Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Update Review: Got my Hoka One One Bondi-B up to speed today

Wasn't sure I could run the Hoka Hoka Bondi-B at tempo pace.  I can and they are still on my list for Boston with the New Balance 890.

2 reasons I haven't been able to tempo the Bondi: the weather has been miserable here in NH the last couple of weeks, and it takes about 40 miles to break the forefoot in and get good flex.

Well, they now flex and they fly. I ran 4 x 6 minute tempo/speed intervals in a total 53 minute workout and they felt great. Mostly sub 7 minute pace which for me is what I expect for such intervals in light performance trainers and racers such as my Kinvaras, New Balance 890 or adidas adizero Rockets. Not the snappy responsive feel of these 3 but the incredible shock absorption of the Hokas is a big plus as I think of the hills at Boston. Next big test a longer run (10-13 miles)  at near marathon pace to see if I can hold a 8:15 pace comfortably.

Link here to my other posts about the Bondi-B and Hoka One One


Lasiv said...

Sam - enjoy your reviews. I'm currently running in the Kinvaras and looking at the Rockets. Curious what your comparison would be of the two. Do you find the funky overlay above the toes on the Rocket bothersome? Maybe I'll try the Hokas one day...

Sam Winebaum said...

Thanks Lasiv-I enjoy my running and,,,talking writing about the gear which helps me along the way. See my comments about the Kinvaras and Rockets at this post:http://samwinebaum.blogspot.com/2011/03/analysis-of-my-boston-marathon-shoe.html
I really like the Rockets for shorter faster work although I have run as far as 13 miles in them. They have the most responsive fastest feel of any of current shoes but for me they are not an everyday trainer or my marathon race shoe, leaning to the Bondi B or my brand new New Balance 890 for Boston. The adiprene foam really does have a great balance of snappy response with adequate cushion . I have a relatively narrow foot and Rockets are very hard to put on, have to loosen the laces all the way, might be low volume over the top of the foot. The overlay feels a bit strange but doesn't seem to bother me once underway or feel overly narrow, might be somehow functional to help mitigate overall narrowness? Not sure. There ie is no question Rockets are narrow form fitting shoes overall. For some I might worry about blisters in forefoot area near the overlay depending on how wide your foot is. Hope this helps. Thanks for reading my blog.