Monday, January 26, 2015

Outdoor Retailer W15: Saucony Pre-Reviews-ISO Reedemer, Ride 8 and Ride 8 GTX, KInvara 6 and Kinvara 6 Runshield, Nomad TR, Xodus 6, Apparel

Saucony really wooed us with their shoe and apparel line. New technologies, careful beautiful designs and style that my wife and also friend Wendy found amazing from shoe uppers to apparel.

IsoFit Redeemer is a all new heavy duty stability shoe with 8mm drop. Built to accommodate orthotics it comes with a 6mm thick insole that can be replaced with orthotics as well as a hinged tongue to ease putting on the shoe with orthotics.

ISOFit Redeemer

ISOFit Redeemer. 
 Vertical dark lines are posting that are complimented for flexibility by scoring of the out and midsoles

ISOFit Reedemer- Hinged Tongue to help put on when used with orthotics.
Ride 8
Seams are gone from the forefoot, replaced by a FlexFilm upper. Greater flexibility up front . 9.4 oz, 26mm heel/18mm forefoot. $120. 6/1/2015 release.
Saucony Ride 8

Saucony Ride 8
Ride 8 GTX
Saucony also is introducing a very neat camo Ride, the Ride GTX. Instead of a full GoreTex bootie, often heavy and stiff,  the GTX features Gore Flex, 20% lighter with a different Gore material underfoot. Seemed like the same approach as we saw in the neat La Sportiva Core GTX High (here).
The Ride GTX is 9.8 oz so less than half an ounce heavier than the standard Ride. 26mm/18mm $140. On sale 8/1/2015.
Saucony Ride 8 GTX
Kinvara 6
Saucony's ever popular Kinvara gets an updated upper of open and breathable mesh and a tuned Pro-Lock midfoot support and fit system. 7.7 oz. 22mm heel/18mm forefoot. $110. Available 7/1/2015.

Kinvara 6 Women's Colors

Kinvara 6 Men's Colors.

Kinvara 6 Pro-Lock Fit System
The Kinvara will also be available in a waterproof breathable  Kinvara RunShield version with a FlexShell upper with a weight gain of only 0.1oz over the standard version.  $110. Available 7/1/2015.

Nomad TR

Saucony Nomad TR
Saucony Nomad TR

Saucony Nomad TR

Saucony Nomad TR

See my other trail shoe post here for information on the exciting Nomad TR trail runner.

Xodus 6.0 
Xodus, the shoe Saucony calls "the ATV of trail running footwear " goes to version 6. It now features the Pro-Lock midfoot support system of the Kinvara 6.  Extended Bedrock Outsole(EBS) plate in forefoot.
Saucony Xodus 6.0

Saucony Xodus 6.0

Saucony Xodus 6.0

Xodus 6.0 is at 23.5mm heel/ 19.5 mm forefoot. Two versions: the standard at 11.4 oz, $120. Available 6/1/2015 and a GoreTex version 12.4 oz so obviously not the newer lower weight GoreTex construction of the Ride 8 GTX. $140. Available 8/1/2015.

Full Product Release Grid
Saucony 2015 Product Flow Calendar


Saucony also showed us some very sophisticated looking (according to my wife and friend Wendy) and technically advanced apparel.

The EXO hooded jacket. Waterproof. Exceptionally light with interior texture for dry feeling. $140. 8/1/15. Sorry about the picture but it was a beaut for wet weather.

Saucony EXO Jacket

An incredibly stylish and super reflective Sonic Reflex Jacket. All the gray patterns are highly reflective. $135. 8/1/15
Saucony Sonic Reflex Jacket

Saucony Sonic Reflex Jacket

The Ridge Runner Hoodie. The ladies really liked this one. Wool exterior for warmth with soft poly/nylon interior. Subtle reflective details, thumb holes, extra long sleeves, two welded seam pockets. Super stylish and practical i.e run able they said. $105. 8/1/2015.

Saucony Ridge Hoodie Jacket
Saucony Ridge Hoodie Jacket
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