Thursday, July 11, 2019

Brooks Running Ghost 12 Multi Tester Review- Ethereal Upper, More Down to Earth Ride

Article by Jeff Beck, Hope Wilkes, Sally Reiley and Sam Winebaum

Brooks Ghost 12 ($130)

Sam: The Ghost 12 doesn’t change its long time formula of a heavily cushioned and stable neutral trainer with a solid upper. The Ghost is not a shoe one will get in trouble with, surprise with fast splits, or have you do a double take of joy or displeasure when you weigh them. Weighing 10 oz so approximately  0.2 oz less than Ghost 11 and with a 12mm drop it leans towards the heavier and more traditional side of modern daily trainers. 

The Ghost 12 has a number of subtle and mostly effective improvements which in no way change its fundamental character but result in a nearly invisible feeling (and very quiet) shoe top to bottom, truly ghost like in its refined execution and total comfort. 

When actually run, it has less of an ethereal feel and more a protective solid yet soft plushness that feels a touch heavy and slow to move fast. And that’s OK as the Ghost is designed for high mileage, high comfort, great durability, and steady as she goes for runners of all types including beginners and heavier runners.

We think most fans of prior Ghosts will be very pleased with this update. Below what noted running one Ghost 12 on one foot and an 11 on the other:
  • a less “harsh” mid foot hold, the 11 upper was truly over built dense and warm at midfoot. The 12 is very easy on the foot and has noticeably softer and more comfortable toe bumper
  • a more flexible upper leading to easier toe offs with a great set of fatter easy to dial laces.
  • deeper midfoot cavity eased transitions while more segmented rear rubber deflected shock, but to much?

Hope: I put a lot of miles in the Ghost 3 many years ago. Looking at pictures of my old pair (the ones with the navy and neon accents, if you’re curious), I do see some similarities between the ~2011 Ghost 3 and the 2019 Ghost 12. Stylistic sensibilities have changed (thank goodness), but the Ghost remains a solidly “traditional” shoe. What I mean by that: 8 mm heel-toe offset (high by some standards, but realistically a middle-of-the-road drop) and a thick, nearly full-coverage rubber outsole. Sometimes I like to describe durability as “tankiness.” At roughly 10 oz, the Ghost 12 isn’t a super heavyweight tank, but it’s one that’s built to run for a long time. That’s traditional in the best sense, right? Built to last. That said, there are some “traditional” features of the Ghost 12 that I don’t totally love. I’ll get into those in the review. 

Hope: so good looking I immediately put them on my feet when I got them, walk around comfort, fit
Jeff/Sam: Breathable upper, comfortable midsole/outsole, everything you’d expect in a Ghost
Sally/Sam: Classic looking, uber comfortable shoe right out of the box. Great running shoe for the average runner not concerned about weight, pace and energy return. Ghost like silence under foot on the roads. Disappears on the foot.

Hope: firm heel, inflexible midfoot, wish there was more DNA Loft
Jeff: Glycerin is less than an ounce heavier and offers substantially more, feels like the safe choice rather than the great one.
Sally: Dull ride. Stiff feel with little energy return. Had to work hard for a fast split.
Sam: The wonderful, quiet, smooth transitioning ride is over soft and heavy feeling at the heel and overall the shoe lacks some pop and response up front.

  Estimated Weight: men’s 9: 10 oz / 283 g
Ghost 12: men’s 10.5: 10.9 oz / 309 grams, men’s  8.5 : 9.77 oz / 277 g
                     Women’s 8.0: 8.5 oz
Ghost 11 8.5 men’s 10.02 oz  / 284 g
Stack Height: 29mm heel /17 mm forefoot, 12 mm drop
Available now including Running Warehouse here

First Impressions and Fit
Hope: These are so nice looking. Ladies, if you’re like me and steer clear of hard to wear pink colorways that look like they’re for kids, you need to know that Brooks has done an impeccable job on the styling of this shoe. The Ghost 12 is decidedly for grownups and quickly became my go-to walk around shoe. Fit is true to size in my US women’s 9.5. I have a thumb’s width of room between my big toe and the end of the shoe.
Jeff: I’m with Hope here, my emerald green Ghost 12s stand out visually - there’s not many green shoes with yellow trim coming out in 2019. And what’s more, not many could pull it off without feeling like a Super Sonics tribute shoe. Brooks continues to make some of the most comfortable uppers out there, and this one is no exception. Sizing is spot on true to size 10.5 for me.
Sally: Yep, great looking shoe, very comfortable upper, and true to size. Not too wide and yet not too constrained in forefoot.
Sam: Agreeing with the crew, a fantastic looking shoe, the yellow highlighting standing out on the darker green just right, not too much or too little, giving the upper real character without overdoing it. Fit was true to size as was Ghost 11 with a more comfortable slightly broader mid foot hold and a clearly more comfortable softer toe bumper. This shoe will sell just based on the “step in” feel.  Lace up was once and done every time. No need to loosen or tighten initial lace up, ever. 

Sam: The upper is an engineered mesh with wide holes over the toes, and denser weave to create the toe bumper. So breathable up front, that in the car today on a warm day I felt a sudden chill over the toes from the AC. I have been in many shoes in the car recently with the AC on and never quite felt that!
Over the midfoot  a pattern of diagonal 3D Fit Print overlays with wide enough spacing for breathability provides the structure to support the foot. The upper is thinner over the toes and more breathable than Ghost 11 and over the mid foot considerably thinner and more pliable.
The upper just works and well. While a more relaxed fit than Ghost 11, it is effective and considerably more comfortable. The sides of the toe bumper are less firm and this is clearly felt as less over the toes pressure. The mid foot hold is less snug down low and rigid while the achilles collar is softer towards the top.  
Hope: Simple multi-density engineered mesh with few overlays. The looser weave over the toes is a real plus. I appreciate the thicker material at the midfoot that contributes to excellent lockdown which is aided further by what feels like an internal plastic heel stiffener. 
Late night and early morning runners will be happy to see a hit of reflective material on the toe and the heel. The Ghost 12’s upper is plush without being puffy or overstuffed. The upper fits comfortably without and pinching, pulling, or deformation around the laces.

Jeff: The upper may be my favorite part of the shoe. It is breathable, flexible where you’d like the extra room but has no finicky/gimmicky additions. While more and more manufacturers are lining the heel collar of their shoes with pods to hold your foot (and potentially cause issues like the New Balance Fresh Foam More), the Ghost 12 is exactly what you think it will be. That may sound like a backhanded compliment, but not all shoes need to be spicy or introduce new concepts. Much like restaurants that make simple dishes exceptionally well, the Ghost 12 may be the most vanilla shoe I’ve run in so far in 2019. If it was a car it’d be a Honda Civic or Toyota Camry, if it was a video game it’d be the latest Super Mario Brothers or Madden. There’s a reason that all of these things sell phenomenal amounts: they work just fine for a lot of people. The upper is all of that to a T. Comfortable materials, enough room where you want it but not too much anywhere else, the Ghost 12 upper is a great balance of performance and comfort.

Hope: This is probably the worst part of the shoe for me. The Ghost line is still marketed to neutral runners. Then why so many light stability features? The midsole is stiff, especially from the midfoot to the heel. Take a look at the lateral side of the shoe (ditto the Ghost 11) and you’ll see minimal sculpting/flex grooves. Brooks has created a stable, durable landing zone for heel strikers, but an overly firm heel for the rest of us. The width of the midsole overall also seems like a stability feature. Don’t get me wrong, I took the Ghost 12 off road for a pretty intense paintball session in the woods and was grateful for the stability then, but under normal conditions I’d rather have a more neutral-oriented (rather than support-/guidance-oriented) design to save some weight and gain some flexibility. I’m disappointed by the midsole because I saw what Brooks did with the DNA Loft in the superlative Glycerin 17.
Jeff: I didn’t find that the midsole felt stiff, but I didn’t enjoy it either. Early in my running career I rain primarily in the Brooks mainstays Ghost and Glycerin. The Glycerin had just a bit more cushioning for longer runs, and the lighter weight Ghost was great for faster days. I logged solid mileage in the Ghost 6-8, and virtually every time I put it on my foot I’d think “I should run in this shoe more.” It was always a pleasant surprise; more plush and comfortable than it logically should be. Unfortunately I think the 12 has gone the other way. For the amount of weight it brings to the table, it should be more plush and comfortable for longer runs. Around 10 miles it wears out its welcome, while its bigger sibling Glycerin 17 is less than an ounce heavier, and feels great as a long run shoe. The difference is likely in the material of the midsole. The Glycerin’s midsole is entirely Brooks’ latest EVA foam, called DNA Loft, while the Ghost only has DNA Loft in the heel, with the majority of the shoe being their BioMoGo DNA. DNA Loft was a big step forward for Brooks, and the difference is very clear.
Sally: It is all personal preference, but I have always preferred a lighter, quicker shoe, and have loved the Brooks Launch consistently over numerous models. The Ghost once again feels heavy (though it does not actually weigh a lot) and unresponsive, basically blah for me. I agree with Hope that the heel and midsole feel overly firm, and I was disappointed in the lack of spring/pop in the toe. This shoe might be just fine for slow easy runs, but I don’t have the patience.
Sam: The midsole is made up of two types of Brooks DNA foam. On the lateral side, as a landing zone, we have DNA Loft a softer EVA as found in the Glycerin where it makes up the entire midsole. 
The medial side and the rest of the midsole to the front on both sides is somewhat firmer BioMoGo DNA. There is no apparent change from the Ghost 11 as far as the midsole foams used and their  firmness. This said the geometry underfoot changes with a deeper rear decoupling groove (which also softens and deflects shock), a longer section of exposed midsole on the lateral mid foot side, and more extensive forefoot grooves. The result is a midsole feel on the softer side, softer than Ghost 11 with a very consistent cushion feel from heel to toe. 

I found the midsole very shock absorbing and quite soft, especially at the heel where that deep cavity may go to far or more accurately to deep. I don’t agree with Hope or Sally that the heel and midfoot feel firm or stiff but do agree the platform is much more easy going than responsive, and is slightly less responsive than Ghost 11. Ghost 12 is very very well cushioned with superb shock absorption but a tad ponderous in feel on the run. I agree with Hope that between broad mid foot platform, extensive outsole coverage, and the stout upper the Ghost provides some light stability or at the very least a very stable neutral ride. I think the weight comes from the 12mm drop here. I bet as with the Revel 3 (RTR review coming soon) that going from a 12mm to 8mm drop would help the Ghost lose an ounce anyways.

Sam: Lots and lots of thick rubber here. I expect many miles of durability out of this outsole. As discussed in the Midsole section the midsole geometry: sidewalls, cavities, flex grooves and then the outsole together provide the system that creates the run flow of the shoe.
I found the front blown outsole rubber softer than the Ghost 11 and it now also includes “sipes” or grooves in the pads to increase traction and I think deflect shock and soften and this is combined with deeper flex grooves makes for a very comfortable, flexible, easy to transition ride but a less responsive one. 
At the heel to mid foot, the rubber coverage is a bit shorter on the lateral side and seems about the same firmness with here that deep cavity in the center feeling like it softened things a bit much. I never felt “left” on the heel or mid foot as otten can happen at slow paces  as here things flowed along smoothly but wished for a bit more pop off the heel rubber. 

Hope: The outsole grip has been excellent for me over a variety of surfaces, including wet streets. I’m happy with the outsole configuration. The abundance of rubber has a slight cushioning effect too which is welcome. 
Jeff: Absolutely agree with Hope. The outsole works well, lots of rubber that provides plenty of grip and durability. The flex grooves up front work to keep the shoe flexible, and I would agree with Hope. That much rubber has to help some with the cushioning, but I’d still like more (cushioning that is). I wouldn’t hesitate to wear the Ghost on a run that went from road to trail back to road, provided that the trail portions weren’t too technical.

Hope: Ride is just behind the midsole in terms of missteps with this model. I was hoping for a snappier version of the Glycerin 17. Instead, the Ghost 12 rides somewhat hard, especially in the heel, with no bounce to speak of. I don’t have to fight the shoe when I want to go a little faster, but it doesn’t have a lot of natural pep. I’d like to see some more DNA Loft in the midsole to smooth things out, soften up the overly stiff heel, and impart some springiness.

Jeff: Hope nailed it again. While the upper and outsole are both somewhere between good and great, the ride reflects that the midsole is lacking. The forefoot does not have nearly enough pop or squish. Pick either one, give it more, and this would be a better shoe. In a vacuum away from comparison runs, it rides a little harsh, but with the Ghost 12 on one foot and Glycerin 17 on the other, it is night and day just how much smoother the Glycerin is. And unlike the previous generations, the Ghost doesn’t feel any better at faster speeds. It just feels less cushioned.

Sally: Jeff and Hope both summed it up well - the Ghost lacks pep, pizzazz, bounce. Meh ride. There are lots of great shoes out there today for speedwork and tempo runs;  this is not that shoe. Satisfactory ride for easy pace , nothing special, but not soft enough for recovery runs. 

Sam: While I agree that the Ghost is not the most exciting ride out there, particularly these days with ever lighter zingier foams emerging, I did not find them firm or stiff.  I found the overall ride quite soft yet stable but lacking in pop and that is not all bad as there are plenty of light speedsters to chose from, some with limited range and requiring good form, which I don’t have. All my runs were pleasant, slower often by the watch than with other even comparable weight shoes and that is OK as we all need an easy going, relatively light, stable and well cushioned cruiser with no surprises or warts. A ghost on the foot shoe. 
Conclusions and Recommendations

Hope: This isn’t a bad shoe, but there are a lot of better shoes out there (including some made by Brooks). I’m not sure where this fits in their line when neutral runners can get a fast, snappy, yet cushioned ride from the Launch or a buttery smooth, soft, springy ride from the Glycerin. I’d argue that neutral runners who don’t like those things don’t like fun! But in all seriousness, the Ghost 12 has sort of an invisible personality: it delivers durability and good looks, but not much else that’s special. If you have liked recent iterations of the Ghost, as Jeff said, the Ghost 12 remains a Camry for the feet -- it’s reliable.
Hope’s Score: 8.3/10
-1.5 for lackluster midsole — it spoils the whole shoe. Give us more DNA Loft!
-.1 for weight
-.1 for price

Jeff: The Ghost has perennially been the opposite side of the coin of the Glycerin, and in the Ghost 12/Glycerin 17 match up, it really doesn’t live up to expectations. Instead it’s the lower end little brother that doesn’t live up to it’s All-Star sibling’s hype. Is it the shoe version of Seth Curry to the Glycerin 17’s Steph Curry? I’ve certainly made worse analogies. In Brooks’ quest to make a shoe that will work for everyone, they’ve made a shoe that’s, well, fine. Hope mentioned wearing the Ghost casually or not necessarily for running - and I think she’s onto something. It is a very comfortable shoe, it just doesn’t run very well.

Jeff’s Score 7.5/10 Ride 6, Fit 10, Value 7, Style 9 
(Ride 50% of total score, Fit 30%, Value 15%, Style 5%). 
The Ghost is a comfortable shoe that will last many miles, but isn’t a shoe that is fun to run in, and the $10 bump from previous years’ models is poorly timed.

Sally: Fit and comfort of upper is a 10, but the midsole and blase ride drag it way down. Perhaps the Ghost is better suited as a “lifestyle” shoe for general street wear, not for running miles on roads.
Sally’s Score: 8.0/10

Sam: Fit and overall on foot comfort is outstanding. Truly almost invisible standing around and not far from that running them with a smooth consistent fit that is secure and yet with no pressures and great breathability. Build quality is impeccable and durability should be outstanding, top to bottom. 

Underfoot, the smoothness continues with an easy quite shock free ride and very easy transitions and front flexibility. That’s the great part,  now for the issues. 

All of the design features and updates to the 12 which provide that comfort and ease under foot has the shoe slightly on the heavy side of modern trainers, soft and lacking decisive response for faster paces. And let’s not forget this is a 12mm drop shoe! I would really like to see what 8mm drop would do to the ride and weight… With 8mm I am guessing the shoe could be not much above 9.0 oz but then it would be a… Launch. Strangely the $100 Revel 3, now in testing went from a 12mm drop to 8mm, lost 1.4 oz, has a DNA midsole and simpler outsole and  has plenty of lively fun bounce. 

All of this said the Ghost 12 is targeted at runners seeking a reliable comfort before ride pizzaz daily ride or as Brooks says it in their marketing: “a smooth ride without sacrificing cushioning”. The Ghost 12 is a great choice for heavy mileage, beginner runners upping their mileage beyond easy daily jogs, Ghost loyalists, and heavier neutral runners.  I am lucky to have dozens of shoes to run. Will I continue to run the Ghost 12 after this review? Yes as for me it is about the ideal recovery run shoe: stable, comfortable, well cushioned, and forgiving of my poor form. 
Sam’s Score: 8.7 /10 
Ride 8, Fit 10, Value 8.5, Style 9 (Ride 50% of total score, Fit 30%, Value 15%, Style 5%). 

Brooks Ghost 11 (RTR Review)
The Ghost 12 update primarily focuses on the upper which is clearly superior to the rigid warm Ghost 11 upper. Underfoot the Ghost 12 runs smoother for sure and is more flexible but slightly softer losing a touch of response. I was true to size in both but far more comfortable in the 12.

Brooks Glycerin 17 (RTR Review)
Hope (US W9.5): The Glycerin 17 is a frontrunner for shoe of the year for me. In comparison the Ghost 12 falls short for its too-stiff heel and uninspiring ride. However, I’ll give the Ghost 12 the nod in the style department: it’s a snazzier looking shoe. The Glycerin 17 fit true-to-size for me. 
Jeff: Ghost is true-to-size 10.5, Glycerin 17 is sized up a half size to 11, both fit the same. Spend the extra money and take the extra weight with the Glycerin. It is much more comfortable and has a much smoother ride . In some years this comparison would be a toss up or one shoe for a certain type of runner or a type of run - but in this case, go Glycerin.
Sam: I don’t see the two as significantly enough different to justify the $30 difference in price. I do think the front outsole of the Glycerin is better executed and provides more response with about equivalent flexibility. 

Brooks Ghost 12 vs adidas Solar Glide (RTR Review)
Jeff: Both shoes fit true-to-size 10.5. The adidas is just a hair heavier, but runs better at all speeds. Both uppers are comfortable and hold the foot well, but no brainer for how they perform - Solar Glide all day.
Sally: Hands down the Solar Glide for the win here. The ride is like comparing apples to oranges. Yet the comfortable upper of the Ghost has something over the Solar Glide, which hit me just wrong at the bottom of the laces.

Brooks Ghost 12 vs New Balance 1080v9 (RTR Review)
Jeff: Both shoes fit true-to-size 10.5 for me. The NB is slightly lighter, and doesn’t lock down the foot as well natively (literally the only shoe I’ve had to use a runner’s loop to combat heel slip), but the upper is virtually as comfortable as the Ghost’s upper. Also, the midsole provides noticeably more cushioning, and also is much more responsive. Another slam dunk, 1080v9.
Hope: (US W9.5) Jeff and I had the exact same experience with the 1080v9. Heel lock lacing has fixed the slippage problem for me and the shoe remains one of my favorites that I reach for regularly. It has better pop, a more roomy toe box, and generally more giddyup than the Ghost 12. 
Sam: While the 1080v9 upper is mighty fine, I prefer the easier on the foot Ghost’s and almost had the heel slip issues Hope and Jeff did. I was true to size in both no issues beyond the heel slip.The Ghost upper is clearly superior. As far as ride the 1080v9 has more pop and giddy up but ts relative stiffness makes it harder to run slower paces than the Ghost. Kind of a toss up depending on use for me. If I was selecting for faster pace daily training the 1080v9, for slower to more moderate easier days the Ghost. 

Brooks Ghost 12 vs New Balance 880v7 GTX (RTR Review)
Sam: I tested the 880v7 GTX and its Gore-Tex upper is obviously different and in no way as smooth fitting as the Ghost 12's with the upper also adding weight. Underfoot the ride is comparable in being highly cushioned, very stable for a neutral shoe and with a copious coverage near trail worthy outsole.

Brooks Ghost 12 vs Nike Zoom Pegasus 36 (RTR Review)
Sam: The Pegasus 36 is considerably firmer, narrower fitting, and stiffer. It is also about an ounce lighter. If you prefer a firmer really locked down more responsive ride go with the Pegasus. If you prefer a softer, more flexible and easy going ride go with the Ghost. The Pegasus 36 Trail is actually softer and closer to the Ghost for me than the Pegasus 36.

Brooks Ghost 12 vs Nike Zoom Vomero 14 (RTR Review)
Jeff: Ghost 12 fits true-to-size at 10.5, Vomero is half size up 11, pretty standard for Nike running shoes for me. A half ounce heavier than the Ghost, the Vomero matches the Ghost in its two strengths (upper comfort and aesthetics), and is an absolute joy to run in by comparison. It is both more responsive and more comfortable, even though the Vomero completely abandoned its previous designs of being Nike’s somewhat bulky big mileage trainer. I’d kill for an extra mm or two in the forefoot of the Vomero, but even still it’s better on the foot than the Ghost. Spend the extra $10 on the Vomero.
Hope: The Vomero fit true to size for me in both women’s 9.5 and men’s 8 (I like this shoe so much I have two pairs). I prefer the faster, more sportscar-like ride of the Vomero. It’s no longer a marshmallow! As Jeff rightly pointed out, Brooks is competing well with Nike in terms of producing beautiful shoes. 
Sally: Aesthetically both shoes are outstanding. A recent Nike fan, I was surprised not to love the Vomero 14 at testing, but in hindsight I preferred its ride over that of the Ghost.
Sam: A big contrast in what the shoes try to achieve in terms of ride feel . Whereas the Ghost is all front to back soft smoothness and flexibility, the Vomero 14 is all contrasts with a firm wide stable heel and a lively snappy thinner feeling forefoot. While on Nike… I would say the Ghost is more and more softly cushioned than any current Nike when considering heel to toe cushion.

Brooks Ghost 12 vs On CloudSwift (RTR Review)
Jeff: Both shoes fit true-to-size 10.5. While the Ghost 12 upper and its comfort is its crowning achievement, the On upper is that much better - but the CloudSwift upper might be the most comfortable upper in running shoes. Unfortunately, it doesn’t run nearly as smooth as the Ghost, which is saying something. It’s hard to rationalize spending an additional $20 on the CloudSwift, which really takes some effort to learn to love. While the Ghost has some issues, it is still the clear winner of this matchup. Ghost all day long.
Sam: I agree with Jeff 100%.

Brooks Ghost 12 vs Salomon Predict RA (RTR Review)
Jeff: Both shoes fit true-to-size 10.5. The Salomon has a lot going for it here. It’s much more cushioned, it’s a half ounce lighter, and it is another upper that can take the Pepsi Challenge against just about anybody and come away with the win. But it is $30 more than the Ghost, which is a substantial hit. However, it is worth the extra money to have a more responsive shoe that runs much smoother at all speeds. Predict RA for the win
Hope: (US W9.5) As I’ve said in previous reviews, I didn’t really connect with the Predict RA. It wasn’t quite as smooth or snappy as I’d expected, just an okay ride. But I do appreciate its smooth, high quality upper. I might change my mind given time, but I vote for saving $30 and picking the Ghost 12. 

Brooks Ghost 12 vs Skechers Performance GoRun Ride 7 (RTR Review)
Jeff: Both shoes fit true-to-size 10.5. I might be with Sam as two of the only runners around that never fell in love with the GRR7. It’s upper doesn’t breathe well, and if every run I did in the shoe was confusing. If I ran with the insole removed (I’m not a monster, beneath the insole is a finished shoeliner) it felt flat and uninspired, if I ran with it in the toe box was cramped and the shoe felt mushy. But, it is $40 less than the Ghost, and that’s a lot of money to save. However, I’ve yet to enjoy any run in the GRR7 and the Ghost is fine for the first 5 miles or so, so I would give the nod to the Ghost.
Sam: The GRR7 had as Jeff describes it well a warm upper. I enjoyed its ride more than the Ghost until I got to the forefoot which I found quite unstable for any kind of serious pace or mileage. Ghost gets the nod.

Brooks Ghost 12 vs Topo Athletic UltraFly 2 
Jeff: Both shoes fit true-to-size 10.5. The UltraFly tips the scales just a feather heavier, and sells for $10 less. The fit and finish of the upper isn’t nearly as nice as the Ghost’s spectacular upper, but the ride is much smoother and more fun to run in. Go with the Topo and enjoy the run.
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Harkawal said...

Ride comparison with Saucony triumph iso 5 and ride iso please

Anonymous said...

How do they compare to Pegasus 36?

Anonymous said...

Any ride comparison to new balance 880 ?

Sam Winebaum said...

Hi Anonymous,
The NB 880 is a very worthy comparison. Thanks for asking! I have added it in the article and also here: "I tested the 880v7 GTX and its Gore-Tex upper is obviously different and in no way as smooth fitting as the Ghost 12's with the upper also adding weight. Underfoot the ride is comparable in being highly cushioned, very stable for a neutral shoe and with a copious coverage near trail worthy outsole."
Its review is at the link below.
Sam, Editor
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Sam Winebaum said...

Hi Anonymous,
Thanks for asking about Peg 36. I have added comparison to the article and also below: "Sam: The Pegasus 36 is considerably firmer, narrower fitting, and stiffer. It is also about an ounce lighter. If you prefer a firmer really locked down more responsive ride go with the Pegasus. If you prefer a softer, more flexible and easy going ride go with the Ghost. The Pegasus 36 Trail is actually softer and closer to the Ghost for me than the Pegasus 36. "
Our review of the Pegasus 36 and Pegasus 36 Trail is at the link below.
Sam, Editor
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Mark said...

Is it possible that the women’s version is firmer than the men’s? The men in this review didn’t find the Ghost firm, while the women did.

Sam Winebaum said...

Hi Mark,
An interesting observation. Thanks! We will ask Brooks. I know Asics has different geometries (higher drops than men's) on many of their women's models.
Sam, Editor

Mark said...

Thanks Sam,
I only mention that about the possibility of the women’s version of the Ghost being firmer because I have seen that to be the case in different shoes over the years. P.S. I thoroughly enjoy your reviews, as they are so useful in making shoe purchasing decisions. Thanks for making them available.

Mark said...

Bought the Ghost 12 and the men’s version is by no means firm. It’s actually a softer ride than my Saucony Triumph ISO 5’s.

Jason said...

I agree with Sam's take the most. The Ghost 11 has been my daily trainer and I just bought the 12 for another location. Despite all the generic reviews out there, they are quite different. I prefer the build and looks of the 11 as well as the performance. Sam's description of the mid foot responsiveness of the 12 came closest to what I might describe as my criticism. The 12 feels more Glycerin 17 like to me (I realize others wouldn't decribe the Glycerin this way) and I did not get along with that shoe ( I returned them)--they felt too squishy for my taste and lacked a bit of support I find helpful in the Ghost (175-180lbs). I guess it's the DNA loft through the midsole? I prefer the Ghost 11's firmer but still plenty cushy feel in the midsole. Also, as discussed above, the outsoles are pretty different. The 12 being more like the Glycerin from what I remember. Way more flex. I'm sure most of the changes work for many people but so far I prefer the 11.