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Brooks Running 2019 Previews: Adrenaline GTS 20, Ghost 12, Revel 3, PureBeat, Cascadia 14, Pure Grit 8

Article by Sam Winebaum with Shannon Payne and Peter Stuart

Brooks Running previewed updates to the best selling Adrenaline GTS and Ghost trainers, a slimmed down Revel, a major update to the Cascadia, an update to the Pure Grit and a new light run and workout shoe the PureBeat.
Update: Multi Tester Ghost 12 Review Here
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Adrenaline GTS 20, Ghost 12, Pure Beat, and Cascadia 14

A key focus for Brooks was to highlight the pairing of the Ghost 12 (left below) and Adrenaline GTS 20 (right below).

The Ghost is the neutral trainer, the Adrenaline the model for those who want some light non posted support and stability from Brooks GuideRails technology introduced in the Adrenaline GTS 19 (description of Guide Rails and Adrenaline 19 preview here, review soon).

The GuideRails concept is to not "outsmart" the foot at the arch and underfoot but to guide motion at the calcaneal bone using Guide Rails on both sides, wrapping from near the top of the midsole under foot then up the side of the upper. The hoped for benefit is to reduce knee stress and potential injuries, the most injury prone part of the runner’s body.  The metaphor used is that GuideRails are the bumpers in a bowling alley and the foot is the ball. The GuideRails will come into play, as needed, for both support oriented and neutral runners (as their stride falls out of place).

Both models should deliver the same underfoot experience with the level of support the difference as other than support features they are very similar. Both models have a softer DNA LOFT heel crash pad, weigh about the same with the Ghost 0.2 oz lighter, have a 12mm drop and are priced at $130.

Adrenaline GTS 20
Weight: men’s 10.6 oz, women’s 9.4 oz
12mm offset
$130. Available November 2019
The GTS 20 differs underfoot from the GTS 19 underfoot in having a co-molded Guide Rail on the medial side of firmer foam than the main BioMoGo DNA midsole.
In the 19 the Rail was glued on. While the Rail is the same firmness as before, not having the glue layer should make the area feel softer and more adaptable to the foot. We also note comparing medial upper (above) to the lateral side (below) that the upper has denser mesh and a mid foot overlay for support.

On the lateral side the Guide Rail is of the same firmness and material as the rest of main BioMoGo DNA midsole.
The upper is a new engineered mesh with 3D Fit Print. The outsole sees a deeper lateral heel release groove.

Ghost 12
Weight: men’s 10.4 oz women’s 9.3 oz
Offset: 12mm
$130. Available July 2019
Update: Multi Tester Ghost 12 Review Here
The Ghost sees relatively minor changes focused on the upper. Instead of denser mesh for support we have a 3D ink print for a symmetrical more targeted and even wrap. The Ghost 11 upper while fine was quite stiff in comparison (RTR review). The weight should stay about the same.

Revel 3
Weight: men’s 8.8 oz women’s 7.9 oz
8mm offset
$100, Available July 2019
Update Revel 3 review
The fairly priced Revel goes from a 12mm to an 8mm drop and as a result drops 1.4 oz making it lighter than the Launch. It gets a softer midsole, comparable in firmness to the Ghost and GTS's. Previously the midsole was firmer, equivalent to the Launch 5's firmness. It has a bootie type construction. The Revel is targeted at not only running but “ work, working out, and beyond.” We think it may be one heck of a nice, light and simple performance trainer.

Weight: men’s 8.2 oz, women’s 7.3 oz
Offset: 4mm
Available April 2019
Update: Brooks will not be moving forward with PureBeat and will go back to the drawing board to improve fit and feel to design a shoe intended for both gym workouts and some running.
Brooks surprised with the stretch woven upper Beat with its now seen around elsewhere.. stylish swept back achilles tab to relieve back of the foot pressure.
Featuring an exposed new high-abrasion resistant midsole, DNA Shift, with minimal strategic outsole rubber patches and a 4mm drop, the Beat comes in at a commendable light 8.2 oz. It is designed for support, traction, and durability during treadmill and gym workouts but also to be runnable as well.

Cascadia 14
Weight: men’s 10.7 oz, women’s 9.5 oz
Offset: 8mm
$130. Available June 2019 including a GTX version ($160)
Update: full Cascadia 14 review HERE

The update to the Cascadia was clearly the most signficant Brooks update. Four years in the making, the goal was to make the mighty Cascadia more run able. Most significantly weight drops a substantial 1.2 oz to 10.7 oz and the offset goes from 10mm to 8mm. The new weight puts the Cascadia solidly in the class of trail running shoe as opposed to near hiker as previously. We wonder how it will continue to perform as a hiker as it has been a staple in that category for years. Probably very well, as Brooks is deliberate and this update took years to fine tune,
The iconic red pivots are reduced in size but still should act as a stabilizing suspension system. The smaller pivots also reduce weight.
The upper is on a new last with more room at the met heads and is a soft largely overlay free mesh. Rugged Cordura is used above the midsole as a Mud Guard . We get a lace garage and front and back gaiter attachment points.
The new outsole also shaves weight and is Brooks new TrailTack which will first be seen on the upcoming Caldera 3. It has directional lugs. If we understood the characteristics of the rubber correctly it is designed to decrease rebound and increase suction thus providing strong traction on both wet and dry surfaces.

Pure Grit 8
Weight: men’s 9.3 oz, women’s 8.2 oz
Offset: 4mm
$120. Available July 2019
The low drop, agile, flexible and light Pure Grit returns with a stretch woven upper and hydrophobic Ariaprene tongue. The upper is designed to drain and dry quickly.
The sticky rubber outsole has a combination of splay and hex lugs and has a forefoot ballistic rock plate.
Finally Brooks highlighted cool updates to its NightLife Jackets.
Reflectivity is printed on the sleeves in a motion pattern for the women's model and applied as strips on the men's.
The women's model features a behind the neck stuff sack that transforms into a mini backpack to carrying the jacket.
The LSD pullovers in retro black tones were also neat.
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