Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hoka One One Mafate Trail Running Shoes by the Numbers

My Hoka One One Mafate at End of Tour du Mont Blanc. Ran another 200 miles of roads and trails on them.
I found this video from Hoka One One on You Tube. As the narrator is a little hard to understand  I have tried to summarize some of the statistics he presented. The shoe described is the Hoka One One Mafate , their trail runner.

The new Hoka One One Bondi-B is similar except not as high off the ground, lighter, "firmer", and with a road sole. I have run in both models and find them truly amazing for long runs and recovery. Recently I have been able to run faster tempo in my Bondi-B and will most likely  "absorb" the hills and miles of April's Boston Marathon in them.

Mafate Trail Runner. Here is what Hoka One One claims:

  1. 40 mm midsole height. Elsewhere I have seen approximately 4mm heel to forefoot drop so this is a natural foot position shoe.
  2. 50% of the sole length is rocker shaped leading to a fluid stride claiming to lessen knee movement 20%. They climb well if differently than conventional shoes. The wide outer sole grips well.
  3. 15% lighter than reference trail running shoes at a bit less than 11 oz. 
  4. EVA midsole is 50%? softer than reference allowing 20mm of deflection on downhills absorbing 80% of shock. Very true in my experience. Wide outer sole and cradle for foot into midsole allow great stability . They are incredible on downhills.

Bondi-B Road Runner: 
  1. 20% lighter than Mafates at 8.8oz. 

See my other posts about Hoka One One on the blog.

Boulder Running Company has both models available for online sales.

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