Saturday, May 02, 2020

Nike Zoom Pegasus 37 Initial Video Review and Shoe Details

Article by Sam Winebaum

Nike Zoom Pegasus 37 ($120)

Update: Read our full multi tester review HERE

The 37th edition of the Pegasus sees the most significant changes in years with a new React foam lmidsole and a front only 10mm thick Zoom Air bag, the prior edition having a full length 4mm thick Zoom Air unit

The articulated Zoom Air unit is tuned based on gender preferences with 20 psi for the men's and 15 psi for the women as testing showed women preferred a slightly softer more flexible front cushion.
Overall the Pegasus gains 2mm of stack height with its weight going from 8.9 oz / 252g to 9.73 oz / 276g for a men's US9 (confirmed by size 9 sample). Available now including in wide.

I detail the shoe's features and share my first run impressions review in the video below (8:00)

Video correction: Joan Benoit Samuelson wore a pair of Pegasus in the 2008 Olympic Trials not the 1984 Trials as in video

Michael Ellenberger's First Impressions: Last year, I likened the Nike Zoom Pegasus 36 (RTR Review) not quite to gold, but to "old reliable iron." It was an immensely solid shoe, with a Cushlon ST midsole and full-length Zoom unit, paired with a conservative but well-done upper - and I loved it. The Zoom Pegasus 37 may prove to have the same effect - I need more miles to say that - but I can already tell you that it'll get there by an entirely different approach. 

Nike has reworked the entire midsole here, with React foam replacing the Cushlon ST and the famous Air Zoom units being moved to the midsole only and top-loaded closer to the footbed. Speaking of those Air Zoom units - you may notice those (I certainly have, on my first couple runs), and it remains to be seen whether that's alleviated with a break-in. Even so, the entire cushioning scheme is also markedly bouncier - my first run in these was an unplanned workout, in large part just due to how fun the shoe feels underfoot. That was on the treadmill, and I've only done a shakeout (dog included, watch left behind!) outdoors to get a sense of the outsole, but considering the Pegasus 36 was one of the most durable offerings of 2019, I'm unconcerned. And that upper! Nike has made it lighter, translucent, and more in-line with the Turbo. 

My first test was in a slightly-too-long size 9, but I still felt sufficiently held in place by the upper, excepting maybe the top-end of my workout (around marathon pace) and strides. I don't think many runners will find something to complain about there. It is heavier than the Peg 36, but ultimately I think the 37 shares more DNA with its Turbo cousin than its mother. We'll have to see - I'll try and put at least 50 miles on these before I reach a conclusion - but I can definitively say that what I loved about the 36 last year is no longer here... and yet that may still be a good thing!

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to full review. I have read the stack height is either 32/22 or 31/21 on other websites and on Nike website 24/14. Very confusing.
Many questions:
Is it more cushioned than Nike vomero 14's on forefoot? Would you say the stack height is good for daily trainer? Level of cushioning close to the New Balance 1080, Saucony Triumph, NB propel, Nike epic reacts - similar firmness underfoot? Breathability of upper?. Thanks :)

Vaad said...

The ortholite insole included would add 6mm so 32/22 sounds about right.

Sam Winebaum said...

Hi Anonymous, The stack with sock liner should be 31.5 / 21.5. It is more cushioned for sure in forefoot than Vomero 14. Stack height is good for a daily trainer but the narrower heel platform and front air bag favors faster paces. Cushioning is denser and less bouncy than 1080v10 (but close), less bouncy for sure than Triumph 17 and Propel, It is more supportive for sure than Propel top to bottom. Epic React is far lighter and I find its geometry dull and harder to transition than Peg 37 or the others. Breathability seems fine but not super breathable as it is a fairly dense if thin mesh and there is the arch wrap bootie tongue in the mix
Sam, Editor
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Davis said...

How does it compare to the Pegasus turbo 2?

Anonymous said...

Which is more bouncier and cushier? Pegasus 37 or Novablast?

Jimmy said...

Nike discontinued the Elite 10 which was a solid decently priced trainer and now seem to have released a heavier higher stacked version with the Peg 37. Any idea if they have plans to release something similar to the Elites in the next year? If not I can stock up on Reebok Forevers.

John Keck said...

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