Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Nike Zoom Vapor Fly. Will it be the Breaking 2 Shoe? Initial Thoughts.

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We are going to hear more about Nike #Breaking2 project and shoe named Zoom Vapor Fly today. The project will see some kind of half marathon time trial today on the Monaco Grand Prix race course, Cool!
Here is what I have been able to glean from Sweat Science over at Runner's World who are in on the action.

The Breaking 2  Zoom VaporFly race shoe, a version worn at the Olympics by Rupp, Cragg, and Flanagain, comes in at 185 gram/6.5 oz. It has a 20mm forefoot/31 mm heel so as with other top race shoe high drop may be an advantage. I certainly appreciate drop when I am tired late in a race, slow old me.
Photo Courtesy Nike via Competitor Magazine

Zoom Vapor Fly has a new high rebound foam claiming to return 85% of energy, I am assuming in combination with the wave like full length carbon plate. I assume the shoe will be stiff. I say not to worry as readers may remember how "perplexingly efficient" I thought the super stiff Nike All Out Flyknit with its almost violent spring action was. My All Out Flyknit review here

The plate dips down towards sole at the front at the ball of the foot then rises, shades of a track spike for push off? but also unlike a track spike puts cushion under the ball of the foot. Looking closely at the picture above from Sport Science I see what looks like a stabilizing element for soft light foam towards the heel. I am assuming on the medial side as in the adidas adios Boost, Boston, and Energy.

One other nugget I picked up is that a short length light compression tight is supposed to be helpful. I tend to agree as long as the compression is light such as in the adidas Response short tight I have used and imagine Nike has equivalent ones.

Here is Competitor Magazine's article on the Zoom FlyVapor models with pictures

Here is Runner's World's excellent about what will be three Zoom VaporFly models with video

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