Friday, June 21, 2013

Review: Ultraspire Quantum Run Belt-Simple, Effective, Bounce Free Carry Anything Marvel

As more and more of us run with a smartphone, gels, water, keys, etc.. simple ways of toting our gear while running in whatever clothes we chose are needed. I happen to always run with my iPhone to log my miles and performance via Strava. I never look at the phone while I run so I just need a place to tuck it away.  The Patagonia Strider Pro shorts have 2 very effective pockets for that purpose, no bounce. See my review here. Other shorts have either bouncing drop in front pockets, small back pockets, or no pockets at all especially ladies' shorts. I have tried all kinds of belts with mixed results. Most often they loosen on the go, are to big for just the basics, or are overly complex for the purpose.

Ultraspire Quantum Belt-Front: iPhone 5, 2 Salomon SoftFlasks
The folks at Ultraspire have come up with a brilliant way to carry a few things. The Quantum Run Belt. The key innovation is that there is no buckle around the waist.  You just slip them over your feet and up to your waist. Small, Medium and Large sizes available. The belt fits snuggly and comfortably with no bounce possible. You can even tuck an 8 oz or even 16 oz SoftFlask or two between the belt and your body and not notice them at all. That is until you drink something and the flask tends to flop over. I say finish it or hold it in your hand but you can certainly tuck them back into the belt.

Rear: 4 gels, Better than Naked Jacket under compression strap

Ultraspire Quantum-Top View: No clip, iPhone 5, 4 gels, NorthFace Better than Naked Jacket on board

The open mesh material has a bit of stretch and a rear compression strap if need be. The strap is also handy for carrying a jacket such as my all time favorite  NorthFace Better than Naked jacket, reviewed here. At Mt Washington last week I tucked the jacket into the strap and it came in most handy after the finish in the 50 mph plus gusts and 40 F temps!

  • No clip. Slip over the legs. No slip ever. Tuck gels, flasks, etc... between belt and body
  • 1 front pocket: water resistant against the body, stretch mesh to the outside. Great for phone
  • 2 rear pockets: fit 2 gels, backed by a bit of plastic stiffener which I assume helps keep the belt on the hips.
  • rear compression strap, to snug belt and also to carry a super light shell
  • 2 race number clips on the front
  • reflective detailing
  • 3 sizes: Small, Medium, Large

Brilliant in its effective simplicity. Highly recommended race and run belt.

Available from UltraSpire here.

I purchased this item at retail.


Anonymous said...

Great review! Would you say there is still room in the pocket for a larger a Samsung Galaxy S4? Thanks.

Sam Winebaum said...

I have an iPhone 5s with a Tech21 flip case. I also put the phone in a thick baggie, LokSak. There is a tiny bit of stretch. If S4 fit and I have my doubts it would be a very tight fit and really doubt it would fit with any kind of case. Other options and I have moved to these this year the Patagonia Strider Pro Shorts and the Salomon Sense Shorts. Both have nice stretch pockets that may work No bounce at all and they stay up. The Strider Pro might be a better choice as the pocket is on the hip. The Sense has it over the belly and the phone may be a bit uncomfortable there. Both shorts reviewed on my blog.