Monday, January 22, 2018

First Runs Initial Impressions Review: Skechers Performance GOrun Forza 3

Article by Sam Winebaum

The Skechers Performance Forza 3 was my pick for Best Update of Outdoor Retailer Summer 2018 and it does not disappoint!
We will have multi tester full reviews of the Forza 3, Ride 7, GOmeb Razor 2, and GOrun 6 soon at RoadTrailRun . Our 2018 Skechers Performance preview article is here  with details on the above

GOrun Forza 3 
23mm heel/17mm forefoot, 6mm drop
9.2 oz/261 g (M9), 7.3 oz./ 207 g (W8). 
My sample US M8.5 weighs 8.8 oz/251 g so 9 should be just under the spec.
$120. Available now including Running Warehouse here

The light stability Forza  drops 1.4 oz/40 g from version 2. Skechers calls it a "fast stability" shoe,
The weight drop in large part can be attributed to the new FlightGEN midsole foam, a very light, bouncy yet dense feeling material. At 9.2 oz this is a very light shoe for its stability features and overall substance.

The upper is a circular GOknit with a denser medial side panel for more support. The fit is consistent, pressure free and supportively snug in my sample at true to size. The lines running across the toes are not overlays but a fine cord like structure woven into the somewhat more open knit below. So the consistent, secure, and pressure free fit likely comes from using the same kinds of yarn at differing densities of knitting and with less of a "flat" structure than say the Ride 7. The fit and feel is outstanding. 
Skechers Forza 3
The FlightGen foam used in the midsole is the same density material but in three different firmnesses or durometer moulded together in a special process.  The heel is the softest durometer (hardness) … transitioning into the lateral sidewall, which is harder… and the medial sidewall (dark colored foam), which is the hardest. The medial colored side foam is the firmest but unlike a conventional post is slopes to the center of the shoe, acting as stabilizing thinner sidewall then getting thicker as it approaches the outsole so that the initial landing/transitions at mid foot does not have the customary stiff firm post feel. 

The Forza is quite stiff but runs smoothly and quite decisively at toe off due to its rocker profile.
The full contact rubber outsole, a first for a Skechers that I have tested, in combination with the firmer medial side midsole translates into a noticeable pop off the road towards the heel. The other new Skechers such as the Ride 7 and Run 6, except maybe the new GOmeb Razor with its firmer midsole, lower coverage "parametric" outsoles leading to a softer, maybe smoother and more consistent feel but less distinct response. I prefer this new type of full outsole and  response and particularly the full coverage heel,

The ride is firmer and more responsive than other Skechers to date for me. While I appreciate the soft Skechers forefoot feel, as a heel striker the Skechers heels while not soft often seem to have a "thunk" to them on the run for me, not a bottoming out, but a lack of pop. The Forza goes to a 6mm drop, and I think in combination with the full contact outsole, and the varying densities of FlightGEN, gets rid of the the "thunk" while also providing a stable ride but without forcing the stability or making it noticeable as many even "light stability" shoes do, There is no sense of a medial "post" just a sense of firmer stable support towards the rear of the shoe so this neutral runner has had no issues at all with the stability features here and I think most shouldn't either. 

Forza 3 is for me the "performance" daily trainer in the 2018 Skechers line up.  It has a firmer, more dynamic ride than the similar weight Ride 7 which while highly cushioned is less lively and softer overall for me so the choice for easy miles and recovery but those who like a softer ride daily will enjoy it. The Forza 3 is a great option for any runner seeking a light stable daily trainer for faster long tempos, speed work, and even daily miles if you like a somewhat firmer ride.  

Full reviews of GOrun Ride 7,  GOrun Forza 3, GOrun Run 6, and GOmeb Razor  soon. See our preview of the Spring 2018 Skechers Performance line up including all the models mentioned above here

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Sam Winebaum is the Editor and Founder of RoadTrailRun. He has been running and shoe geeking for 45 years. As he turned 60 in 2017 he was thrilled to clock a 1:35.24 half.

For Sam's full run bio see our Reviewers Bio Page here.
The Forza was provided at no cost.The opinions herein are entirely the author's.

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JKC said...

My apologies if I've already asked this question on other forum or website, but I have a question in terms of sizing on the Forza 3.
I run in a 10.5 Gorun Ride 7. Sock liner out. With sock liner in it's a little too snug and my big toe creates a lump on the top of the knit. I could use a little more length but the 10.5 works, and I find it provides a good compromise of lock down and wiggle room.

What size would you say would be the most likely to fit me in the Forza 3 based on my experience with the Ride 7? Thanks.

Sam Winebaum said...

Hi Kip,
I am half size up in the Forza 3 as that is what Skechers sent. It fits me well and is a bit snugger and lower feeling over the toes than Ride 7 as the knit as described in the review is denser and 3D. There is no finished foot bed in Forza. You might go 11 but what is your usual true to size or list some other recent shoes and what worked there.
Sam, Editor

JKC said...

Thanks Sam. Based on what you say, the toebox might just be too shallow for me on the Forza 3.

Other shoes currently in my rotation are ...

New Balance Zante v3 10.5 2E. It's honestly a little shorter than I like so I could probably size up to an 11 D in this. Haven't tried yet though.

361 Spire 10.5 D. This has a very roomy toebox in general and isn't shallow either.

adidas Ultra Boost (mostly worn as casual wear) Size 11. This I sized up in to give me a little extra toebox room depth.

Unknown said...

The Forza3 is longer than a GoRunRide7 if ordered in the same size.
I ordered both in size 14.
The GoRunRide7 fit perfect, I ordered another pair in a different color.
The Forza3 was painful because the bump on the sole was in the wrong place, the shoes were making a flapping noise while walking. I noticed I could put my thumb behind my heel while in the shoe.
I compared shoes, see that the Forza3 is a lot longer.
I returned the Forza3, exchanged them for a size 13, shoes fit perfect, no flapping. I ordered 2 more pairs.
The Forza3 in a 13 is the exact same size as the GoRunRide7 in a 14.