Wednesday, July 01, 2015

New York Times Well Blog: Older Athletes have a Strikingly Young Fitness Age

Using the scientifically developed Norwegian Fitness Age Calculator a new study described in the New York Times Well Blog asked participants in the Senior Games to calculate their fitness age.  Questions include days of exercise per week, intensity, resting heart rate, height, and weight.
Virtually all Senior Games participants, 4200 of them, complied. Clearly this would be a gang that wanted to brag they were fit!
Their average chronological age was 68, their fitness age 43! These athletes are not pros, many taking up what one could say is a very active fitness oriented lifestyle later in life, but it is clear they train for their events and are not just taking a walk around the block or causal bike rides.
I am 58 and my fitness age is 36.
What is your Fitness Age? Try it at the link above.

Link to the New York Times article.

Thursday, June 04, 2015

Garmin Vivoactive Review and Thoughts-GPS Run Watch Meets Everyday Smarter Watch

The Vivoactive $250 is Garmin's strong answer to the Apple Watch. By not including a GPS in their initial watch, Apple left a small door open for competitors focused on harder core running and cycling. Why they didn't include GPS I am not sure and we  surely will not be surprised in the future by add on GPS battery bands, increased accuracy of synchronized pedometer function to GPS, the Apple Watch.

I had an Apple Watch on order but cancelled it as I could not wait. My trusty Magellan Echo, a dumb watch with 5 month battery life displaying and controlling my iPhone iSmoothRun app drowned at the Boston Marathon, literally, in all the rain and the screen went dead a few days later.

I have now run with the Vivoactive for 2 weeks and am very pleased.  It has not come off my wrist except for a charge every 3 or 4 days.

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Review-adidas Adizero XT Boost Trail Shoe-Superb Upper. Agile and Stable with Great Traction. Suitable for any Terrain, including road.

The Adizero XT Boost is a superbly agile and versatile shoe equally adept on trails, mud, or road. The XT Boost is a 9.75oz/276 gram trail runner with a beefy 4mm lugged Continental rubber Race King outsole and a Boost layer only under the ball of the foot, the rest of the midsole being a road racer firm but responsive EVA. 10.55 mm drop. $140 MSRP. On sale July 2015.
adizero XT Boost

adizero XT Boost. Boost material is only under the forefoot back of the toes. Heavily lugged Continental Race Rubber outsole

Thursday, May 28, 2015

First Run Impressions Pre Review: Hoka One One Clifton 2, With Some Comparisons to Clifton 1

Have run 45 miles in the upcoming Clifton 2 over the last few weeks. The Nike Lunar Tempo may have a big contender for my shoe of the year.  Outstanding update that transforms essentially the same platform from a somewhat mushy unstable ride to a well locked down ride, even snappy ride on Hoka clouds!
Clifton 2 Lime, Clifton 1 Lemon

Clifton 2 Lime, Clifton 1 Lemon

0.5 oz heavier than Clifton 1 buys a lot of improvement.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

25K Trail Race Disaster: Effect of Seasonal Allergies on Running Performance

This Sunday I ran the Pineland Maine Trail Festival 25K on a beautiful course through woods and fields on wide smooth trails magnificently laid out for nordic ski racing, hilly ups and downs!
Last year I ran at a solid 8:46 pace on a damp and humid day after rain overnight. Last Sunday I ran 24 minutes slower on a hot, dry day. I started at the same pace as last year, had equivalent training but after a bit more than an hour started slowing down dramatically.
Still doing OK here...
While I had plenty of energy my legs just stopped wanting to move.
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