how it compares to the Sense Ride, Speedgoat and Peregrine. This could be a perfect 50k-50mi shoe.

Andy said...

This really does look like a top notch shoe - could it be as good as the Sense Pro 1?!

Oliver said...

Is it an info about the thickness of the Optivibe material in this modell, comparing to the Ride 3 or Sonic?

Xavier said...

It's a damn fine shoe that's going to be more versatile and comfortable than the pro 3. Although almost understandable for the price point, it's a shame that the upper and tongue material from the sense 7 wasn't carried over, it's a piece of beauty! And the durability is incredible given how fragile it looks.

At this point I'm torn between these, the sense 7 or sense 7 sg? I'm needing a shoe to replace my current sense 7 as it's the most versatile for dry mountainous trails. The regular 7 sole is perfect in pattern for almost all but mud but I would appreciate the extra lifespan of the 7sg ir pro 4

The Stoat said...

Funny. I thought the upper on the sense 7 SG was a step backward because it lets in too much dirt. I much preferred the ripstop nylon on the 6. Depends on where you run I guess, but I run a lot in wet muddy conditions and a closed mesh seems more appropriate for a shoe designed for softground to me.

Bobcat said...

The Sense 6 SG upper I could also spray with Toko waterproof spray, helps a lot to keep the mud out.