Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Salomon Spring 2019 Previews: Speedcross 5, Adv Skin 8 Set Women's Vest, Sonic RA 2, Sense Ride 2, Odyssey Triple Crown Thru Hiker

Article by Sam Winebaum

Speedcross 5
MSRP: $130
Weight: 11.6 oz (US 9M) / 9.9oz (US 7W)
Stack Height: 30mm/20mm (10mm drop)
Available: February 1, 2019. Gore-Tex and wide versions Fall 2019

The Speedcross, the top selling trail shoe worldwide, gets significant upgrades centered on stability and upper comfort. Focused on loose surfaces including mud, snow, and sand the Speedcross is also an “around town” favorite and will be available in many colors.

The upper in the toe box moves away from scratchy stiff rip stop and stitching to softer materials and is assembled with a new vacuum forming technology to make the toe box more supple and accommodating.

The front on the ground platform is widened slightly again to provide more comfort and a wider grip on the ground.

To enhance stability and ground contact the lugs are widened.

The distinctive rear heel support from the midsole is raised along with the achilles collar which is made more supple.
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Adv Skin 8 Set W Women’s Specific Design Run Vests
MSRP: $145
Weight: 240g
Volume: 8L
Available: February 1, 2019
Salomon took great care in designing its first women's specific run vests. The flask pockets are placed lower and slightly more to the side, below the breasts, than in previous unisex models. 
The two included 500ml flasks are shorter and wider and contour to the body and have long straws for easy drinking. 
The rear pocket has an up and down zip and behind it there is a pocket next to the back for a hydration bladder.  A safety whistle and reflectivity is included as are multiple options for securing poles.

Sense Ride 2
MSRP: $120
Weight: 9.5oz (US 9M) / 8.5oz (US 7W)
Stack Height: 27mm.18mm (8mm drop)
Available: February 1, 2019
The second edition of the popular Sense Ride (RTR review) sees an upper change. The Sensi Fit overlays are angled more sharply to the rear to increase rear hold and stablity. The new upper is supposed to flex more easily with the rest of the shoe. Based on catalog weights, there appears to be a 0.2 oz drop in weight.No changes to the Vibe and Energy Cell+ midsole and Contragrip outsole were mentioned.

Running Avenue Sonic RA Series: Sonic RA Pro 2, Sonic RA 2, Sonic RA Max 2
Top to Bottom Sonic RA Max 2, Sonic RA 2, Sonic RA Pro 2 
All $130. Available February 2019.
Salomon's first season of road running specific shoes now in the market has three great models: the Sonic RA Pro, Sonic RA, and Sonic RA Max gain solid traction (RTR reviews).
Based on catalog weights the 8mm drop Sonic RA and 8mm drop Sonic RA Max gains about half an ounce to 9.1 oz/260 g and 9.9 oz 280 g respectively in the men's models, while the 6mm drop Pro loses about half an ounce to 7.7 oz./220g.
The graphic above illustrates how to differentiate the three models. We found in our testing of the first season that the graphic is consistent with our experiences with the notable exception that the Sonic RA is now called out as a Smooth Ride, something v1 needed a bit of work on as its transition from mid foot needed some work. See below to see how Salomon is planning to improve smoothness.
2019 Salomon Sonic RA Pro
For 2019 all three models get a smoother fitting engineered mesh upper. Previous uppers were more conventional mesh.
2019 Salomon Sonic RA Max
 Left to Right: Sonic RA Max 2, Sonic RA 2, Sonic RA Pro 2 
The Sonic RA and Sonic RA Max get full updates to the midsole tooling and outsole. Most notable is that the softer forefoot outsole rubber of the Sonic RA and Sonic RA Max is extended further to the rear than in the first versions for a smoother less slappy transition. 
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Salomon Presents the Speedcross 5
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In the thru hiking category Salomon introduced the Odyssey Triple Crown. It has a PU Energy Save front insert like the S/Lab Ultra (Vibe is eliminated), a very durable appearing upper and outsole, a wider type toe box and a stiffer heel counter. I fondly recall the Synapse another through hiking shoe which ran like a dream on rough terrain.

According to Andrew Skurka's preview here with more details it will come in at 11.6 oz. 325g and retail for $140.

The catalog shows a Spring 19 S/Lab XA Amphib and Pro Max 2 but we have no further details at this time.
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the preview. Will Salomon be updating their S-Lab Sense Ultra 5L & 8L Hydration Vests in 2019?

Sam Winebaum said...

Hi Anonymous,
We did not here about Spring 19 updates to the vests. I do see that the catalog shows a mobile chest zip pocket and "custom pole quiver compatible" which I believe are changes so will check with Salomon. Sam, Editor

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sam!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear they will not be making major changes to the Sense Ride. Let's hope this stays true.

I've also been eagerly awaiting info regarding new vests as well. The Salomon elite athletes have been wearing new vests all year. Salomon told me there would be new releases this summer and that they were waiting for the shipment to arrive at the US distribution center. Haven't seen them on the international or foreign Salomon websites so I am guessing this is bogus information. If you look at photos and video of Salomon athletes over the last six months, you'll see them.

Stromdiddily said...

Can't wait to try the new sense ride. Wanted to love the original but the stiff forefoot destroyed the top of my feet.

Ante said...

Any new on Salomon vests for 2019?

Sam Winebaum said...

Ante, yes we did hear about updates to Adv Skin at Outdoor Retailer. See here:
Sam, Editor

Unknown said...

will you be doing a full review on the new sense pro max 2 or the new slab ultra 2? im just getting into ultra running and have the elevates and love them but want a more cushioned salomon shoe for the long distance (im a brand Whore so like to stick to the same brand)