Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Spring 2018 adidas Outdoor Previews: Performance with a Greener Focus- Parley for the Oceans and No-Dye

Article by Sam Winebaum, Editor 

Road Trail Run awarded adidas Terrex/ adidas Outdoor an award at Outdoor Retailer for Innovative Designs with a Focus on Reducing Environmental Impact
Women's Voyager Parley Hoodie ($69)
adidas Terrex is focusing its Spring 2018 on not only product, but a lighter foot print on the Earth.
Last Outdoor Retailer we heard about the adidas partnership with Parley's for the Oceans an organization which recovers ocean plastic pollution. This OR,adidas showed an extensive line of Parley's products: boat and causal shoes with uppers made of recovered plastic as well as soft and beautiful apparel. 
The Terrex CC Voyager Parley ($120) is a combination water and travel all conditions shoe. It has an upper knit in with Parley's recovered plastic pollution. It is knit into its shape with no waste. Speaking to its water side, it is quick drying with a drainage system 

adidas's acquisition of climbing shoe company Five Ten and adi's long focus on great rubber outsoles the Voyager brings Five Ten super sticky Stealth rubber to the Voyager.
Last Outdoor Retailer, adidas gave us long sleeve shirts made from Parley's plastic. They were incredibly soft and comfortable. This year adidas showed us Spring 2018 apparel that was yet softer and thinner made from the recovered plastic. 
Women's Ampli Parley Tee 3 ($45) 

Women's Ampli Parley Top 3 ($39) 
There was more as adidas also unveiled versions of their key trail runners in a striking no dye white. The use of dyes to color uppers not only uses a lot of water and energy but the chemicals used are difficult to dispose of.  Other green efforts including lighter lower carbon footprint materials, dry dyeing, and avoiding oil based plastics where possible. The No-Dye shoes become a "canvas" to "Record your Trails" using Utah Red Rock dust or New Hampshire dark mud! I suspect the red rock dust color would look best but who knows!

Terrex presented one all new trail runner, the Terrex Two BOA ($120). This 10.8 oz./306 g trail runner features a BOA system instead of laces. Starting to appear more frequently in running shoes, see our RTR review of the New Balance FuelCore Sonic here, BOA is a simple micro adjustable click twists of the round dial tightens the thin nylon cord lacing system.Snap pull out on the dial to loosen. We think this is a great option for rapid adjustments as trails tilt from uphill to downhill and different lace tightness is called for. Of course featuring superb Continental rubber in a 4mm high lug configuration, this 26mm heel/20 mm forefoot, 6mm drop shoe should have a cushioned ride from its EVA midsole.  Available April 2018
adidas Terrex Two Boa
Colors are also available in the Terrex Two Boa.
adidas Terrex Two Boa
The Agravic Speed (top left below) will be available in No-Dye upper option and its midsole will have some recycled materials in the mix.
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adidas Outdoor presented its Spring 2018 highlights in this RoadTrailRun YouTube video below

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Jimy said...

Thankfully we are becoming environmentally conscious. It is always a pleasure to see bigger brands working for the benefit of the environment. If the recovered plastic is serving the same purpose then why not use it in our product, thumps up to adidas to think this way.

Unknown said...

Disappointed as Adidas is not making trail shoes with Boost like the Raven Boost

Anonymous said...

Will you be testing the Terrex Two BOA? It looks like it might be similar to the La Sportiva Lycan for me due to the supposed wide forefoot and similar stack heights. I also see that there is a new Response Trail, at least at European sites. Will this be a US shoe as well, and does it retain the wide forefoot of the last couple Response Tr Boost models?

Sam Winebaum said...

Hi Anonymous,
We had not planned to test Two BOA but will see if we can get a pair. You might also look at Peregrine 8 (while heavier), Brooks Caldera 2 and Topo Runventure 2. All have a wider forefoot. Reviews at the link below
Sam, Editor
Thanks for reading Road Trail Run! See our page with links to all shoe and gear reviews HERE. You can also follow RoadTrailRun on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram where we publish interesting run related content more frequently as well as links to our latest reviews. Shopping through links on articles help support RoadTrail Run and is much appreciated

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply. I've not been not a fan of the Brooks or Sauconys that I have tried on in stores or bought including a previous Peregrine. The Topos are a bit too low in the heel for my recovering Achilles.

The recent sweet spots for me have been the Challenger ATR 1 (4 pairs) and Clifton 1 (1,507 miles in my only pair) with the insoles removed for extra volume and also a half size up for the Clifton 1. I liked the Huaka (2 pairs), and have a new pair in a box, but am afraid to use it because I'm recovering from insertional Achilles injury that possibly was caused by the previous Huakas (might be effectively negative drop with the cutout under the heel). I might try using it when fully healed up, but I can't for now.

I'll probably try the Lycan, since it felt really comfortable when I tried it on at REI today, primarily due to the nice fit, and also light weight, durable looking upper rand, and energetic feeling midsole. Also tried the Hupana (too narrow even with the insoles out, and stiff upper) and Salomon XA Elevate (don't know what you guys see in this, felt like a brick, but that's why we have different preferences).

The Adidas is interesting to me because I tried on a Response Trail Boost (seatbelt look version) a while back and was pleased to find a wonderful, comfortable, wide fit. I skipped it due to the high offset, but the Two Boa is down to 6 mm, so if it has the same fit (medium to wide indicated by Running Warehouse), it might be equivalent for me.

Sam Winebaum said...

HI Anonymous,
You say you have run 1000+ miles in the Clifton 1. Amazing! I might venture a guess that it may be part of the cause of the achilles issues. I found Clifton 1 one of the few shoes to give me achilles issues, overly soft heel, quite unstable back there run slow plus that accentuated bevel. Clifton 5, review soon still soft but is greatly improved at the heel. Do you think low drop shoes are the way to go with your achilles issues? I am not so sure particularly soft ones.
I ddi not test the Lycan but did the Caldera 2 and think it is one of the roomiest toe boxes in a trail shoe of that class and likely similar to Lycan, see here for a trail shoe round up as well as below for the master index: http://www.roadtrailrun.com/2018/05/my-competitor-running-article-5-trail.html. As for the adidas I loved the Response Trail Boost and still have my 5 year old pair. A great hybrid with superb traction for wet stuff and a great roomy fit as you say. Having seen the Two BOA I believe you will find it quite firm. XA Elevate is firm for sure but runs beautifully for me and for our other testers. It performs best I think at the "extremes", when run turns to hike on super technical terrain and also super smooth flatter stuff even road where I think it is sensational for a trail shoe. But as you say we all have our preferences!
Sam, Editor
Thanks for reading Road Trail Run! See our page with links to all shoe and gear reviews HERE. You can also follow RoadTrailRun on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram where we publish interesting run related content more frequently as well as links to our latest reviews. Shopping through links on articles help support RoadTrail Run and is much appreciated

Anonymous said...

No, my Achilles pretty much healed after I switched from the Huakas to the Clifton 1. 5 mm is enough for my Achilles. I don't like much higher, because I land pretty flat/midfoot on the convex rocker part of the Clifton/Challengers right in middle of the shoe for example, so I like the accentuated bevel, as well as wide waist of those shoes. Higher heels cause heel strike that I'm not used to feeling underfoot, causing me to clunk along.

I'll try out the Caldera 2 for fit based on your tip. I saw it on the shelf at REI yesterday, but didn't consider trying it on.

Anonymous said...

Add, I suppose the Napali/ATR would obvious picks for me (without insoles, maybe half size up), but online only always makes me hesitate with my wide feet and the Napalis not being exactly the same as the Clifton/Challenger 1s, thus leaning to the REI available choices (plus they have a current sale and 20% coupon).