Sunday, February 08, 2015

Outdoor Retailer Winter 15: Nathan Sports Run Safety: Zephyr Fire 100 & 300 Hand Torches, Orion Belt Blinker and Light, Fire Run Specific Headlamps

Nathan Sports wooed me with superbly designed run safety lighting at Outdoor Retailer. While reflective and bright colors are a must for those dark times run having very visible lighting to see the way and also warn traffic is essential. Nathan was kind enough to give me both the Zephyr 300 and 100 hand torches and the very nifty Orion waist blinker and flashlight combo. Both available now, to help get us through this rough winter safely.

Zephyr Fire 300 ($55)  and 100 ($44.95) are hand torches designed for running.  They feature:
  • Y shaped wrist strap that places the flashlight in a fixed position in the hand.
  • 24 degree downward angle to illuminate the road
  • 4 lighting modes including a strobe and super bright burst mode.
  • rear red LED blinker
  • a siren that with a single push gives a bit of a warning to those ahead who may not see you but as the button is held longer an increasing volume for "Alarm" purposes
  • USB rechargeable battery.
The 300 has  over 300 lumens on maximum, the 100 over 100 lumens, so these are very bright and will clearly illuminate your way. 

In my testing I have found them very comfortable and effective in the hand. The dual buttons: change lighting mode and activate siren are easy to reach with a single finger but take some practice with gloves to rapidly activate.

The Orion ($29.95) is a belt mounted combination red strobe and while light (continuous and strobe.
Just enough continuous light to spot pot holes ahead and plenty of warning for motorists. A belt is supplied with the Orion.

The Zephyr and Orion as a pair are ideal for most night time runs. The Orion's red blinker warns motorists.  The while light, a waist level is not the strongest but can help identify potholes and also can strobe. When combined with the Zephyr to illuminate further out, the combination is certainly adequate for trail runs at night.

The Zephyr and Orion were provided at no charge as review samples. Opinions herein entirely my own.

You can purchase the Zephyr and Orion at Running Warehouse at the links below to stay safe Your purchases will also support my blog.
Zephyr Fire 300
Zephyr Fire 100
Orion Strobe

Fire Headlamps
Coming this fall the Fire line of headlamps specifically designed for running.

The Halo Fire will have a maximum illumination of just under 300 lumens and Nebula 
Fire just under 200 lumens.

Running specific features include:

  • Auto-Strobe- a sensor that detects headlights and flashes the strobe mode.
  • RunWave-wave your hand in front of the headlamp to change modes, no button pushing required.
  • Blacklight head band: head band is highly reflective


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