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Outdoor Retailer 2018 Skechers Performance Introductions: Weight Drops! FlightGEN foam in GOrun Forza 3, Run 6 & Ride 7 and GOmeb Speed 5 & Razor 2

The big Skechers Performance news was the introduction of FlightGEN, a new, very light weight midsole foam to all new models in the line resulting in dramatic weight reductions. 
GOrun Ride 7, also having FlightGEN, becomes a more cushioned  6mm drop neutral daily trainer filling a hole between the Run/Razor and the excellent new maximally cushioned GOrun Ultra R 2 (RTR review). 

I briefly wear tested FlightGEN shoes. The new midsole is of course very light but also responsive and flexible reminding me most of the new adidas Bounce.

Skechers knit uppers continue to evolve. I have tested many new styles for road and trail and have found the fit and foot hold impeccable in each case.

And Skechers continues to price all models very reasonably. 

Best Run Shoe Update Outdoor Retailer
GOrun Forza 3 (around $120)
23mm heel/17mm forefoot, 6mm drop
9.2 oz/261 g (M9), 7.3 oz./ 207 g (W8)
The light stability Forza with FlightGen drops 1.4 oz from version 2.  Skechers calls it "fast stability". The Forza 3 is actually somewhat flexible at mid foot, not something you usually see with posted shoes. It now has a triple density midsole with a softer heel crash pad, then somewhat firmer on the lateral side and as it is a stability shoe a firmer medial post. 
Skechers Performance GOrun Forza 3
Skechers Performance GOrun Forza 3
We thought the knitted ribbed upper was stunning, subtle with depth and character and it seems plenty of ventilation and support.
Skechers Performance GOrun Forza 3
 The Forza gets a new full contact outsole.
Skechers Performance GOrun Forza 3
See our video of Skechers Performance presenting the GOrun Forza 3 to RoadTrailRun
GOrun Ride 7 (price to be updated)
The Ride 7 morphs from an 8.3 oz performance trainer to a 9.3 oz./264 g (M9), 7.3 oz./207 g (W8) FlightGen midsole daily trainer adding approximately 2mm of forefoot height and 4mm of heel heel, 18mm forefoot/24mm stack. A neutral daily trainer sitting between the Run and Ultra was missing in the line. The Ride now also becomes a 6mm drop shoe, joining the Forza.
I briefly wear tested them and the cushion is lively and dynamic. It is also a somewhat stiffer more stable shoe than its predecessor . It has a circular knit upper. Available December-January 2018.

Skechers Performance GOrun Ride 7
GOmeb Speed 5 ($120)
Meb's race shoe, again thanks to FlightGEN, drops from 6.9 oz/ to 5.8 oz./165 grams. It has a supportive and breathable monomesh front upper and a ripstop nylon translucent mid foot upper. 18mm heel/14mm forefoot stack, 4mm drop. Meb's 2017 NYC marathon shoe is lighter yet as both the heel counter and internal plate substitute carbon for the standard Dupont Hytrel and Derlin. Available January 2018.
Skechers Performance GOmeb Speed 5
Skechers Performance GOmeb Speed 5
GOrun 6 (price to be updated)
At 6.7 oz./190 g (M9), 5.3 oz./150 g (W8) drops1.6 oz from its predecessor. The 6 gets a breathable compression knit, sock like flat knit upper for a more secure fit. Available late December-January.
Skechers Performance GOrun 6
Skechers Performance GOrun 6
GOmeb Razor 2
More FlightGEN and by now we know what that means... a drop from 7.6 oz to 6.8 oz/193 g for this lively up tempo performance trainer. It also gets a new GO KNIT virtually seamless upper.  We prefer its simpler aesthetics to the busy upper of the Razor 1.
Skechers Performance GOmeb Razor 3
Skechers Performance GOmeb Razor 3
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Nick said...

They look (on paper) amazing. The design is a little bit meh.

bill brewer said...

Yeah, these are GREAT running shoes, but they are saddled with the Skechers name; a low budget fashion shoe. They need to ditch that big S on the side or re-style it or something. I love my Ultra Road shoes, and look forward to getting in the Ultra R 2. There's a whole contingent of former Hoka wearers going to the Skechers Ultra shoes because they are dissatisfied with the ever increasing harder midsoles of the newer Hokas,

Dan said...

I'm totally sold on Skechers. GoRun 5, Razor and GoTrail have all been fantastic shoes (and heavily discounted to boot). I try to convince others that the brand is legit but it's still hard.

I wonder about the weight drop with the new GoMeb Speed 5 though. Running Warehouse has the 4s with a 22/18 stack height and the new ones a bit lower. Is that where the weight went? I hope they still have some decent cushioning.

Rob Jackson Runs said...

I am SO stoked about the weight drop, almost across the board in all styles!
I've been a devoted Skechers user for over two years. They keep getting better and better!

Michael Busch said...

Thanks for the review(s). I am a long time Skechers runner, mostly in the GoMeb's and GoRun's. I have over time found my sweet spot to be a relatively lightweight (under 8 ounces), 4mm drop shoe to be optimal. Since moving from higher heel to toe drop shoes I have been much healthier in my day to day running. I am currently mostly running in the GoRun 5, with Meb 4's thrown in for fast days. I was wondering when the new Skechers shoes will be coming out. Oh, BTW, I tried the Razer but have had a hard time getting the right fit. I am a mens 9.5. I tried the 9.5 - too big. At the Bolder Boulder store I tried a 9 and it fit, but they were demo models. I ordered a 9 from Runningwarehouse and it was too big. This brings me to a complaint I have with Skechers these days, as well as with many other manufacturers - you can't count on the same shoe fit from one shoe to another over time. I am in need of new shoes and looking for under 8 ounces, 4mm drop and having trouble finding anything. I was wondering also your opinion on why manufacturers have largely abandoned 4mm drop shoes in favor of 8mm or higher. It took me quite a while to transition down to 4mm and as I said above, I am healthier now. I hate to go back to high heel to toe drop. One final thing, I am currently trying the On Cloud shoe. I can feel the higher heel to toe drop, and also confused because some say it is 6mm, some say 9mm. Also, my left foot has had problems with the toes pressing against the top of the shoe and causing pain in my middle toe by the toe nail. Sorry to run on. I really am just interested in when Skechers new shoes will be available. Thanks for your reviews.

Sam Winebaum said...

Hi Michael,
Thanks for writing. From what I understand the new Skechers should be available late December and into January. With regards differences seen in listed drop. This can come from some manufacturers listing a full stack height with sockliner and others just the midsole and outsole. It is very confusing I agree and often hard to sort out. Also with regards drop feel and actual effective drop under load a big part of what one feels is the relative firmness of the foam, the amount and thick of outsole rubber and the heel geometry in different models. The Cloud is a firm shoe for sure so you will compress the foam less than say in one of the Skechers giving a sense of a higher drop. All Mizunos have a feeling of high drop as they have the Wave plate. The reverse can occur as well for example I find the Hoka Clifton to feel lower than many Altra's in drop as its foam is soft and the heel is beveled although less of such as sensation in the Clifton 4. You might consider the upcoming Hoka Cavu or Mach in your weight and drop range. See our review of Cavu here with Mach to follow soon. here
Sam. Editor
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Stupaugib said...

I am trying to decide between the gomeb speed 5 and the nike zoom streak 6. Both seem comfortable in the store. Thoughts?