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OR Saucony Spring 2018 Previews and Introductions: Liberty ISO Light Stability, Hurricane and Triumph ISO 4, Kinvara 9, Peregrine 8, Denim Collection

Liberty ISO
Leading Saucony's Outdoor Retailer introductions was a new stability version of the popular Freedom ISO (RTR review).
Saucony Liberty ISO 
Liberty ISO ($160). Coming in at 9.7 oz./275 g (M9) and 8.7 oz./245 g (W9) it joins the recent trend towards lighter stability shoes.  It has a 22 heel/18 forefoot stack, 4 mm drop. Available November 2017.

Update: See our full review of the Liberty ISO here

Saucony presents the Liberty ISO to RoadTrailRun in the YouTube below

Same as in the Freedom ISO, Liberty has a full TPU Everun midsole and is said to have a slightly more accommodating fit which should be welcome for many who found the Freedom somewhat snug. I expect it will ride similarly to the adidas Tempo 9 and likely a little softer and bouncier has it has less of an EVA layer just under foot.
To help create its stability the Liberty has a TPU medial guidance right angle frame(above) along with denser rubber on the medial side (below).
LEFT: Saucony Freedom ISO RIGHT Saucony Liberty ISO
LEFT: Saucony Freedom ISO RIGHT Saucony Liberty ISO
In comparison to the Freedom ISO with its more unstructured mid hold the Liberty has overlays to the rear (above).  As with the Freedom there is no heel counter but Liberty has additional external TPU straps for a more structured hold.
LEFT: Saucony Freedom ISO RIGHT Saucony Liberty ISO
I expect the Liberty will be a popular shoe and one I should enjoy as long as the medial frame is not to noticeable as I found the Freedom a touch to unstructured and soft in the mid foot and heel for my running style.

Triumph ISO 4 ($160)
See our initial impressions on the run Triumph ISO 4 review here
The Triumph gets a full Everun TPU midsole for the first time and gains some weight as a result  going from 10.5 oz. to10.8 oz./306 g (M9), 9.4 oz./306g (W8), Everun TPU being heavier than EVA. It has a 28mm heel/20mm forefoot stack, 8mm drop. Available November 2017
Saucony Triumph ISO 4
The upper is engineered mesh as was the ISO 3 but now with more integration into the ISOFit design and more stretch in the ISOFit to better dial in fit.
Saucony Triumph ISO 4
Saucony Triumph ISO 4
The Triumph with Everun joins other premium well cushioned shoes such as the Energy Boost, Nimbus 19, Vomero 12, and Glycerin 15 in the class (see RTR index page for reviews of these here).  I am curious to see how agile and responsive it is, something the ISO 3 led the field in now that it has the bouncier TPU midsole.

Hurricane ISO 4 ($165)
Saucony Hurricane ISO 4
The stability cousin to the Triumph, the Hurricane shares many of the same changes including a new engineered mesh dynamic ISOFit upper and a full length Everun midsole. The medial side EVA post is softer than previously. The Hurricane will weigh 11.2 oz/318 (M9), 9.9 oz./281 g (W8) so about the same weight as Hurricane ISO 3. It is available January 2108. 
Saucony Hurricane ISO 4

While the outsoles of the Triumph ISO 4 and Hurricane ISO 4 are similar one can see the somewhat denser medial side coverage of the Hurricane (left) with the gray medial post showing through.
LEFT; Saucony Hurricane ISO 4 RIGHT Saucony Triumph ISO 4
Guide ISO ($120)
Saucony Guide ISO
The stability Guide joins the ISOFit party with an engineered mesh upper with ISOFit.  The midsole changes from SSL EVA to PWRFOAM, which we found great in balancing response with lively cushion in the neutral Ride (RTR review). Coming in at 10.3 oz./292 g (M9) and 9.1 oz/258 g (W8) comes in at about the same weight as the Guide 10. Available November 2017.
Saucony Guide ISO
Saucony Guide ISO
 The Guide retains a medial post for stability.
Saucony Guide ISO

Saucony Guide ISO
 Kinvara 9 ($110)
Saucony Kinvara 9
The iconic Kinvara, really the first, low drop, lighter road runner from a major company has struggled to find its place in recent years, even within the Saucony line. The Kinvara has remained a more traditional design with a snugger upper and more conventional responsive EVA midsole. We think the new Zealot ISO 3 picked has up the mantle of a lighter, flexible if somewhat more cushioned ride with low drop (RTR review), not to speak of the heavier but much livelier low drop Freedom ISO.

With the Kinvara 9 coming in at lighter than the K8 by 0.3 oz at 7.5 oz./213 g (M9), 6.5 oz./184 g (W8), with a new EVA+ midsole, and woven heel counter we think it may be back in the game. We found the Kinvara 8   (RTR review) midsole soft with a sense of bottoming out at the heel. The new EVA+ midsole should help put some pop back in the shoe and get it back in the game.  23mm heel/ 19 mm forefoot, 4 mm drop. Available March 2018.

Saucony Kinvara 9

The new EVA+ midsole is called out as also hi abrasion so the exposed areas of midsole around the outsole patches (slightly darker lime) should be more durable. The forefoot should be more flexible than the Kinvara 8.
Saucony Kinvara 9
The famous, some would say infamous,Pro-Lock strap remains.. We tried one on and while it is there, and we noticed it, seemed less obtrusive.
Saucony Kinvara 9

Peregrine 8 ($120)
The Peregrine gets a PWRFOAM midsole said to be somewhat denser and thus more durable than the previous SSL EVA. It gains  0.4 oz to 10 oz./ 283 g (M9), 9 oz./255 g (W8). It retains its excellent PWRTRAC outsole with big but versatile 6mm lugs.  Available January 2018.
Saucony Peregrine 9
Saucony Peregrine 9
Saucony Peregrine 9
Denim Collection
Following a recent Saucony trend of themed color ways, the Denim Collection comprising the Freedom ISO, Ride 10, Guide ISO, and Kinvara 9 will launch on April 26th, 2018 in association with Stand Against Sexual Violence Denim Day.

Update: See our full review of the Liberty ISO here

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Anonymous said...

Interesting that Saucony is going full Everrun midsole in their premier flagship shoe (Triumph ISO). I found my feet felt beat up after a while in the Freedom ISO. Hopefully the Triumph still remains highly cushioned.

Anonymous said...

Exactly the same here! I hope the lower stack heights want be for the worse. Freedom disappointed me, but triumph iso 2 and 3 really are the best. They should have kept the same stack heights.

Σπύρος said...

I wonder when Saucony will make a Kinvara without Pro-Lock which is totally useless. I hope version 9 has a wider toebox. Does the Peregrine 8 have the black lining inside? I have version 6 which was more breathable (just the outer mesh without the lining).

Sam Winebaum said...

Hi Σπύρος I don't think K9 has a wider toe box but the front mesh if I recall is stretchier, like the Mizuno Wave Shadow so should help.n Agree the Pro-Lock should go but in the 9 it is not as noticeable as say the 7. They could do a form of more exterior ISOFit with welded in interior straps. I don't recall looking close at the inner lining of the Peregrine. Sorry.
Sam, Editor