Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Outdoor Retailer Winter 16 Day Zero: Saucony Razor with Arctic GripVibram Outsole, Delorme Earthmate App

Article by Dominique and Sam Winebaum, Editor Road Trail Run

We went to the pre Outdoor Retailer All Mountain Demo Day at Solitude Mountain, deep in Little Cottonwood Canyon. Lots of ski mountaineering, snowshoes, goggles, poles, etc.. to demo but also a series of tents in the snow with new and interesting products. One incredible run find, the Saucony Razor with Vibram Arctic Grip.

The outsole experts were demonstrating their new Arctic Grip outsole. A special blend of compounds really seemed to "slow down" slipping, even on water coated ice. So, we're thinking that black ice may not put you immediately on your rear.  We will swing by the"real" indoor booth where Vibram promises an uphill ice sheet to test.

Saucony Razor Ice+
The first shoes to feature the technology will be from Wolverine Brands which owns among others Saucony and Merrill. We saw a very cool Saucony Razor winter run shoe with the Arctic Grip outsole and...Everun the TPU cushioning similar to adidas Boost which among other properties is less susceptible to hardening in cold temperatures. We will be hearing more from Saucony and Merrill when we visit with them tomorrow.
Saucony Razor Arctic Grip Outsole

Saucony Razor Ice + with Vibram Arctic Grip Outsole
The yellow speckles are a cosmetic   The white triangle turns blue below freezing .

DeLeorme Earthmate
This Maine company is a long time creator of beautifully detailed paper atlases and now digital products including the inReach satellite transponder and messaging system which allowed us to follow Scott Jurek as he set the Appalachian Trail record this summer.

Delorme is now offering its worldwide mobile map product Earthmate as a stand alone product. Load US topo or NOAA navigation maps for the area you are heading to along with 370,000 miles of trails and you will be able to locate yourself instantly, follow a route, and have your mobile phone function as full fledged hand held GPS device. Also includes world wide lower resolution base maps. No need to have a cell signal with the maps on board and if you use to locate yourself and not track a route every second you will have minimal mobile battery impact.  For $29.95 the first year and $14.95 after this is  a great safety and navigation tool.  We have it and can't wait to test.

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