Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Kinesys Sunscreen is BACK! I hate sunscreen and I love Kinesys!

Article by Peter Stuart

Editor's Note: It was the end of day two at The Running Event, the hall was almost completely empty, the lights were going down and security was sweeping the floor yet Peter was deep in conversation for many minutes at a small booth near the exit. What did he find?

Kinesys is the Shiz!
Really, Sunscreen? Really. Kinesys is a grease-free spray on sunscreen that is easy to put on, protects the skin, isn't slimy or weird, and is great for all uses including running.

I really despise putting on sunscreen. I don't like the greasy feel, I don't like having to wash my hands after I put it on my son (who hates when I put sunscreen on) and I don't like the stinging in my eyes when it, inevitably, runs down my face and crawls into my eye. A few months ago I remembered a spray-on sunscreen that I had gotten at some Triathlon expo or another and tried to find it. I couldn't find it anywhere--it seemed to have disappeared from the planet!
Well, imagine my surprise when i ran into the folks who have bought and re-vitalized the brand. Tucked in a corner of the convention center at The Running Event was a fine couple who are WAY too excited and happy about their mission to bring Kinesys to the masses. I had a great time chatting with them and I'm a huge fan of the product and happy to say that it's back and fully available. So what's so damn good about their sunscreen, well, let me tell you. 

Kinesys is a spray-on sunscreen (they have a zinc cream and a stick, but more on that later) that comes in either fragrance-free versions (30 or 50 spf) as well as a subtle mango scent (blue bottle), and a kids version (Orange Bottle). It looks like there's a "girl's" version coming too which is a vanilla green tea scent.

Here are the details:
Alcohol free, fragrance free (except for scented ones), sweat resistant and water resistant. 

What it doesn't have: 
Oil, PABA, Parabin, Gluten, Oxybenzone or blinded bunnies (yes, it's cruelty free).

There's not much more to say. The product works and it's pleasant to use. I actually use sunscreen now because it's not at all unpleasant to apply. 

You can buy it direct from their site at www.kinesysactive.com and it's often cheaper there than it is on Amazon, shipping is free on orders over $70 in the US.

Okay, I've geeked out on sunscreen long enough!
Go get some!

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