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Summer 2022 adidas Terrex Agravic Pro Apparel Round Up Review

Article by Renee Krusemark and Jeff Valliere

Renee and Jeff review the Terrex Agravic Pro Wind Jacket while Renee reviews the jacket and the Agravic Pro Top and Agravic Pro Skort

Terrex Agravic Windweave Pro Wind Jacket ($160)

Renee:  If you often run in windy conditions, the Terrex Agravic Windweave Pro Wind Jacket is probably worth its $160 price tag. I think it’s a useful piece of gear for late winter through early summer and then again from fall until winter when temperatures are well below freezing. 

Fit and Performance: 

Renee:  In early spring, many of my runs are in wind gusts of 35-50 mph, with most days steady at 20-25 mph. The Windweave Pro is comfortable over a base layer in high teen temps ℉ to above freezing temperatures. I don’t have any wind break on my normal country road/field runs and the wind makes feel-like temperatures 10 to 15 degrees colder. 

The Windweave Pro has no insulation and it is air/thin, but it does cut out the wind. The hood is tight (but comfortably) fitting around my face thanks to the elastic. Unlike many hooded jackets, the hood fits up and over my hair when I run with my hair in a high bun. Even when I unzip the jacket a few inches so I can breathe, the hood does not fall down, and I had one day of running into 50mph gusts. 

According to adidas, Windweave Pro 50% lighter than the standard Windweave. The jacket is so light it’s unnoticeable and it’s easy to carry in most pockets. There are no air holes, so it will become hot after some time, but it’s so light that I can’t think of any other jacket that cuts the wind and rain out as well as this jacket.  For sizing, I wore a size small. For my size/height, I have a longer torso, and the length is perfect (it’s not a women’s specific “short” cut). The volume and arm length are enough to wear base layers underneath. Using the adidas sizing guide was accurate for me.

Jeff V:  Conditions have been perfect this Spring for testing the adidas Agravic Windweave Pro Wind Jacket mainly because it has been exceptionally windy, one of the windiest springs on record in Colorado. 

Renee has gone over the main details well, but the Windweave Pro is a pull over hooded jacket made of adidas’s non dyed, recycled fabric Windweave fabric that utilizes two different fabrics and body mapped design that enhances durability and breathability in key areas.  

Perfect for an added wind barrier over base/mid layers on those chilly, early morning runs, or just to add a bit of warmth starting off, the WW Pro weighs just 73 grams / 2.6 ounces and mashes up small enough to easily fit into a small running shorts pocket or run vest pocket (just about any pocket), so it is really easy to bring along with hardly any penalty.  I find that for the minimal design, it provides a remarkable amount of wind protection and warmth and I appreciate the perfect fit and effective hood (especially given there is no drawstring).  

I found performance in the rain to be sub optimal, but it does deflect passing sprinkles and does well enough when it is snowing lightly or when the snow is dry. 

 I am wearing my normal size medium and find it to be roomy and could likely get away with a small if I wanted a precise fit, but I like having that room for layering and such.  I would have preferred if it had a full zip, but keeping the weight down is the name of the game here, so that’s OK.  

Looks and styling has grown on me, as it is a bit transparent and took a little getting used to.  One added bonus, one that I have never experienced in any jacket is that I do not even have to roll up my sleeve to read my GPS watch!  

The watch...the amazingly bright and any light legible Garmin Epix (Gen 2)

Breathability is less than ideal. I have found that during high output activity, it tends to soak out from the inside, but it does dry quickly and maintains effectiveness as keeping the wind out and body heat in.  Being so thin it is literally transparent, I have worried about durability and have had a few minor snags where I was certain it would have ripped, but it surprisingly held up on those occasions.  Despite not having an elastic cinch for the hood or hem, I find that it all stays put well and does not ride up in windy conditions.  You can also pack the Windweave Pro into its own little internal pocket, good for travel and such, but I find it easier to just mash it up and jam it into a shorts or vest pocket.

Women’s Agravic Pro Top ($60)

The Agravic Pro Top is currently (5/19/22) on sale at for $48 instead of $60, which I think is a relatively good price. The top is super lightweight and breathable with mesh panels that allow for good air movement, even  when wearing a hydration vest. 

Fit and performance: The front is longer than the back for easy access to back pocket storage pockets on whatever bottoms (seen below with the Pro Skirt).

The fit is “regular” although the cut/length is very women’s specific. I wore a size small, and the volume is loose, but the length is a bit short. That’s the style and for breathability.


I haven’t had hot weather conditions this spring yet, but the material and fit should work great in  humid, high summer temps. I think it’s a good purchase for ultra trail runners during humid weather while wearing a vest. I suggest true-to-size, just know the length is meant to be shorter (women’s specific cut) and the volume is loose. For tops, I can wear a women’s medium at times (for length) but usually wear a small. I wore a women’s size small in the Pro Top. 

Agravic Pro Skort ($80)

The Agravic Pro Skort is my first running skort, and I must say it’s very freeing. The tights are very comfortable and the mesh sides have great breathability and stretch. I have the Core Agravic Trail Pro Shorts too and I wore them for a road half marathon race last year and a 30 mile trail race in the fall because I love the pocket storage. 

Fit and performance: The Pro Skort has mesh pockets along the waist with a zipper pocket in the back. The tights on the skirt are much more comfortable and have more stretch as compared to Terrex Pro Shorts. The skirt itself has a lot of volume, which is great for mobility. At times, the volume/material felt like too much, but that’s not noticeable on trails when the inclines and declines are constant. I wouldn’t wear it for road running for that reason. That said if you have big climber thighs and legs, the skirt is worth checking out for the road as well as trail. I wore a women’s size small. Sizing is true to size, just with a caution that the skirt material is voluminous. If you have a wide bottom half and killer mountain thighs, you’ll have good coverage. 

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