Thursday, June 27, 2013

Great Cases for Protecting Your Phone on the Run: Tech21 Impactology featured in New York Times

The New York Times Gadgetwise Blog has an article " The Science of Protecting your Phone" on my favorite iPhone case company Tech2. Tech21, some models available at the Apple Store,  uses a layer of magic polymer D30 which hardens on impact and redirects shock. Models also available for Android, Nokia, etc...The article talks about their bumpers and bumper and back cases. The author has no fear dropping his phone to the floor or rapping it on his desk.
I prefer a case that completely covers the screen and have Tech21's Impact Snap with Cover for iPhone 5. As I clock my runs with Strava I always have the phone with me.

Very slim, not much thicker than the phone itself, very classy, and super protective.

The cover is leather with the D30 sandwiched between the leather outside and a soft inner layer. A plastic back with D30 strips and raised bumpers surround the phone.  The iPhone 5 case does not seal the ports as a bulkier Otter Commuter case does. The Snap with Cover for iPhone 4S is actually better as the cover wraps top to bottom with a magnet and not only protects ports somewhat and when open does not have a tendency to block the rear mic as the iPhone 5 model does.

To be sure so as to block moisture,  I always stick my phone in a baggie when I run.

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