Sunday, December 04, 2016

2017 Hoka ONE ONE Previews at the Running Event: Clifton 4, Clayton 2, Bondi 5, Speedgoat 2, Stinson ATR, Hupana

Update: see our full review of the Clifton 4 here
Update: See our full review of the Speedgoat 2 here
Update: See our full review of the Clayton 2 here
Update: See our review of the Hupana here

After a relatively quiet showing at Outdoor Retailer in August  Hoka One One had lots of new, exciting and very colorful shoes to show off at the December Running Event show in Orlando

Speedgoat 2
Weight: 9.8 oz/278 grams Men, 8.2 oz/ 233 grams Women (weight within 0.1 oz of v1)
Stack:32 mm/27.5 stack 4.5mm drop.  
Available July 2017
Hoka ONE ONE Speedgoat 2
Karl Meltzer, the SpeedGoat, signature shoe gets a big makeover. Built on a new last for a more accommodating forefoot fit with increased overall support from a new engineered mesh upper with mid foot cage construction and speed frame overlays, the foot hold should be greatly improved over v1 where a combination of overly roomy mid and narrow toe box was not Goat inspiring for me.  relegating them to more moderate trails.
The Speedgoat in all its colors is one sharp looking shoe!

Hoka ONE ONE Speedgoat 2
The midsole is still injected EVA but the more road friendly than trail useful bounce seen in v1 is tuned down.
Hoka ONE ONE Speedgoat 2
The outsole is a new Vibram Mega Grip pattern with 5mm lugs, shallower flex grooves and more pronounced multi directional lugs. Durability is claimed to be improved as well.
Hoka ONE ONE Speedgoat 2
Hoka ONE ONE Speedgoat 2

Hoka ONE ONE Speedgoat 2
Hoka told us the whole package should be inherently more stable, more foot conforming, and more comfortable and ready to tackle any trail.

Hoka ONE ONE Speedgoat 2
Update: See our full review of the Speedgoat 2 here

Stinson ATR 4
Weight: 11.8 oz/336 g Men's, 9.6 oz/ 272 g Women. A drop of 0.2 oz from ATR 3.
Stack: 37 mm/32 mm, 5 mm drop.
Available July 2017
Hoka ONE ONE Stinson ATR 4
Hoka still does maximal maximal for the trail, reaffirming its roots with the Stinson ATR 4.
Built on a new wider last,Hoka's long rough trail hauler has a new upper with a flare in the forefoot and toe and a sharp new Speedframe upper.
Hoka ONE ONE Stinson ATR 4
The outsole has deeper flex grooves and more and more tightly packed 4mm lugs which we hope won't get sheared off due to their small size.
Hoka ONE ONE Stinson ATR 4

Hoka ONE ONE Stinson ATR 4

Hoka ONE ONE Stinson ATR 4
Clifton 4
Weight: 9.3 oz/265 g Men's, 7.5 oz/215 grams women (will verify weight)
Stack: 29mm/25mm, 4 mm drop
Available July 2017
Update: see our full review of the Clifton 4 here
Hoka ONE ONE Clifton 4
Hoka's most popular shoe has a sharp distinguished new look with the design suggesting motif of flight. Love the blue upper.
It gains 0.7 oz of weight over Clifton 3. We were told the midsole foam should be more durable maybe denser, potentially where the weight is coming from. I struggled with far rear of the shoe stability in the Clifton so maybe a denser more durable foam will also be more stable.

Now featuring an open engineered mesh it should be more breathable and supportive.

Hoka ONE ONE Clifton 4

Hoka ONE ONE Clifton 4

Hoka ONE ONE Clifton 4

Hoka ONE ONE Clifton 4

Weight 8.2 oz/232 g Men, 6.3 oz/178
Stack: 25mm/20mm, 5 mm drop
Available January 2017
Update: See our review of the Hupana here. RTR's 2016 Shoe of the Year!
Hoka ONE ONE Hupana

The Hupana is a new shoe in the Speed category where it joins the Tracer and Clayton 2. It features an all RMAT one piece midsole outsole reminding with its all RMAT ride of the deeply missed Huaka. It has Hoka's first knit upper and we think much like the Saucony Freedom, Altra Escalante, and ON Cloud can be a versatile fast runner and due to clean modern lines and comfort a classy all day shoe.

Bondi 5
Weight:  Men 10 oz/284 g  Women 8.5 oz/241 g (weight unchanged from Bondi 4)
Stack: 33 mm/ 29 mm, 4 mm drop
Available in Wide sizes
Available December 2016 (see end of article available now)

The Bondi 5 has a now wider more accommodating last and is the most cushioned road specific Hoka.
Hoka ONE ONE Bondi 5

Hoka ONE ONE Bondi 5

Hoka ONE ONE Bondi 5
Clayton 2
Weight: Men 8.3 oz/235 g Women 7 oz/198 g (weight unchanged from Clayton 1)
Stack: 24mm/20mm, 4mm drop
Available April 2017.
Hoka ONE ONE Clayton 2
The Clayton was one of my favorite shoes of 2016 despite some issues with irritation back of the big toe towards the arch and I was not alone. The likely cause was folding of the sock liner under the arch according to Hoka and I also think the initial stiffness contributing.   Hoka has worked to address this with a new more substantial insole whose underside has a distinct amount of friction to hold it in place. The Clayton also gets a new engineered mesh upper with the same motif as the Clifton and a more padded heel collar. I can't wait to try this update!

Update: See our full review of the Clayton 2 here

Hoka ONE ONE Clayton 2
Tracer 2 (no pictures)
Weight 7.6 oz/217 g Women 6.7 oz/190g (gains 0.6 oz/17 grams over Tracer 1)
Stack: 22 mm/18mm, 4mm drop
Available July

The Tracer gets an engineered mesh upper with a more adaptive forefoot.

The Hoka ONE ONE lineup

Also see our article about the late fall and January releases Arahi and Gaviota, both support stablity) as well as Challenger ATR 3 (testing now, review soon) Click Here
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Some colors of the new Bondi 5 are available at Running Warehouse now!
Men's here Women's here
Bondi 4 is now $99.88
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Unknown said...

My feet are getting excited for 2017. Thanks for the preview Sam

Brian said...

This is exciting news! Thanks for such an informative post. Was there any mention of update (or future) for the Conquest 3?

Sam Winebaum said...

Hi Brian, I see Conquest 3 in the catalog for this spring but not for fall. It looks like it wlll be replaced starting this spring with intro of 2 new dynamic stability models the Arahi and Gaviota (closest to Conquest), Details on these at my summer OR post here
Thanks for reading RoadTrailRun. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where we post more frequesnt content. Sam

Anonymous said...

Any idea if the same improvements the Speed Goat 2 is receiving will carry over to the mid version Tor Speed 2 WP?
I did the 30 day challenge with the Tor Speed 2 mid in New England and very much liked this shoe except the confining toe box which sadly was a deal breaker. A mid shoe you can actually run in for miles. The extra cushion, bigger toe box and other improvements have me salivating for the same in the mid version. Please, please, Hoka!
I'm used to 5.10 Stealth rubber grip and all I can say is the Megagrip of the Tor Speed 2 was phenomenal!! Like throwing out an anchor. Put your foot down and it sticks. So confidence inspiring. For fast hiking or running in very technical terrain like the Whites it's a godsend and a safety measure.

Jeff in MA

Unknown said...

The Speedgoat 2 looks awesome and seems to have many key improvements. I had the original Speedgoat but the fit sucked and it felt unstable because it was hard to keep it locked down. I got a pair of the Tor Speed 2 Mids and while it has the toebox of the Speedgoat, the mid upper helps lock it down. Hopefully, there is a mid version of the Speedgoat 2 coming down as well. I find that the mid gives added stability so you can bomb trails and take advantage of the nice cushioning. I find it plenty runnable, running a 5 minute mile downhill in them. The waterproof upper gives it more versatility for wet and wintry conditions. Dang, I don't want to wait until July.

Sam Winebaum said...

Hi John, Totally agree with you on Speedgoat 1, Not a great mid foot hold leading to the front of the foot rotating in that narrow front. I somewhat solved it by adding a more substantial sock liner from an adidas Energy Boost, thicker and especially with higher sidewalls. Thanks for reading RTR! Sam

Unknown said...

ciao ottimo servizio ,mi sapete dire per il mafate se arriva nuovo modello precende non piaciuto ciao

Unknown said...

CIAO MI RIFERIVO AL MAFATE 2 speed non piaciuto, spero di vedere mafate 4 in italy ciao

Unknown said...

So no changes to the Bondi 5 from what is currently at retail? That is a bummer. I am not enjoying the new firmer Bondi 5. I hope the don't ruin the Clifton 4 with the same bad move. I love my Clifton 3 in orange. I run in it more since they borked the Bondi 5.

rcharbon said...

Sadly, instead of making the Clayton 2 toebox squarer and roomier like the Clifton 3, it looks like the Clifton 4 toebox is getting pointier and narrower. Too bad.