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Craft Sportswear Summer 2021 Men's Pro Hypervent Run Collection Multi Tester Review

 Article by Jeremy Marie, Alex Filitt, Canice Harte, Jeff Valliere, Nils Scharff, John Tribbia and Sam Winebaum

Craft PRO Hypervent (and CTM) Apparel Collection


Sam: Long a leader in nordic ski apparel and base layers, Craft as have other Northern European brands has recently dramatically upped their game in summer training gear in both performance and style with “hyper light” fabrics with moisture and heat dissipating technology and more friendly fits. After all nordic skiers do the bulk of their base training in summer’s heat! We set out to test their new Pro Hypervent, shirts, shorts, and weather gear in the US, Germany, and France. Read on to see what our fussy testers who pay as much attention to their run shoes as apparel found out.

Style and Fit

Sam: The Hypervent Tee is made of a super light, stretchy, soft, and vented mesh. An unusual combination as usually mesh is not stretchy and often not that soft, and stretchy tops  tend to be slicker, snugger and less vented. I was sent a large instead of my medium and the fit is long and loose, something I like in a hot weather top. 

A bit too long though and I would go medium,  my true to size. 

My blue is cheery and fun but I would prefer the beige and light brown Jeremy got as it is super classy and subtle as there are plenty of bright colored run shirts but few this subtle and rich looking . 

The detailing of the top stands out with body mapped venting zones of different mesh, taped seams in all key places and thin dark reflective details for safety and to break up the blue just right.

Alex: That blue colorway! With my tastes I would have picked the black but I do not regret that Craft kindly sent me the blue one. It’s a lively light blue colorway but not flashy either. I am probably too used to wearing t-shirts from race packages - and there is nothing wrong with that of course but those t-shirts are not always top-notch quality - because my first reaction to this piece of apparel was “wow this is next level material here”. 

And indeed the material is lightweight, really soft and pleasant against the skin. My size S fits perfectly: length, width, shoulders, sleeves...everything is spot on. 

Jeremy: The beige and light brown colorway is so nice. It does not look at all like a sport’s tee, and I must admit that I like that.

The style is simple, smart-looking and distinctive.

Size-wise, I’ve stuck to Craft’s guide, and chose a L for my 104cm chest..and the tee fits large. 

I usually choose M for other brands (Compressport non-compression shirts, Salomon, On). 

But actually, I find that the slightly large fit is very nice considering the looks of the tee.

If I had to buy another Hypervent Tee, I'd probably choose a size M.

It is my understanding that the dark highlights at the shoulders and back are reflective 

Canice: I typically fit a men’s medium from most every brand. The exception being European brands which can vary from style to style and tend to have tight fit. I am happy to report my Craft PRO Hypervent SS Tee in size medium fit true to size and I find it incredibly comfortable.

Canice: Style of course is subjective so take this with a grain of salt, but I found the shirt to have a clean and simple look that is actually loaded with rich design features. Of note there is no reflectivity on this shirt.

Jeff V:  Style of course is subjective, but I like the distinctively unique Craft look overall and the PRO Hypervent SS Tee in the blue colorway stands out.  It is sleek and modern looking, without being overly flashy.  While I generally lean towards dark colors (mostly black) in the winter and light colors (mostly white) in the summer, in the spring, perhaps out of pure joy of warmer temps and melted out trails, I love busting out my more colorful shirts and this one falls into that Spring excitement rotation.  Bonus points here for getting the thumbs up from my wife and twin 10 year old daughters, who are not shy about calling me out on questionable run or cycling kits.

Jeff V:  I too find fit to be spot on, with my normal size medium fitting me perfectly.  Fit is athletic, but not tight fitting or clingy, with just enough drape to feel airy and relaxed.


Sam: Performance is outstanding. I am very fussy about summer running shirts and prefer a non clinging, well ventilated, cooling, roomy and soft feel, and strong stink resistance.  The Hypervent has all of the foregoing!

I was able to test during our first warmer days of late spring with the temperature around 80 F / 26F with moderate humidity and I was comfortable at all times. Air flow through the thin fabric on some breezy days and roomy fit clearly had an evaporative cooling effect  I never experienced any clinging sticky feel even when the tee was saturated with sweat. I wore the top for four runs of about an hour each until I felt a need to wash it, so stink resistance, at least when new, is strong.

Alex: My recent runs were all performed inside on a treadmill - with no fan! - and therefore I feel like I can really discuss the breathability, ventilation, sweat evacuation and all those sorts of things that I would have struggled to assess in cold rainy Brussels otherwise. And the Hypervent tee is really well named. I purposefully changed t-shirts last week across the various treadmill sessions and the Craft performed the best out of the three of four I wore. And by quite a significant margin! As one can easily imagine, it did not prevent me from sweating heavily but the tee did not stick to the skin and there was some air going in and out of it despite the lack of relative wind. Also it dried remarkably well after my session. Most of the time in summer time I’m opting for singlets but this tee may be the exception to that rule. 

Canice: The PRO Hypervent SS Tee has a micro-mesh body and larger open mesh shoulders. I found the material to be soft and comfortable and quick drying. Essentially this shirt does everything I hoped it would do and it did it exceptionally well.

Jeff V:  Performance here is top notch.  I have run in the PRO Hypervent SS Tee in temps ranging from the low to mid 50’s, up to temps in the 70’s and it performed very well, providing excellent breathability, dries fast and wicks sweat very well and has a free range of motion, providing a barely there feel.  While I have not used this Tee in temps higher than the 70 degree range, I have no doubt that it will easily slot into my mid summer 90’s white/light colored shirt rotation, as the blue is lighter in hue and the material is so thin and breathable.  I have not noticed any stink from this shirt either after long sweaty runs as can occur with certain shirts which is a plus.  I could probably get 2 two or 3 runs in between washes if hung to dry properly in between.

Jeremy: The fabric is very light and really soft to the skin. There are two distinct materials: the tee is mainly made of micro-mesh material and the top back and shoulder seems to have larger openings in order to evacuate heat and moisture more efficiently.

I’ve used it in mild-cold temperatures, from 8°C to 15°C and I’ve been impressed with its performance. It has a barely there feel as it is light and does not stick to the skin given the great moisture wicking abilities. 

I’ve been caught under the downpour (two times!) wearing only this shirt, and despite being completely soaked up and given the fall in temperatures (I’ve ended a run with blu-ish fingers) the shirt did not felt uncomfortable against the skin, giving me no chills nor a freezy feeling.

Like Jeff, I’ve tested its “odour-free capacity” and I’ve been impressed. I’ve been able to use it three times without any smell-related issues (and my daughters are quite hard on this!).


Sam: Yes $60 for a tee but top technical tops are now in that range. This is a top notch, high performing and stylish run shirt. Reminding me of older adidas ClimaChill with their cooling tech, the Hypervent is far lighter and more ventilated without the cling of those earlier “high tech” tees.

As I tend to sweat a lot and our New England summer combines lots of sun and humidity and my other summer run place at high altitude in Park City, UT lots of sun and dry conditions, the coverage and easy fitting float off the body fit, ventilation, and moisture management is ideal for both environments.

Alex: Marketed as a PRO piece of the newest apparel collection from Craft, this t-shirt could very well be in the CTM (“Craft Tailored Motion”) range given how great it is for a “simple” tee. I really like the fit, the softness and comfort (weird to say for a t-shirt but the lightweight material, taped seams and other features really make it comfortable) and I would really recommend it despite the slightly high price tag. 

Canice: The PRO Hypervent SS Tee is now in my daily rotation and I look forward to wearing it each time. The big question for me is at $60 is it better than a $35 to $45 running shirt and I have not experienced anything that justifies the high price.

Jeff V:  I would highly recommend the PRO Hypervent SS Tee for anyone looking for a stylish, high quality, light breathable shirt that does not easily get stinky.  Price is the only caveat here, as $59.99 is a lot IMHO for even a technical running tee shirt, but like style, budget is personal.  If you find it in your budget, you will not be disappointed.

Jeremy: It is definitely a piece of kit I can recommend. The PRO Hypervent SS Tee is light, airy, dries quickly, so comfortable to the skin and it can be used to save room in your sports pack for the holidays as it can hold on multiple runs without getting stinky. Its price may be on the high side, but if the durability is on par with the other Craft apparel I own, you’ll keep this piece of kit for many years.

Shop Pro Hypervent Collection for men and women at Craft US HERE

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PRO Hypervent Singlet

Style and fit

Jeremy: this is basically the singlet version of the Hypervent Tee described above. The same construction uses two different mesh, with the more open one in the top part of the tank. 

Just like the tee, it fits a bit large in size L for my taste. It didn’t bother me for the SS tee, but for the singlet I think I may prefer to size down. 

The slightly large fit with the large openings for the arm makes for a too loose construction for my taste. 

Nils: I don’t got the tee, just the singlet. I must say that I would never choose a black singlet if I would have the choice. Singlets are mostly for warm or hot days in my opinion and black or dark colours undermine the cooling effect I desire from a singlet. But besides the colour the Hypervent PRO singlet is a fine piece of clothing. The fit is spot on and true to size in my usual men’s medium. The cut is athletic - not too tight but also not too loose as well.


Jeremy: exactly the same as the Hypervent SS tee… but even lighter and airy, of course.

Unfortunately, due to the low temperatures in France, I’ve only tested it in the turbo trainer while Zwifting.  Not a running test for sure, but those who use this kind of device know how much breathability and moisture wicking capabilities of apparel are pushed to the limit. The singlet ends up quite soaked but that’s because it is effective at evacuating the sweat away from the body. Even with a fan in front of me I did not feel cold at any time, something that’s happened when wearing a lesser quality tee in the same situation. Given it’s probably the worst case scenario for an upper piece of kit, I think this singlet I’ll perform flawlessly this summer. The only point remaining is the black color, which is usually not the smartest color to use under the sun. 

Conclusion: Light, effective as its short-sleeved sibling, the Hypervent PRO singlet is on par with the rest of Craft apparel, especially so as it is in its PRO line which I think is the sweet spot from a performance and cost perspective. 

Nils: As Jeremy already noted the temperatures haven’t been really suitable to push a light performance singlet to its limits. But for the runs I did in it the Hypervent Pro Singlet performed just fine and felt comfy all around. Nothing to complain about here besides maybe a little too much sticking to the skin once it’s wet. I usually prefer a more mesh type material for my singlets which tends not to do that (sticking).

Shop Pro Hypervent Collection for men and women at Craft US HERE

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PRO Hypervent Split Shorts

Style and Fit

Sam: With a 4”  inseam, deep split, and super light fabric the shorts take me back to my youth in the 1970’s and 1980’s where shorts were..short very short as this picture of me racing at Sierre Zinal back then shows. Am I even wearing shorts? Modesty aside short shorts are super comfortable.  

I wasn’t sure at my advanced age I could rock them...or go back to those days.

The outer shell is about the lightest I have ever seen with the brief equally as comfortable and light. The broad single piece, no drawstring elastic waistband has five see through fine lines for a touch more ventilation and give.

They fit just right at my usual medium although they are so light I wondered more than once if I was wearing anything but the length turned out to be fine for me. The almost white cream color isn't the  ideal short color… After testing them I promptly ordered another in black.

Alex: Craft presents the colorway of these shorts as being “white” but the white parts are more light cream which combined with the black sides and top give it a unique look. Not a combo I would have put my money on but it actually works quite well. The material feels super soft and is likely one of the thinnest I’ve seen for shorts. I received a size M which is what I usually wear for shorts (including with my all-time favorite Aeroswift 5” - see side by side picture below) and the fit is good but on the loose side. 

The waist is ok thanks to the elastic waistband but the inner briefs and short overall fit are too loose to my taste.

Canice: I love the fit of the PRO Hypervent Split Shorts. I am traditionally a size medium and that is what I tested here and they fit great. I also realize I have passed the point of wearing split shorts but that’s on me. Craft does make a version with a 2” inseam which looks great. As it relates to the split short, the waistband is incredibly comfortable and the fabric is so light you barely feel it. All around for the PRO Hypervent Split Shorts have a best in class fit. 

Jeff V:  I also received a pair of the PRO Hypervent Split Shorts.  Being a mountain runner and having very long legs for my height, I find a 4” inseam to feel self consciously short and prefer 5” - 7” inseams, even 9”.  Anything less than 4”, I feel like I am showing off way too much thigh and these split shorts are so short, I did not even try them on, but instead ran them over to neighbor/fellow reviewer John Tribbia’s house, as he was more than happy to take them on, as he runs before the sun rises and most people awaken.  My family was quite thankful, as I threatened to use these as my new swim trunks!

John: Like Canice, I love the fit of the PRO Hypervent Split Shorts and they feel incredibly comfortable while running or standing in them. The waistband is not constricting but keeps the short on the hip securely. Most importantly for me, the integrated brief has no seams or leg elastic that creates friction, basically eliminating any threat of severe chafing. 

Jeremy: Wow that’s some minimal shorts! I’ve got the black ones (that goes with...about any tee color!) and they are my first split shorts. Size M fits perfectly, but keep in mind that the fit of those kind of shorts is on the loose side, by design. It is not meant to be “next to skin”. The fabric is light and the elastic waistband holds it well without any tightness. 

I have a caveat on the inner brief which is too loose - like..very too much. The first time I tried them at home, I’ve decided (or...my family has pushed me) not to wear them without a boxer under it..which kinda breaks the idea of the minimal split shorts.

Nils: First things first: My size M fits perfectly and true to size. But as with Jeff, I feel uncomfortable wearing shorts this short with its split. I usually wear 7” or 5”. Additionally I again think the colour is off. I would never buy a white shorts no matter what length. 


Sam: Literally almost like wearing nothing at all. That light and airy. The super light fabrics, short length, and big split give totally free leg movement. No sticking when wet. I was also very pleased I was able to pull off my usual trick of clipping my iPhone 12 in PopPockets x OtterBox case to the waist band with only occasional need to pull them up. The pocket is minimal and really worthless. I would like to see a version with a wider higher waistband with all around mesh pockets as Salomon has in their S/Lab Sense short.  As I said above I have black version on the way. 

Alex: The short is definitely designed for very hot summer days where it will offer a fantastic ventilation and freedom of movement thanks to the split side seams. The fit is a bit too loose for my liking especially for the inner briefs which are a critical part of shorts for me when it comes to performance. I would not race in these for this reason. The lightweight and soft material will however be very welcome for longer runs in the summer, or even longer hikes where the softness and quality of the material will prevent chaffing. The inner pocket is always a welcome feature but the sizing in this case is a bit too small (sufficient for a key but clearly no gels or anything else). 

Canice: l found the PRO Hypervent Split Shorts very comfortable to run in. They’re light, have great freedom of movement and dry quickly. The fabric is soft to touch and there is a mesh panel just below the waistband on the backside. There is a small pocket on the inside of the waistband but it’s so small I’m not sure what you can fit in there that you would want?? My F150 uses a key fob that is too big and my hotel key card was too large for the pocket when I was in Bend recently. It’s not really a big deal but know it does not have much in the way of pockets. But hey, you’re in split shorts so you better be running fast :)

John: There’s little to no restriction of motion in the PRO Hypervent Split Shorts, which means long strides at a fast cadence and stair stepping high knees can move full range without the annoying tug of pants or shorts. The fabric is light and soft, which translates to a happy runner who can go the distance without worry of chafing. More to the point, I took these on a longer almost 2 hour run in warmer temperatures and experienced no chafing hotspots on the waist or inner thigh. 

Jeremy: I really like minimal shorts and Craft delivers! You really feel like you’re running naked, without any restriction of motion and it’s a real joy to feel this freedom. It works remarkably well either on flat roads and on trails where you need to raise your knees. I had no friction even on long runs, and when getting caught in the rain. This is an important detail for me as I’ve experienced some serious chafing with one of my favourite shorts when I ran under the rain for the first time. I had no such issues with the Craft.

I just really miss a bigger pocket on the back...


Sam: After one of the lightest, airiest shorts imaginable then look to the Pro Hypervent. I wish the length was a touch longer to make it a bit more in tune with current short styles, it had better pockets and that my sample had been in “standard” black as creamy white is just not as practical let’s just say... On the hottest days and for short races I will be wearing them. 

Alex: Craft’s PRO split shorts are not part of the top of the line CTM lineup but they definitely could be featured in it with the quality level they offer. The polyester fabric is so lightweight and soft but unfortunately the fit was not of the best for my preferences. The ventilation is top notch though and runners living in hot areas may have a winner for their 2021 summer apparel with this piece of equipment. Coming at around €45 the shorts are also reasonably priced compared to other brands similar shorts. 

Canice: l found the PRO Hypervent Split Shorts to be very comfortable and a joy to run in. The big ding is the price $55. I tend to see high performance split shorts around $40  yet Nike Aeroswift are even more, so the question then becomes is it worth the additional cost? Maybe, but that’s a personal call. For my part I don't see it.

John: The PRO Hypervent Split Shorts have a great fit, are very comfortable, and are high quality. They are great for training and racing, given I experienced no chafing and they allow for a high range of motion. My main concern with the Hypervent shorts is the color, because a white short after getting wet is definitely not concealing and can potentially haunt any runner who uses them in a hot+humid race and then sees the race photos of themselves that were taken along the course. 

Jeremy: This is my kind of apparel. Light, simple, effective, comfortable. I’d have just liked to get a more fitted brief inside in order to avoid usage of a boxer, but perhaps that’s just me. The price might seem steep, but it’s on par with the brands that offer minimal shorts. I usually wear a Salomon S/Lab outer short (with the associated boxer) and that combo is far more expensive for something not really lighter.

Shop Pro Hypervent Collection for men and women at Craft US HERE

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Shop Pro Hypervent Collection for men and women at Running Warehouse US HERE

CTM Distance Jacket ($130)

Style and Fit

Alex: I was familiar with Craft’s quality in cycling gear and apparel and receiving the CTM “Craft Tailored Motion” jacket was the perfect opportunity to see how Craft transposed their expertise to top notch running apparel. First out of the package the jacket feels really lightweight, and the polyamide material is very slippery, almost silky. I’m a huge fan of the full black colorway, with the polyamide adding a matte looking finish to it. Craft’s logo and the CTM branding details are in a grey color and the grey+black combo looks phenomenal. Craft did not forget about runners’ safety and included some nice reflective details on the back which again are very nicely integrated in the jacket design. 

The size S that I received fits like a glove - more on the snug side of things but offering a fit experience that I really appreciate: enough freedom of movement without any useless material. The length is really spot on, maybe a tad short but frankly it’s really close to perfection! I certainly would not wear anything else than a mere t-shirt or singlet underneath but that’s also not the intended purpose of the jacket.


Alex: My attention was drawn to two specific details on this jacket. First, the very nicely designed and integrated gripper tape at the bottom of the jacket. Those grippers can easily be too grippy, too thick or not effective at all but Craft managed to create a very thin tape with tons of little silicon/gum (not sure about the material here) dots providing with the perfect not-overgrippy sensation.

Secondly, for a heavy sweater like me breathability is key and I immediately noticed the laser-cut perforations on the back and at the top of the sleeves. Especially for a snug fitted jacket like this one, those details are super important. 

Outside testing conditions in rainy Brussels were perfect to demonstrate the water resistance of the polyamide material. Runners will remain dry under light spring rain but they should not expect this jacket to be as resistant as more dedicated materials for heavier showers. Breathability is more than fine for a snug fitted jacket like this one (especially given the price). The Schmerber breathablilty/ water resistance scores are not available but are likely low to mid range.


Alex: I am very pleased with this jacket and can see myself warming up before track sessions in it before putting it aside for the main sets. Craft top notch quality and attention to details are combined with an excellent fit at a decent price. Very good job Craft but not a major surprise for me as this is the type of quality/performance level I was expecting from them. 

PRO Hypervent LS Wind Top ($90)

Style and Fit:

Jeff V:  The PRO Hypervent LS Wind Top is a pro grade long sleeve top made from stretch polyester ripstop in front, with soft polyester breathable material at the back/undersleeve intended to protect against wind, yet still remain breathable.  Style, at least the look in my provided Whisper color (slightly off white, but essentially white), took a little getting used to, but it grew on me over time.  It is see-through when dry and very see-through when wet, so unless you are the proud shirtless type, I would highly recommend wearing a tee underneath, which I found to be a bit more comfortable, as well helping maintain a bit of modesty.

Jeff V:  Fit is true to size, though on the athletic end of the spectrum without feeling snug or clingy.  Arm length is perfect for what I would expect out of a size medium and wrist cuffs are stretchy, which for my small wrists is only helpful when running my hand through when putting on the shirt.


Jeff V:  I find performance to be very good in dry conditions, as the Wind Top breathes well and has wind cutting abilities that fall in between a normal long sleeve shirt and a windbreaker, so should be considered a real niche addition to your running wardrobe.  Fit and freedom of movement are excellent.  However when wet, I found this shirt to be really clingy and “soppy”, meaning slow to dry and it  just didn’t seem to sit well or feel good.  

The single zippered pocket is quite handy, located right front just above the hem is generous in size, easily fitting my iPhone 11 in case (though not secure enough for running, but good for post run errands).  Of course anything from car keys, to gels or light weight essentials can easily secure here.  My only complaint is that the single pocket makes it feel off center and imbalance and I would much prefer to have a 2nd matching pocket on the left side as well for more storage and to achieve that balance (even if only for mental perception).


Jeff V:  I have run in the Wind Top on some very wet days, as well as sunny and dry days and moving forward, will only use this shirt on days where it is cool and dry and I just need a little something and perhaps a summer above treeline shirt when it is not too cold, but want that slight wind/cool buffer.  

The Wind Top, particularly in this Whisper (white) colorway, will also do well as a sun protective layer.  At $90, again, is on the high end of the price spectrum and I may lean toward recommending a light wind shell with a bit more protection, perhaps with a hood, but if you are looking for something exactly in the middle between a shirt and a windbreaker, this is a nice option.

Shop Pro Hypervent Collection for men and women at Craft US HERE

25% Off Full Price Items Starts 5/26! Code: BBQ25. + Free shipping over $100! craftsports.us

Shop Pro Hypervent Collection for men and women at Running Warehouse US HERE

Pro Hypervent Jacket ($125)

Style and fit

Sam:   I will chime in soon but as soon as I received the jacket spring cool weather went away and we are in the heat of late spring with no rain in the forecast. I have included a few of my pictures within Jeremy’s text. I will say the fabric is soft, shiny and translucent speaking to some water and strong wind resistance. The rear venting should allow it to breathe some. I was sent a large instead of my usual medium and much as with the Hypervent tee the fit is roomy and long, something I prefer for running. I do think my usual medium would have been a bit better fit. I will note that at $125 it is a very good value for a high performance well detailed run jacket with great style

Jeremy: As part of the PRO line of Craft outfit, the Hypervent jacket is an effective full-zipped windstopper/water repellent piece with a focus on breathability.

Style-wise, I like the very bright beige color with light brown touches. It can easily be worn after a run if you need to hang around the city a little bit. It can be the perfect piece of kit to use during those early morning runs that ends up with a bakery stop to bring your loved ones their breakfast...french baguette and croissant of course!

I got a size L and as for the tee, it’s a little bit loose...And as for the tee, this doesn’t bother me at all. Actually, my other windstopper light jacket (Salomon S/Lab Light that is...many years old now) is a little bit large too, but I like it. It’s served me well during long runs where your backpack can fit under this layer.

Made from a very light and soft ripstop fabric, the Pro Hypervent jacket is packed with features focusing on breathability. First, the fabric itself breathes quite well, letting moisture go away.

Then there are two zip openings on the front of the shoulders to maximize ventilation. 

The back of the jacket has a large vent, just where the beige fabric meets the light brown one. The vents on the back ensure that the hot, moist air coming from the body while exercising has an “exit door”.

It is lined with essentially an almost singlet like layer of very very soft light mesh to absorb and evaporate moisture and keep the jacket from sticking to the back. 

There’s a large pocket on the front right side, that allows you to pack the jacket in when it’s becomes useless during a run. 

A stretchy piece of fabric inside this pocket can be used to put the jacket around the waist  once packed.

Finally, a stretch cord around the neck can be used to minimize or maximize the amount of air entrance there, but It is not really easy to use efficiently, nor really nice in fit once tightened.


Jeremy: A light windstopper  jacket is a must-have in any runner’s wardrobe, and the Hypervent jacket can easily fill the bill.

It’s effective against the wind and light rain, the fit is quite loose but it makes it easy to put on and off while running (that’s easily 10 seconds win during an ultra-trail!) and it can adapt to many weather variations. Save for heavy rain, this kind of jacket is what I use the most during autumn/winter months.

The Hypervent jacket delivers on its promise as a super light, breathable windstopper piece of kit and one cannot really fault its performance for this aspect.

The only technical aspect that I still don’t really figure out is the cord around the neck for which I cannot see a real-world effective usage, and the stretchy piece of fabric to put the jacket around the waist once packed. Usually when I want to put off this kind of jacket, I either stuff it in a short’s pocket, or just unzip 80% of it and make a knot with the sleeves around the waist, allowing for an easy put off/on when facing changing weather conditions.

Shop Pro Hypervent Collection for men and women at Craft US HERE

25% Off Full Price Items Starts 5/26! Code: BBQ25. + Free shipping over $100! craftsports.us

Shop Pro Hypervent Collection for men and women at Running Warehouse US HERE


I can’t really see a real differentiating factor to buy the Hypervent jacket amongst other quality windstopper light jackets, but that does not make it a bad product. It’s an effective jacket, the fabric is soft, there are some nice details to ensure moisture wicking, breathability is very good...and the style in this white/cream/brown color scheme is really nice.

If you’re in the market for this kind of equipment, the Pro Hypervent jacket can be on the short list.

Nils: I’m not getting into as much detail as Jeremy, but I think he covered basically everything to note about this jacket. I’ve tested several windbreakers over the last 1-2 years as I’ve been wear tester for a major brand. That said - none of those came close to my Arcteryx Incendo Hoody - and neither did the Craft Pro Hypervent Jacket. 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fine piece of kit. The fit is great, it’s lightweight and I especially like the adjustable collar. Actually I’m going to use the Jacket going forward mainly for biking, because this collar is really handy. Besides that all my other jackets have hoods which are kind of distracting on a bike. But as Jeremy said, there’s not really a standout feature for me. And while Jeremy likes the gentle color,  I like my running kit to be more colourful and radiant.

Tested samples were provided at no charge for review purposes. No other compensation was received by RTR or the authors for this review beyond potential commissions from the shopping links in the article. The opinions herein are entirely the authors'.

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