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Outdoor Retailer W15 Saucony Previews: Razor Ice+, Ride 9, Omni 15, Zealot IS0 2, New Swerve & Valor, Xodus ISO

 Razor Ice+ 
Saucony Razor Ice +

Big excitement for me was a closer look at the Razor Ice+ winter and wet conditions trail runner. I first saw it at the All Mountain Demo where the Arctic Grip outsole from Vibram was first highlightedArctic Grip is a special compound that quite literally lets one walk up an inclined block of very wet ice without slipping, I tried an Arctic Grip outsole on one boot with on the other a normal hiking outsole. The difference was amazing. I confidently walked one foot up the steep ice block slope while I hung on to the rail for dear life for the other foot. 
Saucony Razor Ice + Vibram Outsole
The Vibram outsole uses two winter specific rubber compounds.  The center yellow speckled area is Arctic Grip. The outer black lugs is Vibram Ice Trek, a compound that also has great snow and ice grip, particularly on "drier" ice and snow. The white heel triangle actually changes color to blue when in contact with ice. I found putting good weight on the forefoot made the outsole stick. Remains to be seen what they feel like at run speeds where pressure is more momentary but I think this outsole is a huge advance in spike-less winter traction. 
Saucony Razor Ice +
The upper is a completely seam free weatherproof ripstop. In production the zipper will move from the side to the center, a better location less susceptible to catching on rocks and branches. The Razor has quick lace pull system with a garage for the excess cord. Given the construction conventional lacing would not be practical. The lacing system and upper is very similar to a nordic ski boot. The inner bootie is an ISO Fit bootie, similar to the Peregrine or Zealot. The midsole is the same as on the Peregrine 6 and includes an Everun TPU heel insert. Under the sockliner, as in the Peregrine, we find an Everun TPU layer, a feature spreading to many Saucony shoes in 2016 and likely very effective in this cold weather shoe as TPU firmness change is less susceptible to temperatures.

Saucony Razor Ice +

The Razor flexed very nicely and should run the same as the Peregrine. 4mm drop. 11.6oz/329grams men's 9. The Razor Ice+ will launch September 2016. $180.

Ride 9
Saucony Ride 9
The Ride 9 gets a far sleeker upper with fewer layers and less stitching, a longer SRC crash pad extending into the mid foot, an Everun TPU sheet below the sockliner, and the very effective Tri-Flex outsole I like so much in the Triumph ISO 2.  0.1oz lighter than the Ride 8 it weighs 9.3 oz/264grams men's 9. 8mm drop. $120. Available May 2016.
Saucony Ride 9
Saucony Ride 9

Omni 15
Saucony Omni 15
The stability Omni 15 gets the Everun layer under the sockliner, a no seam Flex Film upper, and the Tri-Flex outsole.10.8oz(306 grams) so somewhat heavier than the 14 which came in at 10.3oz. 8 mm drop, 27mm/19mm stack. $130.  Available June 2016.
Saucony Omni 15

Zealot ISO2 
Saucony Zealot ISO 2
The Zealot gets the softer ISO Fit bands of the Triumph, a Tri-Flex outsole, the now familiar Everun layer under the sock liner and a Flex Film upper. I found the original Zealot ISO stiff and quite firm under the mid foot and heel. The new outsole and Everun should help improve the shoe for me as it did for the Triumph ISO 2, my daily trainer of the year, when compared to the original Triumph. Snazzy looking shoe! Zealot ISO 2 has a 4mm drop. $130. On sale June 2016. 

Saucony Zealot ISO 2

Saucony Zealot ISO 2

Swerve and Valor
A pair of new models, Valor with some stability elements, including a medial post, and the Swerve a neutral shoe. Flex Film upper and Tri-Flex chevron outsoles but no Everun. 29mm heel/ 21 mm forefoot stack, 8mm drop. Both $110, quite a lot of shoe for the price. Both 9.4oz/266grams. On sale July 2016. 

Saucony Swerve(back)  and Valor (front)

Saucony Swerve and Valor 

Saucony Swerve (left) and Valor (right)

Xodus ISO
Saucony Xodus ISO
Saucony's beefy trail runner gets a major redo and slims down in weight by an ounce. A Power Trac outsole replaces the previous Vibram outsole. The heel base is narrowed for more agility.  The rock plate is removed. There is plenty of outsole and midsole to provide protection without it in our opinion. The upper includes a trail specific macro mesh and trail specific ISO Fit bands. Everun TPU top sole under the sock liner. Also available in a Gore-Tex version. Coming it at very light 10.3oz/292 grams. 4mm drop, 24.5mm/20.5mm forefoot stack. $130. Available June 2016
Saucony Xodus ISO outsole
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Jeff Valliere said...

Wow, that Razor Ice + looks amazing! It seems hard to believe that rubber compound alone can maintain traction on sloped ice and I would be very interested to see how it holds on real world sloped trail ice, outside of a controlled setting. The way some of the local trails have been morphing into sheets of hard water ice, it just seems incomprehensible to me that it could really help without having carbide studs or sharpened points (even those have been only moderately effective lately).

I have the Razor 2.0 with eVent, still one of my go to Winter trail shoes after ~4 years and many other shoes vying for Winter supremacy.

Dan said...

Are shoe manufacturers already running out of names. Does Saucony not remember the (short lived) Hoka One One Valor?

Unknown said...

Wondering why they release Swerve when they already have the RIde

Clerk2 said...

The head of design at Saucony must have a set of molds that are only B width...I am not asking to radically change a last just make a no pointy taper rather make the taper oblique to an average footshape.