Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Asics Hyper Speed 7-A SIGH OF RELIEF

Article by Peter Stuart

A SIGH OF RELIEF—the Asics Hyper Speed 7.

Let me first say that I love the Asics Hyper Speed 6. Love. It may be my favorite shoe ever. I have my Marathon, 10k and Half Marathon PR in the Hyper Speed 6. It’s super light, fast and terrific feeling at any speed. Not super durable, but hey, not super expensive either. I grabbed a pair of newly released Asics Hyper Speed 7’s this week to see if they’re any good—or if I had to scour the internet to stockpile every pair of 6’s available. 
I’m happy to report that my initial reaction to them is that Asics not only kept the magic of the 6’s alive in the 7, but they just may have improved upon it. The feel is nearly identical, there’s a TINY bit more shoe in the Hyper speed 7. It’s gained about 1/2 an ounce, and according to Running Warehouse specs, the drop remains the same at 6mm, but the stack height is 1mm higher in the 7. While I’ve worn the Hyper Speed 6 in full marathons before, I’ve always thought it could use being just a little bit more shoe. the 7 accomplishes this without betraying the nature and vibe of the 6. The upper is very slightly more supportive and the new rubber on the bottom seems to be a little more durable. A great, great update. I’ll be racing in them this weekend and will report back. 

Hyper Speed 7:
Weight: 6.0 oz (size 9)
Stack Height: 22mm (Heel), 16mm (Forefoot)

Hyper Speed 6:
Weight: 5.6 oz (size 9)
Stack Height: 21mm (Heel), 15mm (Forefoot)


Peter Stuart's Running Bio
My running career got off to a slow start…in high school I was told I ran like a race walker and was thus relegated to race walking on the track team. I got back into running about 15 years ago and then into triathlon. Triathlon really rekindled my love for running, so about two years ago I hired a coach and really focused on the half and full marathons.  I broke a bad habit of putting in tons of moderately hard miles (and no easy or hard ones) and after plateauing at 3:25 (with some disastrous marathons in there), this past year I brought my marathon under 3:00 and my half under 1:25. Along the way I’ve developed a bit of a shoe problem.

Hyper Speed 6 & 7 ix available from Running Warehouse: $74.95 for the brand new Hyper Speed 7, $67.95 for Hyper Speed 6,  HERE 
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Anonymous said...

How were they for the race? Are they still better than the previous version? How do they fit compared to the last version?

Peter S. said...

Hey there, thanks for the questions. They raced great! Fit feels exactly the same to me--though a buddy of mine swears they feel a little narrower (i just don't feel it). I'd say I like them every bit as much as the previous version.

Derek May said...

I can't compare to the 6's, but I have also set both half- and full- PRs in these in the past month (3:06 marathon on a hot day). Never once thought about my feet. Past marathons were run in the Mizuno Sayonara and NB 1400, but the lower drop in these really seems to help keep my ground contact a little farther forward.

Regarding fit-- I'm an 11.5 in almost every other shoe (adidas, Brooks, Sketchers, NB, and Newton) but these are very comfortable in 12.

Rob said...

These have been discontinued, I'm 'scouring the internet' for some in my size but I realise I'll have to change sooner or later. Any recommendations? I loved the comfort, weight and value of the Hyper Speed.

Peter S. said...


looks like they have them available and on sale at Running Warehouse


Anonymous said...

Is the 8 coming out soon? Can't find the 7's in my size and the Asics site has them as 'discontinued'.

Peter S. said...

I think they may be gone forever....
have you looked at running warehouse to see if they still have any?


Anonymous said...

yep. no size 10. With what are they replacing it?