Wednesday, June 05, 2013

New Research: Running is good for your knees! -Outside Magazine

Very interesting Outside Magazine article reviewing a very large scale study, almost 90,000 runners and walkers over 7 years. The runners had half the risk of osteoarthritis and half the hip replacements when compared to walkers, regardless of mileage.
While risk of osteoarthritis increases with age the cause in runners is usually from other sports (tennis, skiing, soccer, basketball and even from deep knee bends at the gym) really any other sport than running. Running promotes cartilage thickening. Runners also tend to be leaner which obviously helps.

"While all physical activity should theoretically provide some protection for your joints, Williams says he was surprised to find that forms of exercise other than running and walking actually boost your risk of osteoarthritis. In fact, people who were most active in activities other than running were at a 21 percent greater risk for osteoarthritis and 99 percent increased risk for hip replacement compared to those who exercised the least."

So, as my high school track coach used to say: "Don't play games, you'll get hurt. Just run."

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Ned Wirth said...

The problem with good solid research is it can marginalize your life.
When I lay dying, I'll be pissed if my hips aren't worn out, my knees don't creak, my blood sugars and cholesterol readings are not approaching 911 levels and all my charge cards are not at their limits!
CARPE DEIM, we're all gonna die anyways!!!!!
My 10 year younger climbing partner and I quit after getting almost killed 2x one on a class 5 route. 10 years later, he died ignobly in bed, decimated by cancer. Heed the clarion call. Live life, it's special every day!!!!! IMO!
We die regretting what we did NOT do!