Thursday, December 05, 2019

2020 Introductions from The Running Event!

Article by Sam Winebaum

Hundreds of running focused companies were in Austin Texas for The Running Event.

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Jeremy said...

nothing shown from Adidas? Do you guys had a chance to put a feet in the Adios 5?

Anonymous said...

Ah, Brooks. Just released that Levitate 3 and already the Levitate 4 looks to be such a better shoe. The heel counter and upper design of the 3 is gonna be a real issue and I hope they get the feedback on that before they continue with that design in the 4. The heel on the 3 is really stiff and upper curves inward significantly (and it is not soft where it contacts the skin). Everyone I know who has tried it on agreed that it would destroy the skin on their achilles. It is literally painful for me to walk around in out of the box. I don't know if they were just trying to be different than everyone else who is doing a flared heel, but it's a mess. New Salomon looks good, though it seems they are going heavier with a lot of their shoes. Thanks for the post guys!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam, Love the site!

The video only showed a handful of Brooks models, but any word on their "super shoe" that Des and others have been testing for a while now?

Sam Winebaum said...

There are “super” shoes, they are real but can’t say more at this time. Sam, Editor

Morgan said...

The new Torrent look great but they need a new sole. It’s just not durable for trails it needs vibram megagrip litebase but that would send the price up ?

Alessandro said...

What news about mizuno and new balance???

Sam Winebaum said...

HI Alessandro,
Did not see Mizuno at TRE. Will have coverage of New Balance focused on FuelCell Prizm and Beacon 3 soon. They did not show us any rumored carbon plated race shoes.
Sam, Editor
Sam, Editor
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Brian said...

Thanks for the great coverage of TRE. I see lots of coverage about Hoka's offering of the special Carbon X and the new Torrent, but nothing on the new Bondi. I suspect that the Bondi 7 is slated to come out in Fall 2020. Have you learned anything about a potential update? Or better yet, some images? Thanks for your time.

Sam Winebaum said...

Hi Brian,
Thanks! Working on Hoka article now and do have Bondi 7 images and some details. Sam, Editor