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adidas Terrex Speed GTX Review: Gore-Tex 3D fit and Continental Outsole the Highlights

Article by Canice Harte


The obvious pro here is that the shoe is completely waterproof and thanks to Gore-Tex 3D fit it’s flexible and does not bind across the top of your foot. The traction of the Continental rubber outsole is also a big plus.

Another pro which I will also list as a negative is that this shoe has a very secure fit thanks to the one piece bootie like upper. If you have a low volume foot you’ll love this.

The fit of this shoe is snug and for someone like me that has a high arch with a medium width, as measured at shoe factories to a high level of accuracy. I find the shoe binds on the top of my foot. It’s fine for a short period of time when running but in general it can be uncomfortable. But as stated above in my “Pro’s” if you have a low volume foot you’ll love this.

The ride of this shoe is dense and lacks a pulse.

Tester Profile
Canice is a 2 x finisher of the Wasatch 100, the Bear 100, Moab 100 and Western States 100 as well as many other Ultras.He regularly competes in Expedition Length Adventure races with his longest race to date 600 miles. Beyond ultras and adventure races, Canice has competed in traditional road races and triathlons.

Weight: 9.7 oz /275 g
Confirming stack height and drop
Unisex sizing
$180. Available now at stores at the end of the article

First Impressions and Fit
My overwhelming first impression is that this shoe is a great street shoe and not much to run in. Not to say you can’t run it as it clearly worked for the 53 miles I put on them but if I look at these through a running lens I would pass. But if I look at them as town shoes they’re awesome.

Besides the trail miles I put on the shoes I wore them to work a couple times and they were great. Well, with the exception of the low volume fit combined with my high arch left me looking for some recovery slides at the end of the day.

The upper of this shoe is incredibly impressive. The Gore-Tex 3D fit is amazingly comfortable, especially when you compare it to and older generation Gore-Tex bootie. The old school Gore-Tex was fine but it changed the fit of the shoe and not always for the better. This new school Gore-Tex allows the manufacturer to dial in a precise fit that contours the foot.

The upper is soft and supple with fronting the Gore 3D Fit a ripstop mesh. Due to the material and overall snug “bootie” construction you do not need the laces for walking around. Not that you would really head out the door this way but if you try the shoe on you’ll see what I mean. They’re like a snug ninja slipper.
When you do engage the lace system you’ll find it works flawlessly and locks your foot in place.
Ugh! Not much to say here other than the EVA midsole is dense and lacks any life or pop. The midsole is great for walking and/or hiking but as a running shoe, not so much.

The Continental rubber outsole, whose deep soft ground focused lug pattern is derived from the Continental Mud King mountain bike tire works perfectly in loose off piste terrain and has great traction on wet surfaces. It’s all sunshine, roses and puppy dogs here.
I ran these shoes mostly on hard packed trails with sections of mud down in Salt Lake. The ride is flat and dense and while it has plenty of protection for underfoot strikes it’s not much fun to run in. Walking yes, running no.

Conclusions and Recommendations
The adidas Terrex Speed GTX is a great all weather shoe best suited for cruising around town or on walks with a loved one. If you have a low volume foot this shoe may be your jam, but if you have a high instep, keep looking.
Canice’s Score 6/10
There are a lot of nice qualities about this shoe but in looking at it as a running shoe, it has some major flaws for me. Namely the midsole and low volume fit. This was a great shoe to walk around in but not a shoe I will run in.

Now, if I was rating this shoe as an inclimate weather town shoe, I would give it a 9+. The ding here is just that the fit is too specific and really is for a low volume fit. And as a former running store owner this would be a hard shoe to sell here in the Wasatch mountains. New York City, yes, Park City, no.

Change out the midsole material and loosen the fit around the instep and then lets see what this shoe can do. At $180 for a Gore-Tex shoe the price is consistent with what to expect for such a shoe but on the higher side.
The adidas terrex Speed GTX compares to the Salomon Sense Ride GTX. The Salomon has a relaxed toe box and plenty of space for your feet to relax. But if you remove my comments about the fit and midsole you’ll find these two shoes are more similar than one would first think.

Read Canice's full run bio here
The product reviewed was provided at no cost. The opinions herein are entirely the authors'.
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