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Salomon Ultra Running Academy 2017 Moab: Summary, Pictures, Videos of Nutrition and Hydration & Uphill Technique- Max King and Anna Frost, Running with Poles-Greg Vollet

View of the Colorado from the hill behind Red Cliffs Lodge -Salomon Ultra Trail Running Academy 2017
I was super fortunate to report from Salomon's 2017 Ultra Running Academy in Moab, Utah last week. 16 athletes from the US, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia were selected out of 1500 applicants for a training camp with many miles of spectacular running, technique clinics on the trails,  video and photography class, and classroom seminars.
Salomon also announced a comprehensive effort to keep trail running a clean sport introducing a comprehensive and transparent athlete testing and health monitoring program in collaboration with Athletes for Transparency.
Sixteen top Salomon athletes will be tested up to 10 times per year in 2017. In 2018, all top ranked athletes, from all brands, will be required to submit to testing before 5 major trail races Salomon is sponsoring to race. Athletes with the sometimes abused Therapeutic Use Exceptions (TUE) will be considered "to sick to race" with particular focus on TUE's for corticosteroids, asthma medications which can provide performance advantages if mis used. Also see my article for Competitor Magazine here
At the conclusion of the Academy the runners participated in the Behind the Rocks 50 miler in Moab. I was invited to participate in everything, as best I could, with these speedsters... What a treat!
The Academy was headquartered  at the Red Cliffs Lodge about 15 miles down the Colorado River from Moab. The running was directly across from the Lodge, at Fisher Towers and in the Castle Peak area a few miles away.
Castle Peak -Salomon Ultra Trail Running Academy 2017

Max King shares uphill wisdom -Salomon Ultra Trail Running Academy 2017

Fisher Towers Greg Vollet "Le Patron" at right in white cap -Salomon Ultra Trail Running Academy 2017
Fisher Towers -Salomon Ultra Trail Running Academy 2017
Castle Valley -Salomon Ultra Trail Running Academy 2017
Look closely at the cliff...
Castle Valley -Salomon Ultra Trail Running Academy 2017
The coach/mentors/ included Anna Frost (2015 and 2016 Hard Rock 100 winner), Max King (Mountain and 100K World Champion as well as Olympic Trials marathon and steeplechase runner), Salomon team director Greg Vollet, and video/photography master Seb Montaz.
Anna Frost and Max King-Salomon Ultra Trail Running Academy 2017
The Sheriff- Max King  Salomon Ultra Trail Running Academy 2017
Video and Photo Seminar by Seb Montaz- Salomon Ultra Trail Running Academy 2017
Of course there was gear in the mix as Salomon provided me with the new S-Lab Sense Set 5 vest (RTR review soon of the 5 and 8 models) along with a pair of the S-Lab Sense Ultra trail runners as well as shorts and t-shirts.

Everyone was color coordinated in bright colors contrasting on the red rocks.  Needless to say the gear performed magnificently.  I alternated the S-Lab Sense Ultra shoes (RTR review here)  with the Sense Pro Max maxi cushioned trail/road hybrid and must say I prefer the more secure somewhat firmer Sense Pro Max despite its heavier weight (review soon).

Salomon Ultra Trail Running Academy 2017
Rocking the S-Lab- Salomon Ultra Trail Running Academy 2017
A highlight of the Academy were the seminars on uphill trail technique, hydration, and nutrition.
The seminars were fantastic with these wise and oh so experienced athletes answering questions and sharing their strategies.  My videography could use some work...

Hydration and Nutrition- Max King and Anna Frost

Uphill Running with Poles-Greg Vollet

Power Hiking with Anna Frost, Uphill Running with Max King

Castle Peak -Salomon Ultra Trail Running Academy 2017
Castle Valley -Salomon Ultra Trail Running Academy 2017
Many Thanks to Salomon for inviting me to this incredible event!

Seb Montaz shot several incredible videos shot at the Salomon Ultra Running Academy. They can be found at Salomon Running's Facebook page here

Reviews of the Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra, S-Lab Sonic 2, and Sonic along with many other 2017 run shoe and apparel reviews can be found here

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