Monday, August 24, 2015

Outdoor Retailer Summer 15: Pearl Izumi E:Motion Refined-Road N0v2, N2v3, and M2v3

Pearl Izumi did not announce any totally new shoes at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market but instead introduced  carefully thought out and executed refinements to its E:Motion line for this fall and Spring 2016.
The racer Road N0v2 $100 November, neutral trainer Road N2v3 $120 February 2016, and stability Road M2v3 $125 February 2016 are called out as "New. Weights remain close to current models.
Pearl Izumi E:Motion 2016: left to right N0v2, N2v3, M2v3

These new shoes will share:
  • 3-D Seamless Print Upper Technology. Instead of heat applied and glued overlays, the entire upper is laid flat and screen printed. The technology allows varying thickness overlays from 0.3mm to 1.5mm( thickness of many traditional synthetic overlays), on the same upper with different textures, and eliminates the use of adhesives while reducing waste. Aesthetically the shoes have 360 degree design flow. Pearl Izumi pioneered the seamless upper about 10 years ago and I think continues to lead with beautiful, superbly fitting uppers.
    Pearl Izumi EM Road M2v3
  • A highly reflective tongue mesh as well as heel accents. Very cool as seen using flash photography below with a claimed sight distance under headlights of 800 feet. Pearl Izumi is applying research done years ago in "bio visibility" from shoes to their new clothing to increase night time safety on the road.

Pearl Izumi Road N2v3 Reflective tongue (flash picture)
  • Instead of the usual solid "Strobel board"a fabric soaked in adhesives to connect the upper to itself and midsole while on the foot shape form, and located below the sockliner, Pearl Izumi has lightened the board by making the center mesh, reducing the amount of adhesive and material. The result, according to Pearl Izumi, is not only a more environmentally friendly approach but a softer more flexible, smoother feel under foot. My knock of the E:Motion Road line has been its firmness and stiffness and this should help. The N2v2 improved the ride over the N2v1 but still was on the firm side for me (review here). In addition to the more minimal board the softness of the 6mm heel 1:1 Energy Foam in the N2 and M2 is softened from 52C to 45C. Otherwise the midsole and outsole constructions remains the same as far as firmness and configurations. 
Pearl Izumi Road N Series Mesh Strobel Board
Pearl Izumi: Road N0 v2 front, Road M2v3 pinkmiddle, Road N2v3 rear

Pearl Izumi Road N2 v3 outsoles
Pearl Izumi Road N0v2 front and middle, N2v3 rear

Pearl Izumi E:Motion 2016 Flash photograph of reflective tongues
Other models including all trail E:Motion,the Road N1v2, as well as other E:Motion road shoes now on the market remain unchanged for Spring 2016.

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