Saturday, January 20, 2018

OOFOS OOCloog Sport Clogs: Recover Anywhere, Any Time, And In Style!

Article by Sam Winebaum with Jeff Valliere

The OOFOS OOCloog Sport ($70) is an incredibly comfortable "recovery" clog (also available in slide, mule and thong styles) whose patented OOfoam absorbs 37% more shock than the foam in running shoes.  The video below explains the technology.
Very light, with a patented arch supporting footbed the closed cell form does not absorb moisture or tend to absorb odors. They are machine washable and are surprisingly long lasting. My pair received in early December is showing almost no wear at all of the outsole. The comfort and durability is truly outstanding.

It's not that OOFOS is new to RoadTrailRun. We have followed and used various styles of their footwear almost from the day the company first started selling them. But there was a problem...

The original OOFOS were in matte colors of black, brown, or baby blue.  Fine just after a race but quite frankly too loud and crude, at least for us, as day in day out, pretty much any occasion footwear, which we wished we could use them for, as they are so comfortable. And runners' legs are sore after workouts and in need of some relief, pretty much around the clock.
At The Running Event OOFOS gave us a pair of the new OOCloog Sport.  We literally have worn them around the clock: around the house, driving, around town, in the evening to go out, and even for work occasions.
What did OOFOS do? Simple really.  The men's clog is now a shoe like glossy brown fading to black from the lower upper to the midsole/upper. Voila!  It looks like a regular leather dress clog or boot, or certainly close enough. And the women's models also get the style "upgrade'.

Women aren't left out that's for sure with a Geo and Luxe collection of new colors and always that supreme comfort.

The Satin Latte color was particularly striking, subtle and classy. As OO has styled up the platform has stayed true to the comfort. There are also slides and thongs and new OOmg high and low shoe styles available.
Jeff Valliere also got to feel the OO and here are his thoughts.

OOcloog Sport:  

These have even more cushion that the Slide Sandal and are like walking on air.  They make great house slippers like the Sport Slide Sandal, but find that even in the winter, they can be a bit warm for house use, as they don't breathe nearly as well as the slide and I find my socks getting a little damp.  The OOcloog Sport however is great to keep by the door for quickly putting on for short trips outside, quick errands or even going out to eat, as they look really classy.  

I highly recommend Oofos to anyone looking for a comfortable house shoe/recovery shoe, they are the most comfortable out there and I essentially never take them off unless I am running, sleeping or showering (though the slide could pull that off).

OOahh Sport Slide Sandal:

These are ideal for wearing around the house as slippers, as they are well cushioned and unbelievably comfortable.  We have hardwood floors and I have a minor case of Plantar Fasciitis, so I pretty much always have to be wearing something and these work perfectly for house duty and are substantial enough for heading outdoors to get the mail, take the kids to the bus stop or take out the garbage.  Fit seems to run a little large, maybe by a half size or a size.  The strap over the top is not adjustable, but holds well to my foot.

Check out OOFOS! We are huge fans and now we get to "Feel the OO" anywhere, any time, and in style.

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Unknown said...

I had a patient who was wearing these and they looked extremely comfortable. Only problem is the largest men's size is 12. Bummer.