Thursday, February 13, 2020

Daehlie Winter Run Jacket Review: Award Winning, Super Light and Practical with a Touch of Space Grade Insulation

Article by Sam Winebaum

Daehlie Winter Run Jacket ($150)


I run in all kinds of winter weather from damp New England cold to Utah drier conditions. As a nordic skier for many years, and I will be brutally frank, run apparel companies lag nordic ski wear apparel companies in features and functionality for winter conditions and always have.

I have been a big fan of Norway based Daehile Sportswear having tested their AirNet merino wool base layers, wool training pants and run tights. This year I found their Training Wool T-Shirt ideal for just about any conditions from moderate heat to use as a base layer in winter (under the Winter Run) and when conditions required a long sleeve their Training Wool Half Zip merino layer as soft and comfortable as any I have tried. In fact every run in the jacket has had a Dahlie base layer of some kind

Daehlie was founded by Bjorn Daehlie and the attention to the highest performance shows in the founder and everything they make.

From Wikipedia: I
n the years from 1992 to 1999, Dæhlie won the Nordic World Cup six times, finishing second in 1994 and 1998.[1] Dæhlie won a total of 29 medals in the Olympics and World Championships in the period between 1991 and 1999, making Dæhlie the most successful male cross-country skier in history.
During his career, Dæhlie measured a VO2 max of 96 ml/kg/min.[2] Dæhlie's result was achieved out of season, and physiologist Erlend Hem who was responsible for the testing stated that he would not discount the possibility of the skier passing 100 ml/kg/min at his absolute peak.
It was with great interest that Daehlie recently offered me their Winter Run Jacket  Note the emphasis on Run...  It won the prize at the 2019 ISPO Sports Show in the Health and Fitness Running Apparel category

This super breathable jacket features two chest panels of Primaloft Gold with Cross Core technology insulation. Cross Core is a blend of Primaloft fibers and aerogel fibers which is a silica based insulation originally developed by NASA that is 95% air and the lightest solid material ever developed by man. It is highly insulating in very thin layers, wind resistant while also breathable and hydrophobic. The result is said here, when blended with Primaloft, to provide 52% more warmth for the same weight, be highly packable, soft, water resistant and an in a bonus made of 35% recycled content. 

So how does this super light insulation perform in a run jacket?


A thin light layer of Primaloft Cross Core with aerogel just where you need it over the core, the rest of the jacked being highly breathable material with strategic laser cut holes
Fitted but roomy enough for adequate layers
Subtle reflective hits on upper and lower chest, arms, and back
A stout zipper with an easy to find pull
Zipper is a bit hard to engage on initial zip up
Single rear pocket is good for gloves and hat but bounces to much for a phone (which will easily fit)
Mesh cuff is very stout and not particularly stretchy so it not easy to take jacket on or off and especially so over a watch.

One can clearly see the Cross Core chest panels with sun behind as well as the very thin, very windproof and soft fabric of the jacket
When worn, the panels cover the front top of the chest with a snug but non constraining fit as they are thin and the rest of the jacket has great stretch The diagonal accent at upper chest is reflective with two similar shapes but same color as the jacket below the insulated panel. 

The rear has a nice drop tail and a large zippered pocket which is great for gloves and hats. If you tuck a phone in it, and there is plenty of room you will need to tuck the pouch tail into your run pants. I found a phone back there bounced to much.

I have now have many runs in the Winter Run Jacket in both colder and well above freezing (up to 50F /10C)  conditions.  The feel is super soft and light with enough room for layers but is also neither over baggy nor overly tight. The very thin outer fabric is very windproof,

On my run in 50F/ 10C with very strong winds, in places I found that a quick pull up or down on the zipper regulated temperatures very effectively when headed into or out of the wind. All I had under the jacket was the short sleeve Daehlie Summer Training merino T shirt. I also noted no stick to my bare arms from sweat.

In colder conditions, in the low 20's F, with just the Daehlie Merino Training long sleeve base layer I was equally comfortable. I particularly noted a very nicely focused warm feeling over the chest while the rest of jacket ventilating brilliantly

At either situation was I ever chilled or over heated when using the Daehlie combinations!

This high tech jacket was obviously carefully thought out to provide insulation, breathability and wind resistance of the lightest possible variety just where it is needed for high output activities such as running. Elegantly styled, and with a reasonable fit for a "fitted" jacket, it is very soft and light and is a most versatile running companion. 

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