Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Outdoor Retailer Summer 15: Catalyst Waterproof iPhone Case, Armpocket Mega i-40 Ultimate Armband

By Dominique Winebaum

Catalyst Case for iPhone 6

When visiting the Catalyst booth at the Outdoor Retailer Market this summer, I was offered a Catalyst Waterproof case for my iPhone 6 in exchange for the case on my phone.  This was definitely a welcome upgrade in terms of protecting my phone and enhancing the range of my activities without having to worry about my phone being damaged by shock or water.  With peace of mind I can carry my phone paddle boarding as splashes from the waves and falling off the board won’t damage it.

The Catalyst case is designed to protect your phone up to 5 meters deep (16.4’)  and for use in water at 2 meters (6.6’)  depth for up to 60 minutes.   When running or hiking in rainy weather, no longer a need to protect my phone in a sealed plastic bag.  I have been able to navigate my phone through the protective screen cover with ease.   Tested according to military standards, its drop impact protection is rated at 2m (6.6’).

The Catalyst is slender with features such as a non-slip rubber covering with rounded sides (like the iphone6) and a rotating crown dial to turn the mute button on and off. It also comes with a handy lanyard, not illustrated.  It is reasonably priced at $69.99 when compared to other waterproof phone cases and is a good investment for protecting your phone.

Beware of losing the rubber cover over the bottom ports. It is removable and can come loose. Also the headphone port while accommodating standard Apple headphones may be too narrow for beefier angled headphone jack to cord connector pieces as we found with our SMS BioSport headphones. An extender may be required.

Other Catalyst cases available for iPhone 4 through iPhone 6 Plus. New waterproof case for Apple Watch available for pre-order. www.catalystlifestyle.com

Armpocket Mega i-40
The ultimate armband phone carrier
I wore the Armpocket on my last three runs; a 6 miles trail run and two 7 miles runs on the flat.  In both instances, the reason for carrying my phone was to track my runs via Strava.  In fact, I joined this community of runners because of the Armpocket, Mega i-40.  Until then, I would never carry my phone on a run, as it was just too cumbersome.  Surprisingly, the Armpocket felt so snug – no bouncing – that I soon forgot I had something strapped around my arm, and this despite the weight of my iphone 6 added to the weight of its protective & waterproof case.

The Mega i-40 is the largest current Armpocket armband and will fit an iPhone 6 Plus in slim case or an iPhone 6 in a protective thicker case, a Mega i-40 Plus for iPhone 6 Plus in protective cases such as Otterbox is also available The type of phone and the type of protective case will determine which Armpocket armband is best for you. As I have an iPhone 6 in a protective case I went with the Mega i-40. The Ultra i-35 will fit the iphone 6 with a slimmer case.

The memory foam sleeve padding made in part of sustainable bamboo materials and the breathable Velcro strap optimize the comfort  of the armband.  Compartments in the Armpocket keep everything in place, with room for keys, ID, credit cards, and even a gel or two.  A double zipper closure comes with a Velcro cover for the zipper pull to ensure easy access and quiet workouts.

The Armpocket comes in a choice of attractive colors : purple, green, and ice blue.  The price of the Mega I-40 Armpocket (for iPhone 6 Plus) is $49.95, which is pricey for an armband, however, well worth it considering the comfort level and durability of the product, as well as total satisfaction for this customer. www.armpocket.com

The Armpocket was provided to Road Trail Run at no cost for review purposes. The opinions herein are entirely are own.

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