Sunday, April 07, 2019

Initial Runs Comparison Videos: Hoka ONE ONE Rincon to Clifton 6, Clifton 6 to Clifton 5

Article by Sam Winebaum
The RoadTrailRun team is testing the upcoming  Hoka ONE ONE Rincon (July-August) and Clifton 6 (June) with multi tester full reviews of both soon.
Rincon Full Multi Tester Review here
Clifton 6 Multi Tester Review here

In the videos I compare the Clifton 6 to the Rincon, and Clifton 6 to Clifton 5 after initial test runs.
Key Highlights:

  • Rincon based on my sample size 8.5 should come in 7.1 oz / 201 g  for a size 9, so about 1.8 oz lighter than Clifton 6 for a shoe with the identical 29 mm heel, 24 mm forefoot stack, so more than a half ounce lighter than the original Clifton 1.  It has a slightly firmer ride than Clifton 6 and a very light no overlays, no bootie tongue upper.
  • Clifton 6 based on my sample 8.5 should come in at about 8.9 oz /252 g for a size 9 so a 0.7 oz weight drop compared to Clifton 5. It has a slightly softer ride and an easier toe off than 5. It has a roomier, softer engineered mesh upper than the 5.
I ran (5 miles) with a Clifton 6 on one foot, Rincon on the other and during a second run (8.8 miles) a Clifton 6 on one foot and Clifton 5 on the other at below 10 min mile pace so relatively slow.
The videos below go into more detail on how they ran and compared and details their construction. 
You Tube Comparing Rincon to Clifton 6

YouTube Comparing Clifton 5 to Clifton 6 to Rincon

YouTube of Hoka Introducing Rincon, Clifton 6, and EVO Mafate 2

Read reviewers' full run bios here
The product reviewed was provided at no cost. The opinions herein are entirely the authors'.
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Stan said...

Love your reviews, I have been trying to love Hoka for years but I do have a wide foot and they just haven't worked due to width issues.
recently with the Clifton 5 in 2E it seems to be working pretty good.
I recently just got the New Balance More and so far love it. It does accommodate a lot of volume, I am able to wear it in a regular width and
find that the More and Clifton 5 are my two favorite shoes right now.

I see by your current review that the Clilfton 6 will be coming out soon and I am just wondering about the toe box width.

Will the Clifton 6 have the same or perhaps a bit more toe box width in this new version.

Thanks for great reviews, keep up the great work.


Sam Winebaum said...

Hi Unknown,
Thanks so much for the kind words!
In my testing so far I find the Clifton 6 has a more accommodating toe box in regular width. The main factor I think is the softer engineered mesh and less extensive toe bumper length. Not the volume of the More for sure ( are you regular width in More or wide?) but getting closer. Clifton 6 will also be available in wide but I think those who were close to a regular in C5, but not quite enough room should at least try regular in C6.
Sam, Editor

Stan said...

I am wearing a normal D width in the More. I think my initial fear of the More’s outsole might be true. I only have 20 miles on them and I have noticed considerable wear on the outsole, at this point I don’t see getting much more than 150 miles out of them.

I find the Clifton 5 (2E) and the More to be very similar to me and I gravitate to the More, but I see the Clifton 5 just lasting longer.
With the Clifton 6 coming out I am hoping that it will be as accommodating in the wide width or more as the Clifton 5.

I was just wondering if you have any information comparing the width of the Clifton 5 or upcoming 6 to the Bondi 6.

Also, I was wondering how do you see the new Topo Phantom comparing to the More, Clifton 5 and the Clifton 6.

Thanks for the reviews and the insight.

Sam Winebaum said...

Hi Stan,
As far as the wear sorry to hear. On such an outsole Shoe Goo should work well, The Clifton 6 for me was clearly more accommodating as the mesh is softer and stretchier with the toe bumper less extensive and the wide version, if you need yet more room ,should be even more accomodating. Don't have info comparing yet on Bondi 6 vs Clifton 6. Will need to check which of our testers will have run both and if so will include comparison in Clifton review.
Thanks for reading!
Sam, Editor

tpd said...

Hi Sam, I was going to order the Hoka Napali from the Running Warehouse, but I seems like they are discontinuing it...:( since you turned me on to this model, it have had several pair! I love this model. You be have a few others; Clinton. Nothing comes close! What is the story? You told me that Running Warehouse was the other place to get this model...made for them exclusively. Is there anywhere else to get these? Or, is there a replacement model in the works? If not, what comes close? This model was a low-coat perfect option! Thanks, and I love your site! Jo says hello to both you and Do!

Sam Winebaum said...

Hi tpd,
As far as we have seen RW only store with Napali and unsure if they will have more, Closest and upcoming the Hoka Rincon, lighter than Napail and $115 if a bit firmer. Also upcoming Clifton 6 which is softer than 5 but not as soft as Clifton 1 was. See our initial video review at the link under Hoka below.
Sam, Editor
Sam, Editor
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Anonymous said...

Hello Stan,

When compared to the re-released Clifton 1's how do the Rincon's hold up?

Sam Winebaum said...

Hi Anonymous,
So far so good but the Rincon being much lighter has less outsole rubber which depending on your strike pattern may affect wear. The midsole foam is also different than recent Cliftons. As far as compared to the Clifton 1 it is somewhat firmer, lighter, and more stable.
Sam, Editor