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Saucony Fall 2018 Run Shoe Previews: Ride ISO, Freedom ISO 2, Xodus ISO 3

Article by Sam Winebaum and Shannon Payne

Saucony did not introduce any new models at The Running Event but did show three carefully considered major updates.

Ride ISO ($120)
Weight: 9.7 oz/275 g M9, 8.5 oz/241 g US W8
Stack Height: 27 heel/19 mm forefoot, 8mm drop
Available May 2018
Update: Read our full Ride ISO review here
The Ride 10 has been one of my favorite daily trainers (RTR review). It gets the now ubiquitous ISO fit upper and a name change for "version 11". The Ride 10 was somewhat snug for me over the metatarsals and the combination of ISOFit and a softer engineered upper should tune up what has been a great, lighter daily trainer.
The Ride ISO retains PWRFOAM EVA not joining the Everun TPU full midsole party but as in the Ride 10 there is an Everun top sole, just under the foot. It is called out a bit to prominently on the side wall in our view as we quite frankly can't feel the difference Everun top soles makes. Ride ISO is essentially unchanged in weight from Ride 10.
The Tri-Flex outsole is somewhat modified with more exposed midsole at mid foot compared to Ride 10 with the midsole side walls also more contoured. We think of these changes should lead to a yet smoother transition. 

Xodus ISO 3 ($150)
Weight: 12.9 oz/366 g M9, 11.5 oz/326 g W8
Stack Height: 26.5mm heel/22.5 mm forefoot, 4mm drop
Available July 2018
Update: Read our full Xodus ISO 3 review here
The Xodus ISO 3 is Saucony's heavy duty trail shoe and with ISO 3 it gets a major makeover. It now features a full Everun TPU midsole. As a result its listed weight jumps from 11.5 oz to 12.9 oz as Everun is generally heavier than EVA.  
On the plus side, the Everun midsole material is designed to provide a more consistent, durable less temperature sensitive cushion during long runs and for the life of the shoe. On the looks side, the Everun material is actually black in color not painted a first for Saucony TPU based midsoles or any we have seen  as they are usually white. The upper features ISOFit bands for a dynamic fit as feet swell as well as an external support frame.
Xodus ISO 3 has 6mm lugs in the excellent very sticky to the touch PWRTRAC outsole combined with very durable XT-900 in high wear areas. There is no rock plate. We were surprised how flexible it was for such a big shoe, an excellent counter point to its weight as invariably heavier shoes are stiffer shoes, but not here. Not exactly designed for lively fast short runs the Xodus ISO 3 should shine on the longest and roughest of trail runs on difficult terrain.

Freedom ISO 2 ($160)
Weight: 9.1 oz/258 g M9 , 8.2 oz. 232 g W8
Stack Height: 22mm heel/18 mm forefoot, 4mm drop
Available June 2018
Update: Full multi tester review here
Unchanged in weight, we like what Saucony has done to improve the popular but a bit hard to tame Freedom. Still with the lively Everun midsole and Crystal Rubber outsole, Saucony added more sidewall to improve stability and added three grooves in the outsole upfront as well as small sipes or cuts in the rubber all to improve flexibility, a knock we had on the Freedom ISO (RTR review).
The upper sees big changes as it is now a new ISOKNIT which combines a sock like feel with the ISOFit bands. The rear upper is noticeably more supportive in feel than Freedom ISO 1 was and has more substantial external bands but at the same time intended to not do away with Freedom's more natural minimal upper feel and ride. These changes which we look forward to testing as the Freedom ISO 1 while super fun and lively to run was  a bit to wild and unstructured for day in day out training for us.

While Saucony did not show us it the Peregrine 8 will arrive in June 2018. It will weigh 10 oz, a slight increase in weight from 9.6 oz, with most of the changes seemingly to the upper.

Photo Credit: Shannon Payne

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Σπύρος said...

What about Peregrine 8?

Sam Winebaum said...

They did not show it to us but the catalog indicates a slight increase in weight and a new upper. Will try to find out more and update the article.
Sam, Editor

morfeo68 said...

great shoes

Anonymous said...

Have you had the chance to test out the Saucony Xodus Iso 3 yet? If so, what are your initial impressions? Do you plan to write a review?
Thanks for sharing all your experience!

Sam Winebaum said...

Hi Anonymous, not sure we will review Xodus 3. Peregrine about the limit for us in terms of weight. Sam, Editor